3 More Exciting Ways to Discover Free Music

Tina Sieber 18-05-2009

3 More Exciting Ways to Discover Free Music newmusic02 Will we ever have enough music or get entirely tired of it? I don’t think so.


Music stimulates our brain like few other things. It can trigger or foster moods, make us move funny, bring back memories or simply entertain us.

And there will always be too many new genres, artists, albums, songs and new developments to keep track of. But once in a while, you should try to appreciate something new, explore a new genre or discover a new artist. After all, music is one of the many key things needed to stay and feel young. Not so long ago, the MakeUseOf author team introduced to 7 sites to get free music legally 7 Sites Where You Can Download Free Music (Legally!) If you're the type of person who loves tending to a vast music collection, there are still ways to get free music. Here are seven websites to get you started... Read More . Below are some more original sites to get free music. Check them out!

Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape

Every ten weeks Mercedes-Benz offers ten new tracks of talented young musicians for free download. All compilations are exclusively available for this period of 10 weeks.

The Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape project was launched in 2004 to promote promising and talented young artists. So far there have been 25 Mixed Tape releases. Since February 2008, a monthly video magazine accompanied the Mixed Tapes. The current magazine theme is Trendy Indie. Below is a preview:


Phlow is a German online magazine for mp3 music and net culture. Unfortunately, the website is not available in English. But don’t be intimidated, I’ll guide you through to some amazing music.


3 More Exciting Ways to Discover Free Music newmusic01

On the start page, click the Play Me! button to launch the Podcast Music Player. Here you can get a first impression of what’s available.

They focus on electronic music, hip hop and indie pop. Free MP3 downloads are available through the “Freie MP3 Downloads” tab. On the right, you can select a genre; on the left, available downloads will appear. You can preview the tunes by listening to them on the site and download the MP3 if you like it.

At the time of writing, their latest compilation “Fall is for Lovers”. Click on Player to listen to the tunes. Surprisingly, the infomation for this compilation is in English.



Beethoven had an ingenious idea:

3 More Exciting Ways to Discover Free Music newmusic04

Musopen picked up the idea and created a warehouse for music with expired copyrights. With that, it contains mostly classic music from the past centuries.

We want to give the world access to music without the legal hassles so common today. There is a great deal of music that has expired copyrights, but almost no recordings of this music is in the public domain. We aim to record or obtain recordings that have no copyrights so that our visitors may listen, re-use, or in any way enjoy music. Put simply, our mission is to set music free.

When you enter the site you first need to select a way to access the music collection. As (regular) music, sheet music or shuffle.


3 More Exciting Ways to Discover Free Music newmusic03

Shuffle will give you a random piece. Selecting music as your point of access, you can browse by composer, performer, instrument, period and form, then play the respective tunes or download them.

3 More Exciting Ways to Discover Free Music newmusic06

Using sheet music you can browse available music sheets by composer, instrument, period, form or instructional type and view the sheets with Scribd’s iPaper.


3 More Exciting Ways to Discover Free Music newmusic05

To the right is a little window that shows the 3 most popular and the 3 recently viewed pieces.

Other than downloading tunes you can also copy the code to embed them using iframe. Unfortunately, I can not give you a preview of it here.

What is your secret to discovering new music? Please share with us in the comments!

Image credits: YOdesigner

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  1. James
    August 15, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    I am a big fan of IAC Music ( This is a website for unsigned (ie independent) artists. Musicians put their music on the site for others to listen to, make comments on and add to their own online IAC radio stations. Anyone can set up a station for free and listen to as much music as they like. My IAC station is here If you want to purchase a song or album, the artists set their own prices and every single penny goes to them. The music is of a very high standard and the choice is amazing ... check it out

  2. synergy
    May 19, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    I found Phlow a little while ago and got some pretty cool stuff from there that I wouldn't normally listen to.