3 Resources For Deleting Your Unwanted Online Accounts

Justin Pot 23-06-2011

Delete unused user accounts for web apps you’ve abandoned. Don’t leave personal information in the hands of services you’re not using. Find out how to get rid of such accounts, then do it.


As web apps become the norm, the Internet is fast becoming a series of usernames and passwords. Accounts make services more useful, but they can be a security threat if left unmonitored. If you’re not using a particular account anymore, and doubt that you ever will, it’s a good idea to delete that account. However, deleting an online account is sometimes easier said than done. Many web services seem to intentionally hide the button that reduces their user statistics. This can make deleting online accounts around the web more than a little frustrating.

There are sites that can help though, which summarize in simple terms how to delete your various online accounts.


Got a service you’d like to delete your account for? If it’s possible, Account Killer How to Delete Your Old Online Accounts Using AccountKiller It can be hard to delete old online accounts for privacy. AccountKiller makes it easier with step-by-step instructions. Read More has instructions for the job.

deleting online accounts

A colour-coded list will assist you, as seen above. Services highlighted in white offer accounts that are easily removed; in grey, possibly removed with a little work. The services in black, however, do not offer any way for users to delete their accounts.


Click on any of these services for more information, including instructions:

delete online accounts

User comments fill in some gaps left by the service, including additional tips for removal. Be sure to take a look at these.

Suicide Machine

Deleting web accounts sometimes leaves a trail behind. The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine helps by automating the process of removal, including deleting all the posts and photos you may have left behind. The service currently supports two social networks – Twitter and MySpace.


As the video implies, this service not only deletes your account. It deletes everything you’ve ever done with your account, and sends out a final message to your connections on a network informing them of your decision and the reasons for it. It’s dramatic, but effective, so check it out.

This service used to support Facebook, but Facebook’s lawyers made them stop.

Delete Your Account

Like Account Killer, Delete Your Account DeleteYourAccount: Shows how to delete your account on Facebook, Myspace... Read More is a database of removal instructions. Sporting a clean interface and a search box, this service makes it easy to find removal instructions:

deleting online accounts


Instructions are easy to follow and includes links, if possible. If you’re looking for the simplest way to delete any particular account, odds are you’ll find it here.


Removing user accounts shouldn’t be complicated, but it usually is. Heck, sometimes it’s not even possible.

We showed you how to delete unwanted online accounts easily How To Delete Unwanted Online Accounts Easily Read More back in 2009, but the process for services mentioned there have changed since. That’s not okay. The web needs some kind of universal opt-out button that’s easily found in all services. Sadly, there’s no reason for any web service to include such a thing so it will probably never happen.

With the above resources however, at least things are a little easier. Can you recommend any more? Link to them in the comments below, along with any tips you might want to share.


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  1. Tina
    June 24, 2011 at 1:22 am

    There was a question like that on MakeUseOf Answers: How can I find all the websites that I have joined?
    Maybe there are some clues in the answers.

  2. Anonymous
    June 23, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    Is there a service that will show you where you have accounts which you may have forgotten you have?