The 21 Best Websites for Women You Should Know About

Akshata Shanbhag 21-10-2015

Some areas of a woman’s life — such as health and relationships — could do with the insights of other women. That’s where women-centric websites come in. They explore female interests and issues, often walking a tightrope between stating facts and stereotyping.


Here are our top picks of women-friendly websites. Men are welcome to join the conversation.

Work and Money

Women are stepping into the role of the breadwinner just as often as men and are fulfilling it just as well. They’re not only ambitious about their careers, they’re also getting savvy about their finances.


If you want to be part of a positive network that can help you fulfill your career aspirations, Levo is the place to be.

You’ll find personalized tools on the site to build your career from the ground up. Get easy access to the best job opportunities, mentors, and fellow professionals. Articles, interviews, guides, Q&As — the site has everything!



Expand your reach further by joining one of the local chapters Levo has in various cities across the world.


DailyWorth gives you the know-how to gain financial independence, manage your money, and deal with financial crises. It also covers topics like career, travel, relationships, and culture. The site aims to help you lose the money-related fears you might be carrying around as a result of familial or societal conditioning.

The important thing is that DailyWorth places self-worth ahead of net worth.

Tech and Culture

Tech and culture are entrenched in our day-to-day our life. Here are four websites that look at various aspects of it.


Women 2.0

Women 2.0 highlights the work of female entrepreneurs in tech and helps aspiring ones move forward with confidence. It’s welcoming of men in its network-building activities and events.

The platform seeks to help more women step into the roles of innovators and leaders by giving them the resources they need. Think meetups, annual conferences, competitions, and regular Hangouts with investors.


Remember, you also get a steady stream of helpful articles on Women 2.0. They cover everything from startup costs to developer tools to maternity leave.


Brain Pickings

Brain Pickings is a super successful blog curated by writer Maria Popova. It delves into the intricacies of art, science, history, and culture — all in the quest to decipher “what makes a good life”.

This website is not just for women, but it’s just too brilliant to keep out of this list.

Paper Droids

Paper Droids is an online magazine for women geeks. It publishes content on science, technology, art, literature, and entertainment.


Regardless of the type of geek you are, you’re sure to find something of interest on Paper Droids. Hardcore gaming, literary criticism, indie comics, and blockbuster movies are some of the topics you’ll find on the site.

The Mary Sue is another site that focuses on women geeks, and has branded itself as “a guide to geek girl culture”. Much like Jezebel, it draws polarizing reactions, so it’s hard to tell if it’s something you’ll like or not.

On a side note, we could certainly do with more mainstream websites where women can get their geek on 8 Of The Biggest Geeks On Twitter (Who Just Happen To Be Girls) Geekdom has long been perceived as the domain of men, with teenage boys who are fascinated by technology and Star Wars becoming grown adults who are obsessed with technology and Star Wars. While it's true... Read More in peace.

Pop Sugar

Lifestyle, entertainment, pop culture, tech, fitness, food, fashion, love, beauty — PopSugar delivers it all. Clear categorisation on the site makes it easy to find topics that are of interest to you.

Self Worth

High self-worth is a different (and the best!) kind of beautiful. We’ll get to the websites that help you shine on the outside, but first, let’s focus on the ones that show you how to tend to your inner beauty.

Gala Darling

Gala Darling has made it her life’s mission to help women fall in love themselves. She urges her readers to practice radical self love TED Talks: Understanding the Power of Radical Self Love Radical self love emphasizes the importance of caring for yourself, accepting yourself, and not settling for less than what you deserve. Three inspiring TED Talks introduces us to the movement. Read More . It refers to unlearning negative concepts related to self image and accepting one’s self.

And yes, Darling leads by example. Her own practice of radical self love shines through in her unapologetic writing and presence.

Everyday Feminism

Everyday Feminism champions the cause of equality for every individual. It takes a stand against discrimination and marginalization of people based on any type of social disparity.

The site works to help women reclaim their lives and take better care of themselves in every way. Everyday Feminism also has a couple of courses to help women build healthier relationships with themselves and with others.

Begin with the site’s Fem 101 category and work your way through the others like Self Worth, Gender, Body, Love, Race, and Violence. You’ll find everything from explanations of cultural phenomena like mansplaining What Is Mansplaining? The Origins (And Misuse) of the Term Have you noticed the word "mansplaining" appearing a lot lately online? Are you not sure what it means, or why people seem to be upset about it? We'll explain everything. Read More to discussions on transgender issues and sexual trauma.


HelloGiggles is a fun community for the modern young woman. It explores news, pop culture, careers, style, etc. with a humorous and intelligent approach.

