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Dave LeClair 02-05-2013

Are you an absolute sports junkie who needs to keep up with everything happening with your favorite team Keep In Touch With The Big Game On Your Android Just recently, I was doing some research on TV Show Apps to Stay In Touch with Your Favourite Characters, and the last thing I included was an app to track my favourite NHL team, the... Read More ? There’s no shame in that, as plenty of people love their favorite sports. There are plenty of websites out there that help you keep up with your favorite players and teams How To Watch Sports Not Broadcast In Your Country Read More , but what if having to go to a website is not enough for you? What if you need your sports scores in your face at all moments of the day? For the hardcore sports junkie, this is just what they need, and just what the Firefox Extension 365Scores Notifier brings to the table.


With 365Scores Notifier on Firefox, you can keep up with sports teams from around the world. Everything from baseball, football (soccer), American football, basketball The 3 Best Unofficial NBA Sites To Get That Insider Information Having just wrapped up the 2011-2012 NBA season (with my home-state Miami Heat winning it all, I should mention), one of the hottest and most active times of the NBA year is upon us -... Read More , and beyond are available in this application, so you should be able to follow the teams and players that interest you. It’s incredibly easy to use, so even users who are not that skilled with a computer can employ it to keep up with their teams.

Using The Add-On

firefox sports scores

When you first install the application to Firefox, a set up wizard will launch, helping you get everything up and running. This makes the process of getting the teams you want to follow in the add-on require minimal effort on your part.

follow your favorite sports team

Choosing the teams to add is as simple as typing in their name. Personally, I am big fan of the Philadelphia Flyers in the NHL and the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball, so I typed that in, and, as you can see in the photo above, they were both added to my chosen teams list. In addition to teams, you can also search for specific players on which you want the app to focus.

follow your favorite sports team

After you add your favorite teams, you are going to want to add some leagues to follow as well. While the Flyers are my favorite NHL team, I still want to know what is happening with the rest of the league, so I added the NHL as a whole, so I can receive the latest news updates from around the league through the 365Scores Notifier add-on.

follow your favorite sports team

After you add everything, a summary screen will come and show you the teams and leagues you are following with the add-on. With this screen, there are options to add more teams, so if you realize at the last second that you missed someone, you can do so from here. Once you are satisfied with what you have, you can click “Finish,” and you will be all set to start using the add-on to stay current on the wide world of sports.

Everything on the extension is controlled at the very bottom of your browser. All the scores and options are displayed here, which makes it easy to see the scores at a glance, and click on the different options to make the most of the add-on.

sports scores

All the way to the left is an RSS symbol. You can click this to see the latest news from the leagues and teams you follow. The stories in there are clickable, so you can read to full stories if you should so choose.

sports scores

Clicking the “Live” button on the bottom of the screen will show you the games and scores happening now, and the schedule for the teams and leagues you are following in the next few days. This makes it easy for you to make sure you are always ready to watch your favorite teams play. After all, you don’t want to miss a big game and have to hear about it from your friends the next day.

sports scores

The last option on the bottom is the “” button. In here is where you will come to choose whether the app can make sounds and pop open notifications. You can also add more teams if there is one you missed during the set up wizard, and you can click “Settings” to fine-tune the way the add-on works.

firefox sports scores

The settings section is full of options for you to adjust the way the add-on works. You can change the look, adjust how the news ticker works, whether the app plays sounds, and so much more. If you want options, 365Scores Notifier certainly has you covered.


If you are looking for a way to keep up with your favorite sports whenever your browser is open, look no further than 365Scores Notifier for Mozilla Firefox. It is fully customizable and has all the features a hardcore sports junkie could need for keeping track of their favorite teams and leagues. Best of all, it’s free, so there is no reason not to have it installed in your browser.

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