3 Places You Can Buy Custom Modded Game Controllers

Ben Stegner 08-07-2015

Every new console generation comes with lots of new accessories 5 Accessories New PlayStation 4 Owners Should Pick Up Fear not next-gen console owner, because there are some pretty solid accessories available for console right now, and some of definitely worth owning. We will save you the effort of looking around. This list of... Read More , the controller being perhaps the most important. We’ve covered the pros and cons of buying aftermarket controllers Should You Buy An Aftermarket Controller For Your Console? The Xbox 360’s gamepad has become the standard for both PC and console games, but the PlayStation 3's gamepad isn’t much worse, and both next-gen consoles improve on their predecessors. Does that mean aftermarket controllers... Read More before, and even reviewed a custom controller for the Xbox One SCUF One Elite Xbox One Controller Review and Giveaway To put it simply, there's no better way to play games on your Xbox One than with the SCUF One Elite. Read More . Microsoft is even getting into the modded controller world with the announcement of its Elite model.


If you’ve never dived into the world of customizing your game hardware, it can seem overwhelming. For those ready to go beyond what’s in the box, here are some websites where you can make a special controller just how you like it.

Evil Controllers

Evil Controllers, probably one of the most well-known in the modding world, is a great first stop when shopping for your special controller. Your first option is to start with a stock controller for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, or PS4 Controller Wars: PS3 vs PS4, Xbox 360 vs Xbox One Let us take a look at how both of these controllers have evolved from their predecessors, and then we will compare them to each other to see which might be the best controller. Read More , and then customize it to your heart’s desire. Colors, splattered paint, and graphics/text can be added on the outside, and if you don’t like the face buttons or control sticks as they come, you can overhaul those, too.

When I was all done creating a controller as I would have liked it, the price was $212 (without a warranty or any extras), which might be too expensive for some tastes. Obviously, the more options you add, the more pricey the customization. If you’d rather forgo the design phase and just grab a pre-made model, Evil has those on offer, too.

Evil’s Master Mod is compatible with most popular shooters The 3 Best Multiplayer First Person Shooters Of All Time [MUO Gaming] Welcome to the first installment of MakeUseOf Gaming. On tap today we will be taking a look at the three best first person shooters in the history of gaming. First person shooters are one of... Read More and gives you advantages like Rapid Fire, Fast Reload, and Auto Run. Of course, using these features is pretty much breaking the rules, so it’s up to you whether you want to cheat and risk getting an offense on your account. Overall, Evil has tons of options, but be prepared to pay a high price. A PS4 controller with a custom shell and the Master Mod was $160 at the time of writing, almost three times the retail price for a standard controller. Whether the price is worth the tactical advantage is up to you.

Controller Chaos

Next up is Controller Chaos, which offers more variety than Evil. Controllers for the big four systems are available, as well as Wii U Pro controllers, a perfect gift for the Wii U owner in your life What To Get For the Wii U Owner In Your Life Knowing what to give someone can be tricky, but we're on hand to run down the top Wii U presents. Read More !


Interestingly, you can also purchase a custom NES controller from this site. You could always use emulation to experience the NES classics 4 Websites To Play NES Games For Free & Through The Browser Just recently, I put out an article outlining some of my favorite RPGs for the SNES and showed MUO readers how they can experience those games through a web interface. Not everyone has the time... Read More , but if you’re still rocking an actual system – perhaps to play insane homebrew cartridges 9 NES Homebrew Carts You Won't Believe Exist Angry Birds, Final Fantasy VII and Tecmo Bowl with up-to-date NFL rosters – all on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Read More  – this could be just the thing to spice up your Nintendo.

Just like Evil, you can choose from pre-made custom controllers. Many of them are themed, such as the Superman PS4 controller ($90). The DIY crowd will find more here to love; you can add a custom color for your PS4 touchpad, LED light, or the start/select buttons on your Xbox One controller. Those who go back and forth between mods frequently will appreciate being able to add on a dedicated button for mods, and you can choose which mods to include or just add them all for a lump sum.

On this site, a few color and button customizations along with all the mods and a dedicated button came to $200; a bit cheaper than Evil but still not exactly budget-friendly. If you’re trying to keep costs down, it’s probably a good idea to load up on either cosmetic additions or mods, but not both.

Overall, Controller Chaos is perfect for those who want more control than Evil offers, and should be a stop on your journey for the perfect controller.



The previous two vendors offer a lot of customization and useful mods, but don’t stray much from the original controller models. SCUF goes beyond that and is perfect for players who aren’t satisfied with the way their current controller feels.

The core part of what makes SCUF controllers more advanced are the two paddles on the backside, arguably where Microsoft received its inspiration for its own Elite controller. They act as additional buttons, and each can be set to perform the same action as one of the face buttons. As your hands are always wrapped around the back of the controller, this allows you to perform actions in-game with increased reaction time and less strain on your hands.

You can imagine the benefits: when you’re playing Halo or Call of Duty 5 Reasons Call Of Duty Players Should Give Halo 4 A Shot [MUO Gaming] I will readily admit that I am a Halo hater. I've played almost every entry in the franchise (except Reach, I heard mostly negative things from my hardcore Halo playing friends). I reached a point... Read More , setting a back paddle to the melee button means you can knife your enemy in the blink of an eye, instead of having to take your thumb off the stick and hit the right button.

The paddles aren’t the only benefits of SCUF controllers; they use higher-grade thumbsticks that can be swapped out for different games, as well as more comfortable grips to keep your controller from slipping around during play. Trigger extenders allow those with bigger hands to reach up comfortably, and if you like fighting games, you can place a rubber disc over the D-pad for more surface area.


When I completed my example controller from SCUF, the price was about $152, much more reasonable than either of the previous two sites, and with arguably more features. This included the two paddles, grips at no charge, and custom thumbsticks, plus an electric blue look.

Overall, SCUF seems to be the best option for serious gamers Video Games That Converted Me From Casual Gamer To Hardcore Addict [MUO Gaming] Throughout the life of a gamer, there are certain games that make us cross over from the realm of casual gaming to being a hardcore gamer. If you look back at your gaming life, you... Read More who want a controller that’s tailored to their style of play. It’s a much better value to pay $10 for trigger extenders than $10 or $20 for a paint splatter on your controller. SCUF doesn’t have mods per se, but advanced players likely won’t be looking to cheat with rapid fire and other exploits like that.

Get a Grip

There’s no right or wrong choice here; a custom controller by definition should be exactly what you want, and if you’re going to spend a considerable amount of money your new toy should be just right. Those looking for mods should stick with Evil or Controller Chaos, and if you want the most cosmetic customization, Controller Chaos is probably the best route. However, I can’t help but reason that SCUF is easily the best value for the money from this list, especially for those looking to improve their game.

Check out Dave’s review of a custom Evil controller Evil Controllers Xbox One Master Mod Review And Giveaway The controller is the first point of contact between a player and the game, but we took issue with the Xbox One's new controller. A company called Evil Controllers is here to fix that. Read More for a more personal view, and once you’ve got that new custom controller, check out some extremely customizable games Play It Your Way: Gaming’s Top 10 Most Customizable Games While most gamers find plenty of fun in playing games, some want to go beyond interacting with a world and dive head-first into creation. Customization of levels, characters, items and more can, if available, give... Read More to go along with it.


What’s your favorite site for modded controllers? Do you use a modded controller, or will you consider it after reading this article? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments!

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