3 Great Android First Aid Apps For Emergencies

Angela Randall 12-07-2013

3 Great Android First Aid Apps For Emergencies GotoAID First Aid 300x300Have you ever found yourself in an emergency situation, suddenly wishing you could refer to a First-Aid guide to check if you were about to do the right thing? Many people in an emergency would panic in the face of a serious injury and second-guess any memories of first-aid training they may have from long ago. I’m sure I would, despite training and re-training. Just think about how much safer the patient would be, and how much more confident you would be helping them, if you had First-Aid instructions with you on your phone. This is a no-brainer – it’s useful.


It’s rare these days that a person who owns a smartphone would go anywhere without their phone. Phones are also able to hold quite a bit of data (on the SD card, at least) and apps are a sensible way to navigate through a textbook-sized volume of data. So, it makes perfect sense to create apps for life-saving tools like First-Aid instructions, which can be kept on your phone ready for emergencies (or to learn from when you’re stuck waiting somewhere).

It’s clear that having a First-Aid application is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for wilderness trips and everyday parenting. Here are some great First Aid apps you can download now and store away until you need it.

First Aid – American Red Cross & British Red Cross

The American Red Cross and the British Red Cross have both released First Aid applications for Android (and iOS), which are by and large the same application with some vital differences. Primarily, that when it prompts you to call emergency services, Americans are given the 911 number, while the British are given 999 to call.

When you browse the app for learning purposes or known emergencies, it gives detailed information for ailments in a variety of categories. Information is supplemented with animations and video in order to give you a clear understanding of what to do as quickly as possible. There is also information on what to do during natural disasters in order to stay safe.

3 Great Android First Aid Apps For Emergencies First Aid American Red Cross


In an emergency situation, the app has a quick response tool. It will guide you through step-by-step to keep your patient safe and to diagnose the problems they face. Also shown are FAQs and a link to test questions if you are learning the material.

The app is pre-loaded with information, so you don’t need to connect to the Internet to use it. It is a huge app, but it can be saved to the SD card with only a tiny fraction stored on the phone. The result is a perfectly functional, highly detailed app, ready to use when and where you need it. With no ads. Who could want more?

GotoAID First Aid Lite [No Longer Available]

The GotoAID First Aid Lite Android app is designed for regular non-medical types to be able to get advice on best practices in a number of emergency situations. There’s First Aid, emergency preparations, essential knowledge, useful tools and more. Basically, this is great to have as a learning resource, for preparation purposes and as an emergency tool. This free version of the app is perfectly useful as is, but you can upgrade at any time for more features.

The First Aid can be browsed by category or by A-Z. Each item has a brief description of the problem, clicking on “Show Steps” on the right will give instructions to help the patient, followed by the “next” button for each step, while clicking on “Tips/Warnings” will add extra information. Personally, I prefer the Red Cross’s choice to put everything you need on the same page. Regardless, it is clear, useful information.


3 Great Android First Aid Apps For Emergencies GotoAID First Aid

The “Essentials” section covers things you should learn or refer to in a sudden emergency, such as recovery position, resuscitation tips and more. The “Disaster Preparedness” takes you through tips for surviving a hurricane, snowstorm, earthquake and tornado.

The app also offers a First-Aid checklist for preparing your First Aid kit, emergency numbers for every country, and a tool which will find local emergency services and show you nearby places on a Google map. It will even translate text into Morse code for you, with audio or visual cues.

Pocket First Aid & CPR

The Pocket First Aid & CPR Android app is the paid app of the bunch, but only costs a few dollars ($1.99). It has browsable content for use in First Aid emergencies, with separate details for adult and child responses in regards to CPR and choking. The content is provided by the volunteer group, American Heart Association.


This app makes it easy to respond to emergencies, learn basic First Aid, get CPR advice or prepare for natural disasters. All instructions are clear and enhanced with images and video.

3 Great Android First Aid Apps For Emergencies Pocket First Aid CPR

The Pocket First Aid & CPR app was famously used by one of the Haiti survivors while trapped under rubble, who used the app to check the best treatments for excessive bleeding, compound fractures and a head wound while he waited for help.

More Medical Advice Apps

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