3 Fun Tools to Get More Out of Your Webcam

Joel Lee 26-03-2013

webcam toolTo be honest, I never understood the big fuss over webcams and video chatting. Sure, it’s nice to chat face to face every once in a while, especially when you haven’t seen your significant other or family members for long periods of time, but other than that, I’ve always thought webcams weren’t a justified purchase. Until I learned you can use webcams for more than just chatting.


Of course, if you enjoy video chatting with your friends every day, all the more power to you. I wouldn’t do it because I don’t see much gain out of it. However, whether you use your webcam for simple hangouts or you’d rather find some other uses for it, this article is sure to have some great tools for you.


webcam tool

The 99colors webcam tool turns your webcam into a one-stop-shop for taking snapshots, applying filter effects, and then sharing it with the people you care about. Perhaps the best part of 99colors is that it’s entirely web-based so there are no programs or apps that you need to download. Just fire up your browser and you’re good to go.

The 99colors website starts you off with a blank canvas. With a single click, you can take snapshots from your webcam; those snapshots will pile up on your blank canvas and you can quickly switch between them as you edit. The site provides dozens of filter effects that you can use to touch up your photos.

When you’re done, you can either upload your photos to the public 99colors gallery OR you can upload them straight to Facebook Take Control Of Your Photo Albums With Easy Photo Uploader For Facebook [Windows] Uploading photos directly to Facebook can be a hassle at times, especially if you are uploading large images that Facebook needs to compress and resize before you can edit your album information. If you're uploading... Read More . If you’re the kind of person who loves taking self-shots and sharing them with your Facebook friends, you should definitely try it out.


iSpy Connect

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The iSpy Connect webcam tool turns your webcam from an everyday social tool into a security guardian. Just like how many buildings have security cameras, you can set up your webcam to act as a 24/7 surveillance sentry Use Your Webcam For Home Surveillance With These Tools Having your own home surveillance system can be a powerful deterrent to would-be intruders, snooping roommates, or frustrating co-workers. Here are 6 great options for webcam-based surveillance products you can use today! Read More over your home. It’s actually pretty easy to set up and the potential gains are immeasurable.

While running iSpy Connect, your computer will basically treat your webcam as a surveillance camera. It runs at any frame rate (10 FPS by default) and saves the footage to your hard drive. There’s a cool alert feature that notifies you whenever the camera spots suspicious movement, which could indicate burglary at night as an example.

iSpy Connect is entirely free for you to use. However, if you purchase a license, you’ll unlock some cool features like secured remote access (able to control your cameras from another computer) and instant notifications through SMS, MMS, and email. The licensing starts at $7.95 per month.


For a more complete overview of this webcam tool, check out Matt’s iSpy Connect review iSpy Turns Your Computer Webcam Into Surveillance Equipment [Windows] Read More . iSpy Connect works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.


webcam tool

KeyLemon allows you to use your webcam as a way of password protecting your computer and your data with facial recognition. Sounds like something straight out of a near-futuristic movie, right? Well, with KeyLemon, the future is closer than you think.

The essence of this program comes down to this: instead of typing in passwords all the time, you can create a facial recognition model and use that to log into sensitive accounts or what have you. The most basic use, of course, is to use your face to unlock your Windows account, but KeyLemon also works as a password manager for sites like Facebook and Twitter Why You Shouldn't Integrate Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn Social networking is a huge part of the Internet, providing the means for us all to connect and communicate quickly and easily. There are both positive and negative aspects to the very act of social... Read More .


KeyLemon is available for free with limited features; namely, Windows login and LemonDay plugin (a tool that you can use to track the evolution of your face over time). With a Bronze license ($19.95), you can automatically lock your computer when you step away. With a Gold license ($39.95), you get access to features that secretly snapshot intruders, set different security levels, and advanced algorithms that prevent people from spoofing your face.

KeyLemon works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.


As you can see, webcams are more than just webcams. Use them to take beautiful snapshots of yourself, keep your home secure and aware of unwanted intruders, or lock your computer so that no one but you can use it. If you just want to video chat, that’s fine too, but if you want to get more out of your webcam, try the services above.

Do you know any other webcam tools or interesting ways to wring out more value from your webcam? Please share them with us in the comments. I can’t wait to see what you readers will suggest.


Image Credit: Webcam Via Shutterstock

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  1. mehul
    March 28, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    i want to know that how can i record live chats from gtalk or from facebook, can someone help me please by telling which software will do the same.

  2. Chris Marcoe
    March 27, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    I agree with your first statement. I've never used a webcam. Even when stationed in Virginia and my family was in Washington State. Now, however, my youngest daughter wants to talk with her sister at school on the other side of the state. So, now I get to start learning about them.

    thanks for a great article.

    • Joel Lee
      March 27, 2013 at 8:10 pm

      You're welcome. I hope your daughters have a great time with their webcams. It can be lots of fun!

  3. Nevzat A
    March 27, 2013 at 7:09 am

    Great utils, thanks Joel.

    As an addendum, I'm using free ManyCam software, it has many built-in effects.

    • Joel Lee
      March 27, 2013 at 8:09 pm

      I've heard good things about ManyCam but I didn't realize there was a free version. I thought it was a trial. That's great! :)