4 Android Apps to Help Parents Take Care of Their Babies

Bertel King 09-04-2015

In the early stages of a child’s life, they only know how to do a handful of things: eat, sleep, poop, and cry. And they need your help with pretty much all of these.


For new parents, this can get stressful in a hurry. Here are some Android apps that can take a bit of the burden off your shoulders.

1) Dormi

Dormi is a baby monitor replacement perfect for parents with more than one Android device lying around. You stick one in the room with the baby, and it will then listen out for every little sound the infant makes. If there are peeps to be heard, you will hear them on your phone. Just be sure to child-proof the device The Best Accessories to Child-Proof Your Smartphone Planning to hand your phone to your kids? Here are the best accessories to child-proof and protect your Android device. Read More  first. You never know what buttons a baby might press.

The app comes with multiple advantages over a bulky dedicated baby monitor, and it’s more convenient than making your own How To Build Your Own Baby Monitor If you're a recent parent, you've probably considered getting some sort of baby monitor. You possibly considered the utility of a video monitor and then you may or may not have balked at the exorbitant... Read More . For one, it utilizes the device that’s always on you, increasing the likelihood that it will be nearby when the baby makes a sound. Plus, it supports more than one phone or tablet, so you and a significant other can both keep an ear out at the same time.

Communication happens through WiFi and mobile data alike, so you can step outside of the house for a moment and remain connected. The two devices can even set up their own WiFi connection in the absence of Internet.

You’re probably going to want to keep a tablet or an old discarded device in the room with the baby, but in the event that you use a live phone, Dormi will notify your connected device of incoming calls. This gives you flexibility in determining which devices you use where.


You can use the app to monitor your child for up to four hours free each month. Unlimited usage costs $0.99 a month, $4.49 a year, or $6.29 for a lifetime.

Download: Dormi for Android (Free)

2) Baby Sleep Sounds

I have a more challenging time falling asleep in total silence than I do when there’s some sort of ambient noise, and the sheer number of options available in the Play Store 3 White Noise Apps To Help You Sleep, Concentrate & Relax If you're trying to sleep or work and an incessant background noise won't let up, these apps will help. Read More shows me that I am hardly the only person like this. And while I may be a couple decades removed from my infant years, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that babies can display this tendency as well.

That’s where Baby Sleep Sounds comes in handy. This Android app replicates the sound of nearly a dozen different items. Is your young child accustomed to the sound of the washing machine or the vacuum running in the background? Do they like the pitter-patter of rain, running water, or the outdoors? Maybe they get their best sleep on trains and airplanes. This app can play any of these sounds on an endless loop.


If your kid doses off more quickly to music, check out Baby Sleep Lullabies instead. There’s also Toddler Animal Sounds for those who have come to love the sound of cows, elephants, and monkeys. Just try to stay awake yourself. These sounds are likely just as effective, if not more so, on sleepy adults.


All three apps are free to download. Each displays ads, and unfortunately, there’s no way to get rid of them.

Download: Baby Sleep Sounds for Android (Free)


Download: Toddler Animal Sounds for Android (Free [No Longer Available])

3) Feed Baby

Babies need to eat, and they can’t feed themselves. What they consume in the early stages of life can have an effect on their development, so it’s good to keep track of what’s going in.

Feed Baby lets you track each feed, including when it took place, how long, how much was consumed, and the method (baby formula, milk carton, pump, etc.). If you’re breastfeeding, there’s the option to mark whether you’re feeding with the left or the right.



As your child starts to eat whole food, you can record their progress. Are they able to chew veggies? Do they like yogurt? You can note the type of food and mark how much they were able to consume.

The more data you put in, the better the information you get out. The developers have created numerous graphs that help track changes over time.

Feed Baby isn’t just useful for record keeping. You can use the app to set alarms, helping you remember when it’s time to feed again (assuming the baby’s crying isn’t already tuning you in).

The free version gives you access to all of the available features for 20 days, after which you will need to buy the pro version for $4.99 to retain full functionality.

Download: Feed Baby for Android (Free | Pro)

4) Baby Daybook

Maybe you want to track more than when your child eats. Perhaps you want to jot down when they sleep, their last diaper change, and their most recent bath.

Maybe you want to take notes on how they responded to the medicine the doctor prescribed or how their temperature has changed throughout the day. Baby Daybook is an app that let’s you keep up with all of these things.


The app’s interface adheres decently to Google’s material design Exploring Android L: What Exactly Is Material Design? You may have heard about Android L and Material Design, but what exactly is this new design philosophy and how will it affect Android and other Google products? Read More guidelines, even though you’re not likely to mistake it for one of that company’s stock apps. You have the option to tweak the color of the interface, and it utilizes a dark theme in order to flood the room with less light at night. You can sync your data over Dropbox if you have multiple devices or need to back things up.

The free version is ad-supported. You can remove those and unlock detailed statistics by upgrading to pro for $2.99.

Download: Baby Daybook for Android (Free)

Parents, What Do You Think?

Full disclosure, I’m not yet a parent. So I don’t have any real world testing of these apps. I can say that none of them offer general information on how to raise an infant. Fortunately there are a number of other options on Google Play that do 3 Android Apps Full Of Great Parenting Advice Install some great parenting apps on your Android device: get information on hand when you need it and when you've got time to browse. It doesn't get much more useful than that! Read More , and there’s even more knowledge available across the web 10 Baby Websites To Help Expecting Parents Read More .

Nevertheless, this is where you come in. If you’re a parent of a newborn or can remember what that period in your life was like, do you think any of these apps would be of use? Are there any you kept on standby that I haven’t mentioned? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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