3 Funny RPG Video Remakes Of Today’s Most-Watched TV Series

Craig Snyder 12-02-2012

I am a huge sucker for RPGs and video games in general. You’ll see plenty of articles on both subjects from me in the future (and here’s an example 5 Sites To Find Fun And Free Massively-Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) Though possibly the most popular, the world of MMOs spans far beyond the realms of Everquest and World of Warcraft. There are hundreds to thousands of well-developed and even free online games for you and... Read More ). One thing I’ve never been too big on, though, are television series. I’m the only one. Dexter, Band of Brothers, The Wire, Firefly, etc.; there are lots of them and you’re all watching. But I just can’t keep up.


What I can buy some time to definitely do is watch a short RPG remake of an episode or summary of the series. Now you’ve got all of my nerd attention and you’ve turned me into a little bit of a fan. Tapping into nostalgia always seems to work.

CollegeHumor is one of my favorite places to waste away time 9 Hilarious Websites To Visit When You Need To Kill Time Read More . Very recently, they’ve added the TV RPG series to the CollegeHumor originals. It was an absolutely brilliant idea and it’s really catching on. If you’ve ever played any of the early games in the Final Fantasy series, Dragon Warrior, Chrono Trigger, or any other (S)NES-age RPG then the style of these videos is going to look very, very familiar. I’ll do the honors of introducing you to three of their most popular TV RPG series videos.

Jersey Shore RPG

Jersey Shore is one of those shows that you’re either absolutely obsessed with or you hate with every inch of your body. I personally can’t stand to sit through an entire episode, but this video is great.

The video takes on the style of Final Fantasy III (or VI, depending on your preference). The quest is to go out and bring home girls to decorate their hot tub with (in true Jersey Shore fashion). The SNESque (new word I’m now claiming rights to) music is awesome. The opening “Grenade” battle sequence is ridiculous and hilarious. The “GTL” move and fist-pumping in the middle of battle is great. Snooki pops up and then the crew goes home where you’ll see they’ve succeeded in their mission.

Breaking Bad RPG

I’ve watched a bit of Breaking Bad. It’s original, to say the least. This video is no different.


You take on the role of Walter White, where you’re then thrown into a scene that looks something like a mix of the early Pokémon games and maybe a Harvest Moon. We then break to a cutscene with Jesse and then you’re off to sell meth. After a brief battle, we’re headed to Mexico to play as Hank and watch the classic turtlebomb scene. We cut back to Walter and Skyler, and then a chase scene before running into Gus. After, we’ve got a little bit of Duck Hunt parody and a surprise sequel. Great video.

Game of Thrones RPG

This HBO series has people going nuts and the medieval fantasy was destined for an RPG remake. I’m warning you, this is somewhat NSFW (if that’s even possible with 16-bit graphics).

We “thrust” our way into a game that I don’t have a comparison for. The style and the music, it’s all fairly unique but has a nice retro feel. After beating up Brian, we’re headed in a new direction where we play a little “minigame.” This one is fast-paced and jumps around everywhere, ending with Ned’s beheading. Lots of little punchlines and inside jokes that you’ll only understand if you’ve kept up with the series.

If you loved these as much as I did, we have plenty of other articles on RPGs and TV. Let’s hear your opinions, let me know which remake you thought was best in the comments.


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