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3 Sites To Discover Hot Deals Recommended By Other Users Like You

Ann Smarty 05-08-2010

We have some really great articles listing essential tools to manage your money 5 Android Finance Apps To Save & Manage Money With Your Android Phone Read More , and FireFox addons to help you save 7 Useful Firefox Addons For Online Shoppers Read More .


In preparation for the upcoming huge shopping season, why not take a bit different (and refreshing) approach and take a look at online shopping tools that will teach you to spend money?

This doesn’t mean you are encouraged to waste your money here, the tools listed below will teach you to both save and spend – but most importantly, they will work perfectly as gift idea inspiration sources (which is essential for the upcoming holiday season!).

1. Groupon

Groupon (Groupon has already been profiled here)

How does it work?

You should choose your city (which will serve your site home page ever since) and provide your email address (the site is available in the USA only). Each day, Groupon will email you an unbeatable deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in your city.

Note: To become a customer, one needs to sign up for the provided deal. If not enough people sign up (until the expiration date), then the deal is canceled, and you won’t be charged. By promising businesses a minimum number of customers, Groupon gets discounts you won’t find anywhere else (this is called “collective buying power!” – hence “Groupon”) .


Each deal page contains:

  • The deal amount and expiration date;
  • The deal highlights;
  • The deal stats (how many people have signed up for the deal);
  • The deal description by the provider;
  • The deal reviews (first-hand as well third-party reviews from Yahoo! Local);
  • Groupon official statement:

3 Sites To Discover Hot Deals Recommended By Other Users Like You shopping fun 01

Money saver or money spender?

Yes, you get various “exclusive” deals but the online shopping tool actually prompts you to spend more (by buying things you wouldn’t buy otherwise). You get cool ideas what to do in your city daily and you feel tempted to buy more and more.

2. Coupon Sherpa

CouponSherpa is the Digg for coupon codes and deals.


How does it work?

Just look through the featured deals and vote up those you like (or feel like using). No sign-up required (this is why I really liked the site). You can also comment on any deal.

You can see the top deals for the past 24 hours, week or “all-time”. You can also “bury” any deal (you will need to select the reason though) – just click the X sign:

online shopping tools

Money saver or money spender?

When you see dozens of people vote for some deal, don’t you feel buying that thing (even if you never actually planned to before that)? Exactly!


3. Blippy

Blippy is one of the specialized social media networks 10 Specialized Social Networks For You To Join The way we communicate has changed and social networks are now the center of our daily lives. Read More you need to check out to get prepared for the holiday season.

How does the Blippy online shopping tool work?

  1. Sign up to the site, connect it to Facebook via the official application (and optionally with Twitter via OAuth).
  2. Blippy will automatically find your friends who use the tool from the networks you let it access. You can also send an email to all your email contacts (which I didn’t do as that’s not my style to send emails like this).
  3. Blippy can automatically detect when you buy something. Then you will be asked you what you want to review and what you don’t. There are three ways Blippy can detect what you’re buying:
    1. Find receipts in your email inbox
    2. Detect purchases on your credit card. You can add your credit card and they will “see the places you used your card.” (I didn’t do that as this sounded scary to me).
    3. Sync with your accounts at various online stores. You can synchronize your already existing e-commerce accounts to Blippy (such as iTunes, Netflix, Woot, eBay and more). This is the only option I used (If you have checked the other two, please let us know in the comments!)
  4. Check what everyone on Blippy recommends and reviews OR (which is much more fun) see what your friends recommend and review. Additionally, you can rate (express your opinion or emotion), comment and ask to tell you more on each deal:

3 Sites To Discover Hot Deals Recommended By Other Users Like You shopping fun 02

Money saver or money spender?

You can watch what your friends (people you follow) buy and get inspired by those purchases. Thus you are prompted to spend money on stuff you may never need (but still buy because your friends do!)

Spending money is surely enjoyable – especially if you use the right tools. Just don’t forget to keep your spending under control!


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