What’s encouraging to see is that the site keeps negativity out of the picture without glossing over important issues. Have you visited their Kindness Uncovered archives yet?

Beauty and Style

Websites that showcase the latest in fashion make great eye candy. But you won’t always find practical advice that’s lifestyle appropriate and pocket friendly on such websites. For that, the following websites are much better. They’re powered by women who’re easier to relate to.

Wardrobe Oxygen

Wardrobe Oxygen has been around for a decade now, and is still going strong. If you’re a woman over 30, Alison Gary’s blog is for you! She helps you express your personal style through your wardrobe regardless of your working budget.

You’ll find outfits categorised by season, capsule wardrobe suggestions, and beauty tips. If you want to get your style queries answered, there’s an Ask Allie feature. There’s also a What I wore section where Alison shows off her outfits and shares links to help you recreate it.



The blog not only highlights the importance of picking quality over quantity, but also teaches you how you can find quality at any price point.

Penny Chic

Shauna, the woman behind Penny Chic, has spent enough time in the fashion world to know what goes into dressing well. But what she’s intent on proving is that you can get all the chic you want while staying within your means.


From shopping tips to outfit ideas, you’ll find a little bit of everything on the website. Everyday women who make up Team Penny Chic model the ensembles.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

The name of the website says it all. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic brings beauty tips and products for busy women. Hair care, skin care, makeup — you’ll find information on all of it. (If you want to experiment with a new look, try these apps for a virtual makeover.)

The Skin 101 and Hair 101 sections are good places to start exploring the website. Hop over to the Get the Look section for Mommy Fast Friday. It’s a series in which beauty bloggers who are mothers share their 5-10-15-minute beauty routines.



Even if you share or delegate responsibilities, keeping your home beautiful and running efficiently is no small task. You need all the smart tips and tweaks you can get your hands on.

Apartment Therapy

If you want to find the best ways to improve your living space, look no further than Apartment Therapy. Its focus is on inspiring you to create a healthy and beautiful home in an affordable manner, and it gives you the right resources to accomplish that.

The folks at Apartment Therapy recommend a sensible, work-with-what-you-have approach. They prove that good design is accessible to all and home improvement projects need not be expensive.

You can filter content based on room type, project type, decor style, lifestyle, etc. Be sure to join Apartment Therapy’s thriving community scene. You’ll find some great tips in the comments.

Real Simple

Real Simple tackles various aspects of home and life from a practical perspective. Get tips on organising, decorating, meal planning, etiquette, entertainment, and travel. Don’t miss the quick links to resources on gift giving and wedding ideas in the footer.

Also, check out some of Real Simple’s digital products. They have a Weeknight Meal Planner that you’re sure to find useful.



Balancing the demands of the workplace and the home is tough as it is. Add new little humans to the mix and things are bound to get a lot more hectic. The good news is that parents can seek out a bit of handholding online as they navigate the tricky terrain of parenthood.


Mumsnet is a thriving, UK-based online community that tackles different areas of life from the perspective of a parent. It started out as an information-sharing resource for mothers.

On various occasions, the site has been in the news for the wrong reasons. This is due to what many see as Mumsnet’s unhealthy, competitive approach to motherhood. But, there are many who think otherwise and for whom the site is a daily lifeline of sorts. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether Mumsnet is a good, reliable resource for you to consider.


Keep an eye out for the handy set of tools in the footer. It includes an ovulation calculator, a pregnancy calendar, and a baby name finder.

The Longest Shortest Time

Hillary Frank’s difficult start to motherhood led her to start The Longest Shortest Time. It’s a refreshing, tell-it-like-it-is podcast and website on parenting.

For expecting and new parents, the reality of daily living can be far different from what popular books and other media portray. Sure, there’s cuteness and laughter, but, there are dark times too. The Longest Shortest Time guides moms and dads through the latter by helping them see that they’re not alone.

If you had to choose just one parenting website to keep up with, we’d recommend this one! And to know how the podcast got its name, read about the experience that started it all.

Non-parents, the site is worth your time as well.

Life Hacking

Want find your calling? Start eating healthy? Learn to be more assertive? You’re sure to find a website to help you improve any part of your life 12 Productivity Habits To Finally Hack Your Life In The New Year A common resolution for most working people is to be more productive. In this article, we'll explore twelve bad habits that you can change -- one per month -- to drastically improve your workload productivity. Read More .

Health and Wellness: EmpowHER

EmpowHER gives you practical advice on your physical and mental health. It also pays attention to the impact of your emotional and financial health on your well-being.

