21People for Windows 8 & Windows Phone: Cut Through The Noise In Your Social Media

Tim Brookes 15-05-2013

Do you have too many Facebook friends? Do you follow back absolutely everyone on Twitter 8 More Tips to Generate Lots of Twitter Followers We won’t get a ton of Twitter followers because of a famous surname. We have to work our asses off before we cross and starting causing a few fail whales to show up on Twitter.... Read More ? Is Instagram just another big popularity contest? If you have difficulty saying no on social networks, there’s a good chance you’ve amassed an unmanageable number of contacts and other connections, most of which are simply noise drowning out the things you really want to hear. If this tangled mess sounds like your online social life, 21People might be for you.


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The app lets you pick your 21 most important contacts for each social network, and then draws attention to them using apps for Windows and Windows Phone. By telling 21People what you like, it can help filter out things you don’t want in favour of things you do. 21People supports most major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram in addition to having apps that work on Windows 8 and Windows RT What's the Difference Between Windows 8 & Windows RT? [MakeUseOf Explains] With the Surface tablet announcement a few weeks ago and the final release of Windows 8 looming ever closer, some people are understandably going to be confused about the various versions available. I'm here to... Read More , as well as both Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.


The service is currently in a public beta, so users should expect some teething issues. The project has received funding from the Spanish government and has had some 20,000 users try out the mobile service thus far, a promising start. Whether the idea has legs remains to be seen, but it’s probably easier than cleaning up your friend lists.


  • Cut through the social network noise to reach the stories you care about.
  • Pick your 21 favourite contacts for each network.
  • Tell 21People what you like, and it will help match your preferences to what is displayed.
  • Free for Windows 8, RT and Windows Phone.

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