3 Chrome Extensions For Gmail That Help You Use Email Quickly

Saikat Basu 30-05-2011

chrome gmail extensionCall it sheer laziness. Lately, with the amount of emailing I have to do, I find it a chore to open up Gmail and compose an email. What I needed was a productivity hack that could short circuit the process for me by a few seconds (even that infinitesimal amount helps!).


In my meandering through the Chrome Web Store, I found three Chrome extensions designed for Gmail that looked like a perfect productivity hack to defeat my inertia. Of course, to complement my Gmail user experience, I was also armed with the recommendations given by Matt when he talked about 6 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Gmail Users 6 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Gmail Users If you're like me, you use Gmail for all of your email needs, even across multiple email accounts. Although there are plenty of email clients available, Gmail is often easier to use, quicker, and nearly... Read More .

If you are as conscious about your ‘laze times’ as me, I am sure you will like these three Chrome extensions for the Gmail user.


chrome gmail extension

This is the simplest extension of the trio. All it does is make mailto: links open in a new Gmail compose window. By default, if you click on a mailto: link, your default email client will get triggered. The Chrome extension circumvents that by opening the link in a new window with the Gmail sign-in. The subject and body will be populated by the text defined in the HTML tag by the website. If you are signed-in, then of course, you don’t have to enter your log-in details again and again. The extension requires a Chrome restart to work.

Send From Gmail

chrome email extension


We have talked about this Chrome extension for Gmail in the 4 Ways to Set Gmail as Your Default Email in Your Browser 4 Ways To Set Gmail As Your Default Email In Your Browser As users are slowly migrating data to The Cloud, having a webmail account has become a given, with Google Mail being the top choice. Unimpressed by these developments, Windows continues to link email hyperlinks (a.k.a.... Read More . It’s a step forward from our last extension as it opens up a Gmail compose window for you and also provides the extra button that will create a Gmail message when clicked. It opens up your signed-in Gmail account in a new window, uses the webpage title you are on as the subject of the email and the URL as the body of the email. It’s a quick way to share webpage links using your Gmail. Clicking a mailto: link opens up a compose window without any of those contents. You might need to restart your browser for the extension to take effect.


OmniMail for Gmail is just about the best Chrome extension if you want rapid-fire email productivity from the address bar. Or at least it’s the best of this trio until a better one comes along. Here’s how it works: Start typing mail in the Chrome address bar and the OmniMail for Gmail activates. When it does so for the first time, it asks permission to access your Gmail address book.

chrome email extension

Once granted, an input of mail <email address> and hitting Enter will open up the Gmail compose window within Gmail itself in a new tab.


chrome gmail extension

Typing mail and pressing Tab also gives you one touch access to OmniMail commands like de-authorizing it from accessing your contacts or sending an email to the contact.

OmniMail auto-suggests email contacts in the dropdown just like Gmail. You can enter multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma. OmniMail is an Open Source project.

These three extensions are browser specific and bypass your default email client like Thunderbird or Outlook as long as you are on Chrome. Let us know if you think that these Chrome extensions help you hack your email productivity.


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  1. Simonmiller1972
    May 31, 2011 at 9:30 am

    What about the Google Mail Checker ( )? This adds an icon next to your address bar and notifies you about all incoming mails.