25 Unique Chrome Apps That Are Unusually Useful

Sandy Writtenhouse 26-09-2016

When looking for apps and extensions for Chrome, most normally go with those that are popular or recommended by others. However, there are unique, off-the-wall tools that many would not search for, but would actually find unusually useful. Here are just 25 of them.


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Creativity and Inspiration

1. Story Wars

If you enjoy writing 5 Desktop Apps You Can Ditch If You Have Google Chrome Chromebook user or not, with Google Chrome you can turn any desktop, laptop, or tablet into a powerful machine for work and play. Read More and seek your inspiration from collaboration with others like you, then take a peek at Story Wars. Pitch a story idea and once it’s published for the Story Wars community, others can add to it. This is a great way to enhance your writing, creativity, and even generate more ideas.

2. Pookatoo

Pookatoo is the tool for the fantasy, gothic, spooky text creators. There are over 40 different colored fonts, multiple sizes, background colors, and animations. So, whether you want a vampire-like font for your website or a creepy phrase for your Halloween image, Pookatoo comes through.

3. Kitchen Style Visualiser

Ready for some kitchen remodeling? Kitchen Style Visualiser is a Chrome app to assist you in finding just the right look. Select your wall units, flooring, worktops, and wall color. Each provides modern, traditional, and painted options so that you can pick out exactly the right components.

Chrome App Kitchen Style Visualizer


Utilities and Tools

4. Toast timer — Countdown timer

Are you in the market for a unique countdown timer Need More Time? Try These 7 Remarkable Chrome Timer Extensions Whether you are timing a task, counting down to stop an activity, or you're just interested in how much time you are spending on a website, there is a Chrome timer extension for you. Read More ? Toast timer is a simple, intuitive option. You will see fun quotes about time and hear a nifty pop sound when the timer is up.

5. EdisonCloud

When it is time to learn about electricity and electronics, whether for school or simply general interest, EdisonCloud is your Chrome tool. With virtual instruments, sounds, and animations, you can create, test, and repair circuits. The 3D components available make it super easy and there are many useful features to check out.

6. Dog Age Calculator

For a simple way to calculate your dog’s age in human years, the Dog Age Calculator figures it out for you. Choose your dog’s breed and age in calendar years and months to get started. The app also displays life expectancy and a quick link to find out your cat’s age as well.

Chrome App Dog Age Calculator


7. WillItRunOut Retirement Simulator [No Longer Available]

Wondering how long your retirement savings will last? If so, then take a look at WillItRunOut Retirement Simulator. Just fill out the necessary information on the form, hit calculate, and make sure that you are on the right track financially for your retirement.

8. Shoe Size Conversion [No Longer Available]

Whether you are preparing to travel or have found a cool pair of kicks from another country, the Shoe Size Conversion app can help. Enter your gender, conversion to and from countries, and your size. And if you enjoy this app, there are others such as sock, and bra conversion apps.

Chrome App Shoe Size Conversion

9. 30s Neck Stretch

We see Chrome apps and extensions for helping you relax and letting you know when to take a break. But it is not often that we see one dedicated to your neck health. 30s Neck Stretch is a handy tool for reminding you to do 30-second neck stretches every 45 minutes. For those who sit at a computer all day, this is a great extension to try.


10. Shove

Shove is a link-sharing tool 11 Fantastic Browser Tools for Making and Reading QR Codes QR codes are handy tools, providing a convenient way to share websites with friends or our own mobile devices. QR code makers are available for most browsers and for some, there are readers as well. Read More with an unusual method. Basically, you can open a webpage in a new tab on your friend’s browser. This is quick and easy way to “shove” that news, video, or important research site over to your pal. Note that your friend will need to have a Shove username to send them pages.

Weather and the World

11. Space Station Finder

For those who have an interest in space, the Space Station Finder Chrome app is a neat tool. Enter or enable your current location to see where the space station is traveling per your spot. You can read brief details at the various points shown in the sky and check out the next passes with a click.

12. Motorcycle Weather

If you enjoy hopping on your motorcycle for a ride on a gorgeous day, then check out Motorcycle Weather. Created especially for those days where you want the wind in your hair, you can view current conditions, wind speed, and the day’s forecast. Plan your ride for the best time of the day with this cool tool.

