3 of the Most Hilariously Annoying Alarm Clock Apps for Android

Bertel King 23-02-2015

Many people find getting up in the morning to be an absolute struggle, which must explain the number of third-party alarm clocks available in the Play Store — but some of them are just really out there. Having trouble waking up on time? These just might help.


Here are three of the most aggravating (some would say creative) alarm clock apps for Android.

SpinMe Alarm Clock

SpinMe wakes you up with loud sounds and jarring vibrations, just like any other alarm app. The challenge comes in getting the thing to shut up.

The only way to do so is by standing up, holding your phone perfectly flat, and spinning around slowly — not once, but twice. It’s a delicate dance that I can barely do when I’m wide awake without feeling like I’m going to lose my lunch. The thought of doing this first thing in the morning is more than I can handle. Also try explaining to your significant other what you’re doing and why. Let me know how it goes.


The app is free to download, and it’s ad-supported. Removing ads costs 99 cents. Outside of that, there isn’t much else to see. This alarm clock is rather basic, and aside from the gimmick, there isn’t much in the way of additional options.


Download: SpinMe Alarm Clock for Android (Free with ads)

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

Walk Me Up! figures there is no better way to wake you up than by getting you out of bed and forcing you to start walking around. It initially requires ten steps, but you can increase or decrease the number as desired. Just don’t try turning off the alarm with a single step. It won’t accept anything less than five, enough to get you far enough from the bed not to fall back in.

The app is smart enough not to be fooled by shaking. If you start rapidly moving your phone, it will tell you to stop, deduct a few steps, and eventually reset you back to the beginning. Though I found that if you move the phone in a slow rocking motion, fooling it isn’t impossible. But at that point, why are you using this app again?



Like SpinMe, Walk Me Up! is free with ads, which you can also get rid of for 99 cents. Or you can buy the pro version for $1.99, which lets you gradually increase the volume for your alarms and limit the number of times you can hit snooze.

Download: Walk Me Up! for Android (Free with ads |)

Puzzle Alarm Clock

If you’re really awake, you should be able to solve a simple puzzle, right? That’s what Puzzle Alarm Clock believes Puzzle Alarm Clock for Android Makes Sure You Never Oversleep Again Alarm clocks are fundamentally very simple things: They wait until the designated time, and then wreak havoc. Or so the basic concept goes, at least. But these simple alarm clocks all face an age-old problem:... Read More . The thing is, some of them aren’t so simple. Each one has a time limit, and solving the given task isn’t always as easy as it sounds under the circumstances.

The memory puzzles are pretty straight forward, namely repeating shapes or colors in the order that they appear or remembering where certain cards are positioned on the screen. The math equations, despite how it sounds, are pretty easy too. The captchas can get intense though, depending on if you are able to type quickly enough on a mobile device before time runs out. Lastly, there are the rearranging puzzles, which involve moving around the pieces of a randomly selected image from your gallery into they all line up correctly. Depending on the photo selected, this is a real challenge.


It’s not all about puzzles. You can turn off the alarm by scanning a designated NFC tag, shaking your phone a select number of times, or capturing a QR code. This app really is a one-stop-shop for getting out of bed.


But what if you’re the kind of sleeper that tends to not even hear the alarm? There are ways to get around this too. In addition to sounds and vibrations, you can have your phone’s camera light flash repetitively. To turn things up a notch, you can tell the app to charge you $1 every time you hit snooze. That should get you asking yourself just how much an extra five minutes of sleep is really worth 3 Simple Ways Tech Can Help Build Your Morning Routine With a little thought and creativity, you can create the perfect start to your day, your way. If you're still working on your morning routine, here's a little inspiration. Read More . And if that still isn’t enough, you can automatically send a text to someone whenever you hit snooze or don’t wake up to your alarm, prompting them to come get you out of bed. Chances are, they won’t be happy about it.

You can remove the app’s ads and wake up to a playlist for $1.95.


Download: Puzzle Alarm Clock (Free with ads)

Honorable Mentions

In a round up of apps that annoy me, I don’t know if being included at all counts as honorable. Nevertheless, there are some other apps that warrant attention for their similarities to those listed above.

I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock takes the same approach as Puzzle Alarm Clock, and while most of the tasks are familiar, it does shake things up a bit.

Timely is primarily a standard but beautiful alarm clock Timely For Android: A Beautiful, Powerful, and Slick Alarm Clock Whatever alarm clock you're using, it's uglier than Timely. That's a bold assertion to make, I know. But I've been using Gentle Alarm, one of the most powerful and versatile alarm clocks for Android, for... Read More , but if you want to require a challenge to shut the thing up, it gives you that option. Even more, it can require completing a challenge just to hit snooze.

Are You Awake Now?

I don’t understand these apps. I wake up from a simple nudge, the sun shining through the window, or only a little bit of noise.

But I guess if you need just short of a jackhammer or a bucket of freezing water in the morning, then maybe performing puzzles or spinning around seems like a reasonable way to start your day. If it is, let me know, and please chime in if you know of any apps that manage to go even further than these ones.

What are the craziest alarm apps you’ve ever seen or used?

Image Credits: Frustrated tired woman Via Shutterstock

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    remove the battery , genus !

  2. Matthew
    February 24, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    Does it lock out the volume, otherwise just lean on the volume down button!

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      December 2, 2015 at 5:44 am

      That's if if your phone allows you to.lo

  3. Mateer L
    February 24, 2015 at 11:29 am

    If i get too annoyed i just put a big pillow or something over the device. usually can't hear it more after that.

  4. Jessica C
    February 24, 2015 at 3:21 am

    If you're going to use a crazy alarm clock, you might want to pair it with SleepyTime, an app that tells you when to set your alarm clock for so that it's set to wake you in the lightest phase of your sleep cycle.