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Dave LeClair 20-03-2012

video game publishersI love video games, and I am assuming that because you are reading this article, you probably do too. Well, in order to have video games, we need solid companies out there working hard to put out the games we enjoy so much to market. There are lots of companies out there making video games, and some have had a hit or two here and there. There are some companies that consistently crank out games of such high quality, that it’s hard to imagine them making a bad game at all.


The video game publishers on this list are known for making games at an incredibly high level. Every time they put their name on a video game’s box, you know it is worth playing. Their developers just seem to have a knack for making games that are not only sound mechanically, but also are just downright fun to play. These three companies seem to have the Midas touch, because every game they put their hands on is pure gold, both in terms of quality and sales.


video game publishers

I will be the first to admit that I hate the Wii, but you cannot argue with the consistent quality of first party games on it, and every other Nintendo console. Nintendo’s systems have always lacked in third party developer support, but they are able to survive and even prosper based one hundred percent on the quality of their first party games. They have some of the best selling, and overall best, games of any developer out there.

list of video game publishers

Off the top of my head, Nintendo has some incredible franchises such as Mario, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Pokémon, Metroid, Zelda, Super Smash Brothers, Star Fox, Animal Crossing and Kirby. Of course, there are more, but if you can find me a developer that has more top-selling franchises, where the games are actually of top quality, than I will be impressed.


Regardless of how you feel about Nintendo’s catering to casual fans as of late, they still have one of the most impressive lineups of games for dedicated fans, and each time they drop a new one, it is better than the ones before.

Activision Blizzard

list of video game publishers

Activision takes a slightly different philosophy than Nintendo, but it still gets the job done. Nintendo likes to take some time between launches of a franchise and gives the fans time to miss it. Activision, on the other hand, likes to annualize their games and release them until fans get bored. Then, they have one of their developers come up with a completely new idea and start the cycle over again. It works for them, and for fans, we get to play new versions of the games we love even more!

list of video game publishers


It is impossible to argue with their record of accomplishment. They have the best selling video game franchise ever in Call of Duty. Not only does Call of Duty sell like crazy, but it also is one of the most fun first person shooters on the market. They have Guitar Hero (which was a huge success before they ran it into the ground) and Tony Hawk (which suffered the same fate as Guitar Hero). Blizzard has blockbusters such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft.

Blizzard has a reputation for making some of the best games, and with good reason. Sure, on the Activision side of the company, they put out some chaff, but their top games are among the best of any publisher. They bring major mainstream attention to video games with their box office smashes.


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Activision and Nintendo were no brainers, locking in the last one was a little tougher. In the end, Take-Two deserves it. They have Rockstar Games under their umbrella, and Rockstar is well known for games of uncompromising quality. Grand Theft Auto, La Noire and Read Dead are three of Rockstar’s best-known franchises, and they feature some of the best games ever made.


video game publishers

It is no secret that much of Take-Two’s success is from Rockstar, but they have put out some incredible games from other developers as well. One of my top five favorite games of all time is Borderlands, which is developed by Gearbox and published by Take-Two. They are also responsible for Bioshock, which is arguably one of the most well crafted story based first person shooters ever. In addition, they are right behind EA for the best sports games. Since the Dreamcast days, the 2K series of sports games has been awesome, and on some years, it has actually been better than the EA Sports Games.


It was a battle between Take-Two and EA for that last slot, but Rockstar pushed Take-Two ahead. The other two were no brainers. These three video game publishers are responsible for so many of the amazing games we play that it is hard to find a gamer who has not played something by one of the them recently. They are the top tier game publishers.

Who is your favorite video game publisher? Let us know in the comments!


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  4. Ron Morrow
    August 16, 2012 at 3:26 am

    How about top 3 worst publishers destroying the gaming industry? ;)

    Let's start with EA and work down the spiral from there lol.

  5. Gulzaransari
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