Chrome App Motocycle Weather


13. Yesterday’s Weather

You really can go back in time. Yesterday’s Weather shows you how the weather compares from the previous day. Is it warmer or colder and by how much? That exactly what this app displays, but also includes a quick link to the current day’s forecast and temperature comparisons based on time of day.

14. Dress By Weather [No Longer Available]

Need a little help getting dressed in the morning? Dress By Weather will suggest outfits and accessories based on your current weather conditions. While most people know how to dress when it is hot, cold, or rainy, the extension just brings a bit of originality to your weather.

15. Bleak

For another interesting way to view your weather comes Bleak. With the premise of “the weather can always get worse,” this extension shows you a slightly under inspired message with your current weather conditions, location, and time it was last updated.

Chrome App Bleak

16. Batman News

If you are a fan of the awesome superhero, then Batman News is the app for you. The news and content come from which was founded in 2010. The app will open right in a new tab for you to catch up on all things Batman. If Spider Man is more your style, then Spider-Man News from is another super app.

17. Understanding Men & Relationship Insight

Understanding Men & Relationship Insight is a Chrome app intended for women. Whether your relationship is rock solid or on a rocky road, pop open this handy app for some helpful articles. While the content has not been updated recently, the articles and links are still useful.

Dictionaries and References

18. Art & Artists Dictionary

If you love art or are an artist yourself, Art & Artists Dictionary is a cool Chrome tool. You can review artist resources, look up art terms for definitions, and enjoy the daily photos. The app offers a simple search tool 5 Handy Dictionary Extensions for Quick Word Lookups What do you do when you are reading an article and would like more information on a word? There's nothing more convenient than using a browser extension for quick word look-ups. Read More to find exactly what you want.

19. Food Dictionary

For those who watch what they eat or are studying nutrition 10 Best Educational Chrome Apps for Students For specific subjects as well as keeping track of school assignments, grades, and tasks, these 10 Chrome apps will get you off to the right start this school year. Read More , Food Dictionary is a handy tool for getting nutrition information on foods from A to Z. Search for a food and then take a look at the fat, carbohydrate, and protein amounts.

20. Name Dictionary and Statistics

Have you ever wondered what your name really means? Or, perhaps you are searching for a unique name for a child. The Name Dictionary app lets you start your search, check the meaning, get statistics, and shows variations.

Chrome App Name Dictionary and Statistics

21. Car Dictionary [No Longer Available]

Dig cars? Car Dictionary is a neat app that provides specifications for tons of vehicles. Enter a keyword to search for a car model, make your selection from the results, and get the full specifications for that vehicle. Before you go car shopping or just want to do vehicle comparisons, this is a useful app.

22. Medical Dictionary & News

If you are a medical professional or studying to become one, the Medical Dictionary & News app is a useful app for Chrome. Review medical terms and information, get the latest news 6 Chrome Extensions For Catching The Latest News Headlines Chrome extensions or search enablers that help to serve news in the browser have one important purpose. They are shortcuts and save you the bother of looking up the news websites individually or searching through... Read More regarding a study, and see what’s new in general health or biomedical services.

23. Drug Medical Dictionary [No Longer Available]

Another terrific tool for those in the medical field is Drug Medical Dictionary. The app pops open in a new tab with a list of medications for you to browse. Select any one for further information such as description, uses, side effects, interactions, and more.

24. Urban Dictionary Search

If you ever wonder what those slang words mean that you hear your teen using or sing along to in a song, Urban Dictionary Search gives you a simple way to find out. Just tap the button in the toolbar, enter your word, and prepare for the definition — good or bad.

25. Rhymey

Do you write poetry or song lyrics? If so, then Rhymey is a handy extension for Chrome that helps you find words that rhyme with others. Just double-click to select a word on the page and Rhymey will pop open with suggestions for you. So, you can rhyme on a dime right on time.

Chrome App Rhymey

Do You Use an Unusual Chrome Tool?

It is not always about what is popular or recommended. Sometimes the most useful tools are the ones nobody even knows exist.

Do you use an out-of-the-ordinary Chrome app or extension you would like to share? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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