4 Best Windows 8 Kids TV Apps For Entertaining Little Kids

Angela Randall 25-11-2013

Got a bored kid that needs some entertaining? Got a Windows tablet? You’re in luck.


Parents worldwide all know that perfection in childcare is not always possible, and that occasionally you just want to hand over something to keep them quiet for a short spell. Like for instance, when you’re in a restaurant trying to keep your cool, when it’s too early in the morning and you really need a coffee or when you just want to disappear and be alone for 5 minutes.

We’ve previously covered some great Windows 8 apps with games for your kids 4 Great Windows 8 Apps For Entertaining Little Kids Bored kids are a nightmare, and that's why tablets were invented. Weren't they? If there are kids around you know sometimes your tablet is going to wind up in their hands. Read More . Now it’s time to look at some that just show kid-safe videos.

The following apps work on any Windows 8 installation, but if you’ve got a Windows tablet, you’re set even when you’re out and about (provided you have Internet access). Moreover, you won’t need to worry about movie ratings 8 Great Movie Review Sites For Parents With Kids In Mind Fancy an evening watching movies as a family? Let's explore a few of the best movie review sites for kids so that you can choose the best go-to site for your family's needs. Read More or reviewing the videos in advance as they are all kid-friendly.

Kids Videos [No Longer Available]

The Kids Videos app has a variety of videos for kids of all ages. Videos are organized by topic, with sections catering to different interests, including:

  • educational videos,
  • cartoons,
  • animal videos,
  • music and more.

A unique feature of Kids Videos is its tiny superstars, i.e. little kids who spend time in front of the camera doing cool stuff. This app even has the Simon’s Cat cartoon!


Kids Videos

This app makes it really easy for kids to just swipe across to scroll to more content. You can enter certain sections if you like, but there’s no need to do so as a lot of content is viewable from the main screen. This is great for the little ones.

When you’ve had a look around, this app will also feature a live tile if you want it to.

Kids TV

The Kids TV app is touted as one-stop wholesome kids entertainment and really lives up to the title. Videos include:

  • Curious George,
  • Mickey Mouse,
  • Thomas The Tank Engine,
  • Bey Blade,
  • Caillou,
  • Sid The Science Kid,
  • Wow Wow Wubbzy and more.

A selection of nursery rhymes will keep the little ones entertained.

To use this app, the kids can scroll to choose between the shows, then choose videos from there. It’s bright and attractive, so it makes exploring the content fun.

Kids TV

Kids Videos HD [No Longer Available]

The Kids Videos HD app has thousands of kid-safe videos to watch. Cartoons include:

  • Yo Gabba Gabba,
  • Teletubbies,
  • Scooby Doo,
  • Sesame Street,
  • Chuggington,
  • Sponge Bob,
  • Winnie the Pooh,
  • Spider-Man,
  • Bob the Builder,
  • My Little Pony,
  • In The Night Garden,
  • Transformers and more.

Beyond cartoons, this app offers:

  • zoo animal videos,
  • and full-length Disney movies.

Kids Videos HD

Scroll through dozens of different shows, then sort the episodes available either by views or rating. It’s very easy to use and it looks great!

You can also search this app for videos from YouTube, knowing that all of the results are kid-friendly. Results of the search can be sorted by relevance, views and ratings. When you’ve found a bunch of videos that your child loves, you can then create playlists for your kids.



The Kids.TV app contains:

  • educational videos,
  • cartoons, such as Mickey Mouse,
  • nursery rhymes,
  • and other kids songs.

Words PBS videos are another key feature of Kids.TV. These are incredibly cute animations that will teach your kids about reading different words in a really inventive way.


The main screen is bright and colourful, with a single line of show types to scroll through and choose from. When you choose a section, a video will automatically start for you. After this video, your kid can easily choose another from the left-hand side.

It has quite a lot of content greyed out and only available when you purchase the full version, however that’s not a problem. The free version still has many hours of quality entertainment. My guess is that you won’t let your kid watch for that long anyway.

Which One?

Of course, each of these apps have their own merits and different apps will be more appealing to different kids. That’s why my advice is not to choose. Just get all of them. Seriously, you’ll want them all in an instant on that day your kids are going stir-crazy and you need to entertain them quickly.

You do see a few adverts in these apps, but no more than other free Windows 8 apps 5 Great Official Windows 8 & RT Apps You May Not Have Seen Yet Guess what? The Windows 8 App Store actually has some great official apps. It's just that nobody knows they're there. We're here to fix that - for you at least. Read More , and most of the ads are for Bing or related products.

Which Windows 8 apps do you use to entertain your kids 8 Awesome Android Apps To Keep Your Kids Entertained Read More ?

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