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What Did You Do In 2013? Let Twitter, Instagram & Facebook Tell You

Nancy Messieh 10-01-2014

How was your 2013?


We’ve already taken a look at the life-changing moments shared this past year on Instagram 10 Life-Changing Moments Captured on Instagram Whether its documenting natural disasters, hundreds of thousands taking to the street in protest, or a crash landing of an airplane, Instagram users have been there to snap some of the first shots. Read More and on Twitter What Do We Care About? The 7 Most Memorable Twitter Hashtags of 2013 From natural disasters to the death of a great man, from the end of an immensely popular TV show to a 5-year-old boy's biggest wish coming true, 2013 has seen it all. Read More ,  as well as Facebook’s own  significant changes 8 Of The Biggest Changes From Facebook in 2013 [Weekly Facebook Tips] While the world stops to admire the big events and changes of 2013, the Facebook landscape is worth a look as well. Surprisingly, quite a lot has changed. Read More over the past year. Now it’s time to switch things around and put the focus on your year in review.  And what better way to look back on 2013 than through your social media accounts?

Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you’ve been sharing interesting and significant moments of your life. By looking at photos, status updates, videos, articles shared and more, you can get a snapshot of your year as you’ve shared it online.

Rather than scroll through pages and pages of updates, tweets and photos, you can easily create that snapshot in a matter of minutes for the three major social networks: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


While you can easily see the year on Twitter in review, you’re probably more interested in your own year on Twitter. With , you can make a video that offers a concise recap of what you tweeted about, photos you’ve shared, when you tweeted, your most popular tweet, and most interactive followers.

To create your video, enter your email address and grant Vizify access to your account. You will then be presented with a short yet editable video. So while Vizify automatically selects some of the content for you, you can also alter it. You can select different photos if you don’t like the ones Vizify chose, and can also choose to show more topics and tweets of your choice.



You can choose from 30 different clips of music to accompany your Twitter video, with all sorts of styles to suit your personal taste. You’ll also find a link at the bottom of your video that shows your top tweets of 2013, based on how many retweets and favourites they received.

Once you’ve got your 2013 video perfected, you can share it on Twitter with the direct link that Vizify provides you with. To see an example of Vizify’s Twitter videos, click here. You can either share the direct link you’re provided with, or embed it in a blog post.


Browsing through your Instagram feed on the web is a great way to get a feel for where you’ve been over the past year, since your profile is clearly divided into months. But what if you want to know a little bit more than that? With Statigram, you can find out which are your five most popular Instagram photos for the year, and share them with your followers.


Head over to Statigram, log in with your Instagram account and the site will do the rest for you. You should see a pop up straight away inviting you to create a little video of your most popular moments on the photo sharing site.


Once you’ve requested your video, and after a very short wait, you should receive it in your email (it shouldn’t take longer than a minute or two). The video is available in mp4 format. Download it to your phone, and then upload that video to your Instagram account as you would any photo or video. The final product should look something like this, featuring five photos, how many likes they’ve received, while a little tune plays in the background:



When it comes to seeing your review on Facebook, the social networking giant makes it easier than ever. Rather than have to use a third-party service, you can go straight to the source. When you view your profile on Facebook, you should find a small banner on the top left side of your profile that says “See your 2013 year in review”. This will display your 20 biggest moments shared on Facebook.


You can see a grid of your photos at the top, and then below, a selection of your most popular posts for the year. Facebook describes your year in review as “a collection of your biggest moments on Facebook from this year, including life events, popular posts you’ve shared and posts your friends have tagged you in.”

If you want to see your own year in review, visit this link.



From the same page, you can also view the biggest moments that your friends have had on Facebook.

What other ways can you view your year in review on social media? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Cassie S
    January 10, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    All my photos go on Google+ and at the end of the year it sent me a year in review video clip, complete with cheesy background music. It's kind of cute actually. Not sure if there's a way to force it to make the video though, I think it just shows up in your photos automatically if you have auto-backup on.

    • joe
      January 11, 2014 at 5:45 am

      How can you change the events that facebook chooses on your behalf?