3 Cool Helper Apps To Improve Default Functions Or Introduce New Features [Android]

Tina Sieber 23-11-2011

helper appHelper apps are those little tools that either solve minor shortcomings of default functions or introduce new ingenious features. You end up using them all the time because using your device has become faster, more convenient, and more fun. The apps I will introduce in this article will help you toggle your screen timeout, manage your files more conveniently, sort your apps and access them faster.


Screen On Toggler [No Longer Available]

When you’re working with a portable device you always have to balance battery life and device usage. So you diligently set your screen to time out quickly and thus conserve battery power. Consequently, it will annoy you by always timing out while you are reading something. For this very reason, Screen On Toggler has become one of my favorite apps. It lets you stop the screen from timing out temporarily and for as long as you want.

The single task tool is represented by a light bulb in your taskbar.

helper app

Touching the bulb and then touching the current setting message (screenshot not possible) will change the settings to either not let the screen time out or to restore your settings and let it time out.

android helper


screen will time out

Smart Taskbar [No Longer Available]

The name of this app is a little misleading because Smart Taskbar is more of an application browser than a taskbar. It is accessed through a tiny little button sitting at the edge of your screen.

android helper

The main screen lists all of your installed apps.


android helper

You can add your most used apps to one of the quick launch spots in the top left corner of the screen. Simply click one of the plus icons and then select a favorite app.

quick launch

The blueish grey bar beneath the quick launch icons gives you access to different labels. Under > Task you can see a list and quickly access running applications. You can also create new labels to hold selections of apps, like I have done for > Music.


To edit the > Widget label, change the order of icons, or to add a custom label, click the > Add New button. To create a new label, open the > Labels tab and click the > Create Label button in the bottom left corner. Enter a name, select an icon and click OK.

helper application

To add apps to your label, switch to the > Apps tab, click an app you would like to add, a > Manage App box will pop up, where you can add a checkmark to the respective label.

helper application


Not only does Smart Taskbar provide fast access to your apps, it also makes it easier to remove apps.

File Station & File Station Tablet [No Longer Available]

File Station is a simple file browser, which helps you navigate your files easily. You can browse in thumbnail view and either go through separate folders or view all files of a certain file type, e.g. text or pictures. You can also create new folders and move files via drag and drop.

helper application

By checking multiple files, you can cut, copy, rename, or delete them all at once.

mass edit files

You can also share a selection of files, for example, send them to your Dropbox or attach them to an email.

helper app

The tablet version is optimized for Android Honeycomb and it is the version I used for the screenshots above.

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What is your favorite helper app?

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