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3 Ultimate Twitter Curating Tools You Need Now

Angela Randall 15-09-2016

Twitter is full of amazing news, with people constantly uploading photos of major events worldwide. The problem is that you might miss it. Which is why Twitter is working hard to make sure you see the best of Twitter Why an Algorithm Change Would Be the Death of Twitter Four days after the #RIPtwitter protest, Twitter did decide to make some changes to the timeline, but they weren't as significant as first expected. So what exactly happened? Read More every time you log in.


Conversely, it’s also a problem if you are a part of a major news event or happening in your local area, but you can’t seem to find a good way to share the best tweets to your audience. Content curation tools designed by Twitter actually make it easy for you to highlight the very best tweets so your followers can share them.

Twitter Compelling Stories

If you’re using Twitter for business or you’re a Twitter pro who wants a few more tricks 10 Twitter Tips Most Pros Don't Even Know Learn how to master Twitter with these lesser-known but super useful Twitter tips and tricks. Read More up their sleeve, the following tips will really help you stand out and not screw up on Twitter How To Use Twitter Without Screwing Up Twitter can be a touch cryptic, and it's easy to make mistakes from time to time – even if you're a longtime user. Here are a few common mistakes, and how to avoid them. Read More . This list will also make your life much easier as you navigate Twitter each day, saving you time and making you even more productive.

About Curating Collections of Tweets

Some of you may recall playing with a tool called Storify Top Tools for Curating Knowledge & Publishing Shareable Content Content curation can enhance your professional reputation. For many people it's still a mystery. So, what is content curation and how can you do it properly? Read More once upon a time. It’s now actually possible to curate similar collections of tweets using Tweetdeck, and you will soon also be able to use Moments. Once you’ve done so these collections look amazing within Twitter clients or embedded on your site.

Why would you curate a collection of tweets? Well, what if you were launching a new product? You could collect your company’s tweets about the new product, along with the best customer responses to your launch. Then later, you can remind your Twitter followers about the launch by sharing the collection, or you can embed it on your website. Perhaps, you could even use this collection to show your boss how well the launch went.


You could use Twitter collections or moments to show off tweets by many participants at a conference or some other event, even if it’s just your own friends at a party or people who got better photos than you at a concert you went to. It doesn’t matter really if you’re curating for your own purposes or for business. The point is that you can collect it elegantly for whatever purpose you have in mind.

If there’s a news item you’re following or getting riled up about, you could collect tweets that tell how it unfolded, or that remind you of the key stages or participants in the story. This sort of curation can be really useful if you’re going to write about the story later or you just want to share it.

Perhaps you’ve had a bad customer service experience and you’ve taken to Twitter to vent Did You Get Screwed By a Company? Take It to Twitter! I used to think that Twitter wasn't very useful, until this year when I learned that Twitter is an amazing way to get what you want from any company you may do business with. Read More . You could curate a collection of your interactions with the company for future reference.


If you’re in charge of your company’s Twitter account, you could curate a collection of your own most successful tweets so you can show your manager. You could even embed that on your company website to showcase your Twitter account to your customers.

1. Curated Lists in Tweetdeck

To make a curated list in Tweetdeck, add a new column and choose “Curated List”. Name it and then you’re on your way.

Twitter TweetDeck Collections

From here, you can drag and drop tweets into this list and then embed or share the list in the same way as you’d do for a tweet, album or profile. It’s really that simple.


The beauty of this curated list over a regular Twitter list is that you control exactly which tweets are shown and in what order they’re seen. This aids in the storytelling factor and makes sure everything is on-topic.

2. Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments is a similar idea to Curated Lists, but it’s designed to be used mainly within the iOS and Android apps, and to be gorgeous for viewers seeing the Moments within those official apps (but not necessarily already available in the alternative Twitter apps for iOS Forget Twitter's Official iPhone App: Use These Instead Now that we've told you why everyone needs Twitter in their lives, here's one more piece of unsolicited advice: don't use the official Twitter app. Read More or unofficial Mac Twitter apps Twitter on Mac: The 7 Best Apps to Use in 2018 As a Mac user, you're better off using a dedicated Twitter client for Mac than the horrible Twitter website. Read More ).

Currently, Twitter Moments are curated by Twitter staff and hand-picked Twitter users (probably all big-name verified Twitter users How to Get a Verified Account on Twitter (And Is It Worth It?) There are many Twitter users with blue tick marks next to their name. The blue tick denotes a verified account, meaning this is a real person and is whoever their description says it is. Read More ), but there has been recent talk of opening up Moment creation to all users. If and when you are able to curate moments, you’ll be able to do so very easily by clicking on the three dots in the top-right of a tweet and choosing to add it to a Moment.

You can see top Moments in the Moments tab on your phone app or on Twitter itself. Also, when you see a Twitter Moment, you can copy the link or embed it into your website by clicking on the three dots in the top-right and choosing the option you want.


3. Twitter Publish Tool

The Twitter Publish tool is yet another way to create a collection of tweets to embed or share. But this time it’s generated by a helpful tool that does everything for you.

Twitter Embed Display Options

It’s the perfect tool if you want to collect tweets from a specific hashtag, or a list, or even one of your curated lists as mentioned above. This tool lets you decide exactly how to display those tweets for embedding on your site.

Twitter Publisher Embed

Head to and you’ll see an easy-to-use tool that collects tweets for you, then displays them however you want.

For certain options it lets you nominate some accounts to recommend, for others you get to choose the layout. Just have a play with the tool and you’ll see there are completely different options available for each given starting point.

This is absolutely ideal if you want to feature a highly relevant topic on your website, but you want the layout to be more interesting than just a simple list.

How Do You Curate Twitter?

Do you love Twitter Moments as a way to find out the latest news on Twitter? Have you used a Twitter Curated list for a great purpose? I know many of us have our favorite Twitter lists of Twitter celebrities 10 Geek Celebrities on Twitter You'll Really Want to Follow If you're a geek on Twitter, you probably already follow some of the nerdiest celebrities. But there are a lot more geek celebrities on Twitter. These 10 geeks are a lot of fun to follow! Read More as Tweetdeck columns, along with advanced searches for topics we want to track.

What are your favorite ways to find great content on Twitter and share it?

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