How to Tie a Tie Instructions and Videos

Saikat Basu 13-05-2009

If you’re a P.G. Wodehouse fan, then you know the value of wearing a tie. After all, didn’t Jeeves teach us about that piece of silk cloth with this simple statement…


“What do ties matter, Jeeves, at a time like this?”

“There is no time, sir, at which ties do not matter.”

Bertie Wooster became a gentleman’s style icon because he had Man Friday to help him out. Most of us only have the mirror. But if you can’t tie a tie, don’t worry! It’s an easy-to-acquire skill that only requires patience and a few minutes.

With a website like Tie-A-Tie, you can learn these four life skills:

  1. Tie a necktie.
  2. Tie a bow tie.
  3. Tie a Men’s Scarf.
  4. Fold a Pocket Square.

Look in the Mirror to Tie-A-Tie

Most of us use one knot throughout our lives. But how many ways are there to tie a tie? So far, I’ve found 30. The actual number is probably more. But you only need to know the major ones, and for that, this site has you covered.

At Tie-A-Tie, you will come across the everyday Windsor knot on one hand and the exotic Murrell or Eldredge on the other.



The step-by-step illustrated instructions and the video how-tos should help to make even the most impossible knots less frustrating. I prefer the illustrations, but the video instructions can help you learn how your fingers can pirouette around your neck.

Here’s a common-sense tip: play the YouTube videos at slower-than-normal speed to understand the twists and turns of the techniques.

Keep Going Until You Master the Tie

Tie-A-Tie wants you to make a style statement, so take advantage of its other guides that teach you the subtle art of manly elegance:

  • Start with general tie-wearing tips, like how to find the right length for a tie and how to untie a tie correctly.
  • The tie length calculator could be a wardrobe accessory if you are a regular tie wearer. Bookmark it right away.
  • Buy your neckties online at the right places. and are recommended.
  • Extra points for dress guides on necktie accessories, black tie, white tie, interview dress, and make your own DIY bow tie.

In the end, I would also suggest that you read through the Tie-A-Tie blog for some interesting posts. For the right impression at the next party, quickly catch the Top 20 Menswear Faux Pas to Avoid in 2017.

Tie-A-Tie does a great job with the instructions, but it’s not the only site that teaches you how to tie a knot 7 Websites That Help You Learn How To Tie The Perfect Knot I personally think having a knack for knots is one of the essential skills to have or acquire in your toolset of manliness. After all, one never knows when you might be called upon to... Read More . Also, remember that wearing a tie is only cosmetic. It’s more important to carry the right attitude along with it.

How many tie knots have you mastered so far? Which is your preferred style?

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