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3 Cool Ways To Get Visitors To Interact On Your WordPress Site

Nancy Messieh 29-09-2012

3 Cool Ways To Get Visitors To Interact On Your WordPress Site wordpress1User engagement should be a top priority for anyone running a website, blog or any kind of online business. While there is a lot that should be done in terms of encouraging users to share your content on social networks, as well as encouraging them to leave comments, there are a few more unique ideas that can help visitors interact with your site, and in some cases keep them there for a bit longer.


The following options, all compatible with WordPress sites, are easy to install and won’t require any heavy lifting on your part. They are user-friendly and could help jazz up your WordPress website a little bit.

Get Voicemails with SpeakPipe

Rather than just leave you a comment, with SpeakPipe, your visitors can leave you a voicemail which allows for a much more personalized touch. The service couldn’t be easier to use, and is compatible with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Joomla and more.

After signing up for a free account, click on settings to configure how the button will appear on your site. You can decide what comment will greet readers, choose the tab colour and more.

The next step is to click on help to find out how to install the widget on your site, depending on your choice of platform. In the case of WordPress for example, you simply copy and paste the generated code into a regular text widget and it will appear on your site, as a subtle button at the bottom of the page encouraging users to leave you voicemails.

3 Cool Ways To Get Visitors To Interact On Your WordPress Site speakpipe


Once visitors begin to leave you voicemails, you can check them by logging into your Speakpipe account. You can hold on to messages you don’t want to delete, or you can download them to your computer for safekeeping.

3 Cool Ways To Get Visitors To Interact On Your WordPress Site SpeakPipe2 590x199

Create A CrowdSourced Flickr Gallery

You can easily place your own Flickr photos on your WordPress site by installing a plugin. You can get creative with the way you use a plugin that allows you to choose a specific tag that will be displayed on your site. Come up with a unique tag and encourage your visitors to tag their photos using that phrase, and they’ll be displayed on your site.

If you already have an active Flickr Group you can display the images using the WordPress plugin Slickr Flickr, but if you want something that’s unique to your site only, you can opt for Flickr Photos. The plugin comes with several different options to suit your needs. You can display photos by tag, by group, decide how many photos to display, what type of photos to display (popular, latest or random) and more.


3 Cool Ways To Get Visitors To Interact On Your WordPress Site screenshot 4 460x590

The settings for Flickr Photo can be found under Appearance > Widgets. Drag the ‘Simple Flickr Photos’ to your sidebar or footer where you want the photos to appear and configure it, and you’re set.

3 Cool Ways To Get Visitors To Interact On Your WordPress Site Screen Shot 2012 09 20 at 10

Offer Interactive Games

Another way to keep visitors on your site is to offer them interactive computer games. There are a variety of online games that can be embedded into posts or your website, giving you an easy way to keep users on your site for a longer time.


A good example of this is the WordPress plugin, MyPuzzle Sudoku, which allows you to post several Sudoku games in just one post. After installing and activating the plugin, you can configure it by going to Settings > My Puzzle Sudoku. You can choose the background colour, size, default level, whether or not to show the history or not, and more.

3 Cool Ways To Get Visitors To Interact On Your WordPress Site Screen Shot 2012 09 20 at 10

Once you’ve got the game looking exactly the way you want, simply insert the code “[sudoku-mp]” (without quotation marks) into a page or post to display it to your visitors.

3 Cool Ways To Get Visitors To Interact On Your WordPress Site Screen Shot 2012 09 20 at 10


Can you think of any cool ways to get visitors to interact with your site? Let us know in the comments.

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    October 16, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    These are all great ideas. I am going to try a few. Thanks for the tips. I am a barber and i always try to help people improve the haircutting skills but never thought about the options of picture, games, etc. Thanks.

  3. Boni Oloff
    October 1, 2012 at 11:58 am

    The last one is the interesting one :)
    I never thought someone will come to a blog just to play a sudoku game... :D
    Great Idea, but it's sounds funny a little for me.. :) ==> no offense

    And i think it will makes your blog a bit weird, I don't know if it's working for someone..
    But i don't think gonna do it ;)

  4. Dimal Chandrasiri
    September 29, 2012 at 6:55 am

    what about blogger sites. can you post an article about it too! :)

    • muotechguy
      September 30, 2012 at 10:46 am

      You can't change blogger sites with plugins, so no, that would be difficult.