4 Awesome Tricks for Making the Most of YouTube
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You have hacked YouTube and killed some of the major annoyances. Now it’s time to check out some simple tips that will improve your YouTube experience further.

1. Search YouTube faster: If you’re a Chrome user, you don’t have to open up YouTube to search for a video. You can just type or paste youtube.com in Chrome’s omnibox, hit the Tab button, and then type in your search query. When you press Enter, you’ll see the search results directly on YouTube. This is just one of the many Chrome omnibox tricks you can use to speed up browsing.

2. Declutter YouTube: Visually speaking, YouTube’s web version has a lot going on. In contrast, YouTube’s TV version has a much cleaner layout and is well-suited for keyboard usage. To use the TV version, all you have to do is visit the url http://youtube.com/tv.


3. Watch videos in slow motion: Want to follow along with a YouTube tutorial, but can’t keep up with it? Slow down the video by clicking on the gear icon in the player controls and changing the Speed setting from Normal to either 0.5 or 0.25.

4. Overlay lyrics onto the video: You don’t have to switch to a new tab to find the lyrics for the song you’re currently playing on YouTube. With Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube, a Chrome extension, you can see the lyrics pop up automatically, in time with the music, right there at the bottom of the video.

Which tiny YouTube hacks or extensions do you absolutely love? Share them with us in the comments!

Image Credit: Your Design / Shutterstock.com

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