You’ll be able to read up on a wide variety of topics right from medical conditions to fitness regimens, from pregnancy to caregiving. You can also get your health queries answered.

What makes EmpowHER such a great resource is its connections to a wider network of people and information. Join one of their many health groups if you want guidance and support in dealing with specific conditions such as depression or diabetes.

How about also tuning in to EmpowHER’s radio show about health and wellness?


Buying and Selling: Etsy

Etsy is the ultimate marketplace online. You’ll find everything from clothes to craft supplies to vintage cameras.

Selling on Etsy makes for a decent home-based business 6 Ways to Sell Your Crafts Online and Make Money Want to sell your handmade crafts online? Etsy should not be your first choice and here's why, along with several alternative sites that might suit you better. Read More idea, in case you’re looking for one. You’re free to sell anything that is either vintage or that you have crafted yourself. Items such as clothing, furniture, jewelery, photography, and art are acceptable. Do keep in mind that there’s quite a bit of competition in this area and it takes some serious work to maintain an Etsy store.

DIY: Pretty Handy Girl

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer or want to be one, Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl) can help you out with all kinds of projects. She writes in-depth DIY tutorials related to areas like home improvement, repairs, sewing, and crafts.

Clicking on my home in the navigation gives you a virtual tour of her home and you get to see how Brittany’s DIY personal projects have taken shape.


Travel: Journeywoman

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, Journeywoman can help you travel smarter and better. It delves into packing guides, safety tips, solo travel, love stories from the road, travel tips for older women, and much, much more.

I started 2015 with a solo trip (my first) to the Maldives. What was a scary step for me didn’t seem all that scary after I had pored over the experiences and tips shared online by other female solo travelers.

Of course, you can’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong on your trip. But with help from sites like Journeywoman, you’ll be better equipped to deal with anything that does. When it comes to traveling, knowledge is indeed power.

Creativity: Pinterest

How netizens portray or perceive Pinterest is of lesser consequence than what you can do with it. The site can provide the right sparks for your creativity and productivity.

Of course, to use Pinterest effectively How to Use Pinterest Effectively (And Avoid the Ridiculous Nail Art) It is actually possible to use Pinterest for useful tasks, though it may not seem so at first glance. Here's how. Read More , you must choose well-targeted feeds based on your interests.

Your List of Women-friendly Websites?

The Internet is too vast to map completely, and we’re sure we have missed some awesome websites as well as categories. Care to help us out in the comments? Which are your favorite women-friendly websites? Ladies and gentlemen, please list them for us!

And if any of the men in your life would appreciate a similar list tailored for them, share our roundup of the best websites for men The 21 Best Websites for Men You Should Know About Sometimes, men and women have their own unique informational needs...and so we try to meet it here with a well compiled list of sites every guy should visit. Read More with them.

Related topics: Fashion, Health, Home Improvement, Money Management, Parenting and Technology.

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  1. Jane Andrews
    November 17, 2019 at 4:17 pm

    Dont miss the See Jane Drill site! Leah runs this site and she really makes you believe you can take on any any project, not only by walking you through each task step-by-step, but also with her "you can do this" attitude.

  2. eileen
    January 16, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    I'm wondering about Mogul. Where does that fit in?

  3. Mandy Hailsbury
    January 3, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    I love VoElla (no longer available) it is a magazine for women that reminds us to love ourselves for who we are. It covers music, beauty, health, relationships, sex tips and it also has a hilarious collection of stories from readers as well as an erotic romance fiction for women section. I find everything I need in one place and feel this should be up there on your list.

  4. Kelly
    November 3, 2016 at 2:11 am

    For photographers and photo mums, is great!

  5. Michelle Guerrero
    June 23, 2016 at 2:49 pm

    An additional gem of a resource to this list is AAUW’s website ( ) – American Association of University Women. They offer programs that range from helping women who may be interested in running for office, to women who need help negotiating their salary. The organization is passionate about empowering women in politics, research, science, technology, engineering, math, education, and on college campuses. I also highly recommend reading their research studies. It’s a reliable analysis on gender equity issues in education and the workplace. The stats are eye opening! Oh! And their blogs are a great read too. They cover issues and policies that impact women and girls.

  6. Meagan L. Butler
    June 20, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    Thanks for the well-organized list! I would love to recommend Women's eNews ( for serious, investigative news and commentaries written by women and girls about women and girls. *Full disclosure: I work there, but I would read us even if I didn't!*

  7. Jenny
    February 24, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    That's a good list. I have one more - is very nice website for women.