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3 Ways to Get Information Out of Google Plus and Into Other Social Networks

Angela Randall 26-07-2011

Are you drinking the Google Plus kool-aid? Or are you sitting on the fence? Would you be more likely to use it if there were a few more useful tools around for you to use with it? It’s true, Google Plus is pretty good, but it’s lacking decent interaction to other tools we use on a daily basis. That might be exactly what Google wants, but not necessarily what we users are after.


So the many Google Plus fans out there are busy creating and sharing all the best tools for getting information in and out of Google+ (not all of them are safe however). We’ve already covered a number of these before and will no doubt cover plenty more in the future, but here’s a selection of new tools you can use.

Google+ Crossposting To Facebook, Twitter &

If you don’t mind cross-posting, this might be the bot for you. Take all your Google+ posts and duplicate them to Facebook, Twitter or You’ll have to keep track of the post length yourself to ensure it doesn’t exceed the length of the other services, but it certainly saves repeating yourself.

google plus information

To use, add Agent G to a circle (just to make it easy for yourself later when you post). Then sign into this page with Facebook, Twitter or — whichever service you wish to crosspost to. This will create an authentication string.

google plus to facebook


In Google+, create an update for Agent G (as an individual, not a circle) and submit this authentication string as the text.

From now on, when you want to crosspost, simply share the post with Agent G as well as the circles you wish to share with.

Getting A Google+ Profile RSS Feed

This is a tool for people who want to avoid crossposting and prefer to export an RSS feed of their Google+ activities for their lifestream, or who want to keep track of public posts made by good friends in their RSS reader. Only public posts will be incorporated into the RSS feed.

To get the RSS feed for a profile, look at the full URL of the profile. There’s a big long number at the end, for instance:



Put that number at the end of the URL so that it reads like this:

Now this URL can be added to any RSS reader, Yahoo Pipe, Friendfeed, or whatever lifestream you use.

Get Google+ Into Twitter With ManageFlitter

If you don’t want to think about which bot to send Google+ posts to, there’s a way to get all of your Google+ public updates automatically cross-posted to Twitter. ManageFlitter for Google+ will do this for you easily.


google plus information

All you need to do is find your Google+ profile URL, enter it and then connect to Twitter. Connect Twitter to Google+ with a simple couple of clicks and you’re done.

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So, what do you think of Google+? Has it got your vote of confidence?  Why or why not?

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