The 3 Best Tools to Spot the Latest Twitter Rage

Angela Randall 20-09-2011

If you hang out on Twitter a lot, you might have noticed the occasional moment of Twitter Rage. It could be a simple thing, such as one of your friends venting about their latest parking fine or you may have noticed a larger movement of people seriously angry about something important. If you’re really lucky, you may have witnessed a celebrity getting all riled up over something completely silly.


Whatever the cause, Twitter Rage can be pretty interesting from a spectator’s point of view. You might be keen to help promote the latest cause that’s bothering the world of Twitter, have a giggle at a celebrity or just to remind your friends that they look even worse now that they’ve vented about the consequences of their own stupidity. The question is, how do you keep track of all the Twitter Rage?

twitter rage

Twitter Rage Defined

Twitter Rage is one of those terms that can actually mean different things to different people. Most people would agree that Twitter Rage are those moments when someone gets seriously angry about something and tells the world via Twitter (often about Twitter itself), but it can also mean things that are “all the rage” on Twitter. Whatever it is you’re looking for, this article will probably help, so read on.

“Twitter Rage: At least 5 consecutive angry tweets about something. Usually results in a drop in followers and/or more people twitter raging.” — Urban Dictionary.

1. Twitter Rage Hashtags

The most obvious thing to do when seeking out the latest Twitter Rage is to check the hashtags for #rage, #twitterrage, and the search term “twitter rage”. This will normally catch all the people raging, apologising for raging or laughing at some celebrity raging. From there you can just follow your nose.

2. Check Out Twitter Hashtags For Trending Topics

If a celebrity is going to rage on Twitter, or there’s a cause worth getting angry about, these things will most likely be trending on Twitter. So check out your favourite tools for following trending topics and see if any of them involve the word “rage”. Some of them may use a completely different Twitter hashtag, but they’ll make themselves obvious, for sure.


rage on twitter

Here’s some of MakeUseOf’s favourite Twitter tracking tools for following trending hashtags and other hot tweets:

rage on twitter

3. Search News

Tabloids and magazines will always be on the lookout for Twitter Rage, so as long as you don’t mind waiting for the story to get picked up, you’ll eventually find out about the big celebrity rage stories by searching the news.


twitter rage

Have you seen some amusing Twitter Rage recently? Rage about it in the comments!

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