These 30-Day Learning Challenges Can Completely Change Your Year

Saikat Basu 11-01-2018

Starts with a bang. Ends with a whimper. That’s the story of most new year resolutions. But, challenge yourself to learn a new skill this year.


One of the solutions to your new year resolution woes according to the American Psychological Association is to start small. They also say:

Change one behavior at a time

Learn a new skill one at a time. Maybe, don’t set the horizon too far away. Combine the three tenets of small starts, short time frames, and one new skill or habit at a time into brief challenges of 30 days or less. A month can be just the right time to see if you are interested in learning a new skill and have the grit to carry it out beyond a month.

There are a lot of challenges you can try as 30-day projects 12 Life-Changing Challenges You Can Try as 30-Day Projects Personal challenges make us change. How about adopting a more deliberate method by designing your own challenges with 12 self development projects for the New Year? Here are some ideas. Read More . We picked up five from Udemy’s roster of courses. This is part of our continuing series on the best Udemy courses you can benefit from.

The first course is something we can all agree on…

30 Day Challenge to a More Productive and Much Happier You!

Key Lesson: How you can boost your productivity, focus, success, and happiness in 30 days.


30 Day Challenge to a More Productive and Much Happier You!

Productivity, focus, success, and happiness are the not so secret alchemic formula for a well-lived life. If you have managed to combine them together then don’t read anymore. Stop here and go back to what you were doing, because I am then certain you haven’t let productivity take over your life 5 Ways to Keep Productivity From Taking Over Your Life Are we, as a society, significantly more productive? And if we are, are we happier? Productivity is important, but it needs to be put in its place. Read More . Productivity is useless without the happiness wagon trailing behind it.

But if your journey has stalled, then take on this 30-day challenge on Udemy. Chris Haroun takes you through 30 short exercises in 30 days to help you find more balance in your life. Tools like the Daily Achievement Blueprint will make you feel in control over your life.

The course goes to the heart of your work life but give it eight percent of the year and wait for the spillover into your entire life.


30 Day Yoga Challenge & Detox Diet Transformation System

Key Lesson: Learn all about yoga, meditation, and cleansing dietary practices.

30 Day Yoga Challenge

No resolution has been able to displace health and fitness from the list of new year promises. Try a different approach this time. Skip the resolution. Just create a simple system with the help of a micro habit or a mini habit How to Use Micro Habits and Spark Massive Personal Change Creating new habits is hard. Habits are usually built over weeks or months of repetition, and motivation is the challenge. When the going gets tough, micro-habits can be a huge help. Read More . Instead of a wasted gym membership, try the more soothing and almost meditative practice of yoga.

This 30-Day Yoga Challenge course on Udemy just needs a yoga mat, a soft surface, and less than an hour of your day. Dashama Konah is a lifestyle guru and an expert yoga teacher. You can try learn the yoga habit irrespective of your physical flexibility. It is created for women and men ages 16 through 60 but as always consult a doctor if you have any major health concerns.


Do the exercises as a 30-day learning experiment. You will find out if you enjoy yoga or at least it will push you towards another fitness habit.

Complete Guitar System – Beginner to Advanced

Key Lesson: Learn to play guitar and understand music.

Complete Guitar System - 30 Day Challenges

It will take far longer to master the guitar. But the thirty-day learning experiment is a start. It’s also a start to improving your health and mind in a way that does not involve exercise. Repeated studies have found that a musical hobby protects the aging mind against dementia. If you start young, it can even boost your IQ and grades.


Take on the 29 hours of video as a thirty-day challenge.  There are 289 lessons in this Udemy course. The coaching is in three stages — beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This is a solid start even if you have never picked up a guitar in your life. Then, take these lessons and continue your journey.

Looking for something that is easier to carry around? Pocket this harmonica course on Udemy.

30 Days of Python — Unlock Your Python Potential

Key Lesson: Understand the basics of the Python programming language.

30 Days of Python

Programming is one of the best ways to upgrade and future proof yourself. If you are a geek then it must be on your bucket list anywhere. Learning Python 5 Reasons Why Python Programming Is Not Useless Python -- You either love it or you hate it. You might even swing from one end to the other like a pendulum. Regardless, Python is a language that's hard to be ambivalent about. Read More gives you a good launch pad because you can use it on anything from a simple Raspberry Pi to an Enterprise level server. IEEE Spectrum ranked Python at the top in its list of Top Programming Languages in 2017.

You might not launch rockets with Python yet but you can use it for simple data extraction. It’s a great skill to show off at work. The 30 Days of Python course will teach you the basics of data scraping and its manipulation among other things.

Learn the foundational skills in a month and then take it in other directions with more advanced projects.

30 Day Challenge: Step by Step Online Business Success

Key Lesson: Start with an idea and set up your own income generating online business in 30 days.

Online Business Success

Shark Tank is in its ninth season. If the success of the multi-Emmy Award-winning reality show doesn’t tell you something about our century’s gold rush then nothing will. You don’t even need to launch a venture-backed startup. Thanks to the web, you can turn any idea into a side hustle Start an Online Side Hustle From Your Armchair With These 5 Courses A side hustle can make you some extra income every month. But it is also about using your passion to improve your life. These five Udemy courses will help you start a side job. Read More . A side hustle is a low-cost and zero risk way to test your novel business idea.

Discover your stamina to take on bigger tests beyond the 30-day challenge. The focus of this Udemy course is on an online business idea, but that’s one of the best things you can do from your armchair or anywhere in the world. Niche business ideas can involve internet marketing, graphic design, website development, or any other option.

The course is theoretical but it can give you a step-by-step roadmap to act on your side income impulse.

Design Your Own 30-Day Challenge

You can work on your own 30-day learning challenge. The calendar on the wall or on your computer is the only reminder you need. My suggestion would be to take a bad habit or a project you procrastinated on and push it forward with this time frame. It can be a cure for bad financial habits How to Fix Bad Financial Habits With a 30-Day Money Challenge Read More or the first move to examine your life Start A Digital Journaling Habit With A 30-Day Challenge One useful path to personal self-improvement is through keeping a journal. But this approach requires journal writing to become a habit. A journaling challenge could be the push you need to just begin. Read More . Maybe, the idea is in your bucket list somewhere.

These Udemy courses give you some structure and knowledge. Search for a few more on the education platform. As you know, every paid course on Udemy comes with:

  • Lifetime access.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Certificate of completion.

Have you ever tried a 30-day challenge or a project? How did it turn out? What advise would you someone who wants to experiment with their own self-improvement project?

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