3 Ways To Figure Out If Your Favorite Website Is Down

Joshua Lockhart 08-09-2011

check if website is downI don’t know how many massive social media migrations have occurred every single time one of our favorite services was down. Say, for instance, that Facebook is down. At this point, everyone will flock to Twitter and tweet out the question, “What’s up with Facebook?” or “Is Facebook down?” Furthermore, the opposite will occasionally occur if Twitter itself is down (just remember to call in the Fail Whale).


However, there are a few websites out there that are devoted simply to answering the basic question that you’ll eventually ask: “Is this website down?” Below, we have three of these websites, and they are all based on this one solitary purpose. Even though they all do the same basic function, they are very helpful in even the most dire social media crises.

Down For Everyone Or Just Me

check if website is down

We’ve written about this free service before in the MakeUseOf Directory, so you may very well have already heard about it or tested it out by now. DownForEveryoneOrJustMe is a text-based website that will simply tell you if a website is down or not (by the way, that domain name is a mouthful. You could actually also use their short URL at My fingers are weary from typing all of that).

All you have to do is enter the domain name in the text-box, click the hyperlinked phrase of “or just me“, and then the site will answer the question for you in a very easy-to-use format. I’m not entirely sure if another website sponsors this service, but it appears that there is a form of advertising on the site that is in the same text-based format as the content. Either way, it isn’t distracting, and it doesn’t clutter up your screen’s real estate.

Down Or Not

check if website is online


Down Or Not is a more graphically pleasing site than the first one that I just mentioned, but it has some pretty cool features seeing that it is powered by WatchMouse Security, a website monitoring company. This means that in addition to telling you as to whether or not a site is down, the service provides you with some pretty lengthy stats and includes information as to how exactly they find out if the site is down.

MakeUseOf actually covered a form of Down Or Not called SocialDownOrNot which is a website that provides information on most of the major social networks available on the Internet. Besides all of this, the homepage displays information that is seemingly the most-searched sites on Down Or Not. You can bookmark these and any other site you search (i.e. to quickly get your information.


check if website is down

DownRightNow is a very interesting form of this type of site in that it includes user-submitted reports in its effort to find out if the Internet’s top sites are down. Besides company announcements and official status reports, the site bases its verdict on whether or not enough people supply common information, and for a crowd-sourced project, DownRightNow is very effective. However, one thing that I do not like about the site is the inability to run a search on a specific website you are checking on (much like SocialDownOrNot).


In addition to simply telling you if the website is down, DownRightNow includes a status history shown in the form of a graph that records the ups and downs of a site throughout the day. This is pretty good information to have in case you want to know if there have been similar outages for a site for a lengthy period of time. Furthermore, you can use a similar bookmarking system to Down Or Not for this site, and you can also follow its Twitter feed for updates.


At the core, the three services shown here are basically single-purpose sites. They may gain a little ad revenue or business for their publishers, and to be honest, since they do what they are supposed to do, it’s worth it. Do yourself a favor and keep at least one of them in your bookmarks.

What other similar sites to these do you typically use? Have any of these ever helped you before?

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