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3 Course Bundles That’ll Take You From Programming Noob to Pro

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Do you want to learn to program? The thought of learning to write code is just as scary as learning to write and speak a new language, but it’s doable if you’re willing to put in the effort.


Today, we’re going to look at three heavily discounted course bundles that’ll teach you all different programming languages — from Ruby on Rails to C.

Ruby on Rails for Beginners ($28.99)

Let’s start this programming festival off with one of the most versatile languages out there for building just about any kind of web app — Ruby on Rails. What makes Ruby on Rails so useful is that it can accomplish just as much as other languages with less code (and you don’t need multiple languages to get the job done). That makes it a perfect starting point for our purposes today.

This particular course is meant for people who’ve never worked with Ruby before. It’ll cover different Ruby editors, prototyping and testing web apps, and much more. There are lessons covering building dynamic websites, ecommerce solutions, and even games!


As far as learning methods, there are printable study guides and digital note taking features, so you can study and learn at any time. There’s also labs and games that’ll help you put what you’ve learned to use.


Once you make it through this course, you should be able to develop all kinds of functional web apps. And all that for less than $30.

The A-to-Z Programming Language Bundle ($39)

This bundle comes with eight different courses that’ll teach you a wide range of programming skills. There’s over 40 hours of content spanning 229 different lessons.


Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find:

  • Ultimate Java Development and Certification Guide
  • The Developers’ Guide to Python 3 Programming
  • Learn to Build iOS Apps with Swift 2
  • The Go Programming Language Guide: Code Like a Pro
  • C Programming for Beginners – Go from Zero to Hero!
  • Projects in CSharp: Learn By Building Projects
  • Learn To Build Scala Apps From Scratch
  • Clojure Fundamentals for Beginners

As you can see from the list above, there’s a lot covered in these courses. From the basics of C programming, to Google’s Go language, to Java, you’ll find courses that work for you. And because the bundle is so cheap, if there’s a language that doesn’t interest you, ignoring that course won’t make you feel like you’re wasting money, because there’s still tremendous value in the other ones.

The Complete 2016 Learn to Code Bonus Bundle ($65)

This is the big one. Here, you’ll find 12 courses with 1,116 lessons. There’s a bit of everything here, and it can all seem overwhelming at first, but you can take them all at your own pace.


I’ll just go ahead and list out all the courses for you so you can take it all in:

  • The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course
  • Learn Web Development by Creating a Social Network
  • Learn By Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Python Tutorial: Learn by Coding
  • PHP OOP & PDO with Projects for Beginners
  • Total Web Development Course
  • An Introduction to MySQL Database Development
  • Learn Cloud Computing From Scratch
  • AngularJS for the Real World
  • Build Professional Websites with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Build Web Apps with ReactJS and Flux
  • Git Complete: The Definitive, Step-By-Step Guide

Regardless of what you want to learn, there are courses for you in this one. There’s database management, cloud computing, web apps, Ruby on Rails, and much more. For $65, you really can’t beat the amount of content you’ll get here.

Get to Learning!

If you’ve always been on the outside looking in on the world of programming, now is the time to jump in and get going. If you bought all of the courses above, it would cost you about $165, which is a tiny investment for what you’ll learn.

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