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4 Brilliant Ways To Make Fake Facebook Status Updates [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Angela Randall 25-11-2014

Did your friend say something dumb on Facebook and make you want to share a fake version of the status more publicly? Or did something trigger you to think of a hilarious fake post that you just need to create? Well, you’re in luck. There are a bunch of great tools to quickly create fake Facebook status updates, chats, news feeds and more.


The following tools are just perfect if you’re a prankster and you want to fool your friends or if you’re looking to create the ultimate joke for a Reddit post. You’ll no doubt be inspired to create something while you check them out.

The Wall Machine

The Wall Machine is a really slick app for creating fake status messages. Though, you need to log in via Facebook, and it will feature your profile picture as a recent maker of wall messages. Once you get in though, you’ll realise it’s a fantastic tool for making fake images of your home feed. There are easy buttons to add a relationship update, friendship update, photo, status or even events. They auto-generate with some silly examples, but you can click on each item and change them in seconds.

Facebook Fake The Wall Machine

When you save the image, the Wall Machine asks you to name it and add a few keywords so they can build a repository of fun Facebook images for everyone to use. You can choose whether you save the image publicly or privately.

Status Clone

Status Clone makes it really easy to create a realistic-looking fake status, using either a Classic or Timeline format. There’s no need to log in, and you can download an image to use in no time. This is perfect for people who don’t use Facebook or who don’t want to log in to a tool like “The Wall Machine”. The Classic mode means you can create fake status updates supposedly from years ago, which could come in handy for certain types of fake status art.


Facebook Fake Status Clone 2


Simitator can generate a Facebook status in much the same way as the others, but it can also create a fake Facebook chat log. So, if you want to make it look like you’ve been chatting to celebrities or to pretend your friends said something embarassing, this is the tool for you. But obviously, you could easily make your friends hate you if you go too far.

Facebook Fake Chat Simitator

Using Simitator is straight-forward, with a live preview of your work so far featuring on the side. The jpeg you download at the end is a little bit fuzzy for some reason, but you can always take a screenshot of the preview instead.


If you’re also looking for fake status generators for other social networks and devices, Simitator works for Twitter, Snapchat, Yahoo Answers, iOS texts and more. Get creative!

FbStatusVia [No Longer Available]

If you’d prefer to make an actual Facebook status with a silly twist, FbStatusVia is your tool. They have a massive list of “devices” you can post to Facebook via, so that it looks like you posted from some sort of interesting gadget or something a little off the wall.

Facebook Fake StatusVia

For instance, you can post via Telepathy, via Jedi Mind Control, via NASA Satellite, via Beer or via a Turtle. Most people would probably use this tool to trick their friends into thinking they have a new iPhone, or to just be funny when drunk. I’m sure you can come up with something.


Facebook Fake Status Via Telepathy

What Have You Made?

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