20+ Websites anyone can make money with

Aibek Esengulov 24-01-2007

1. | – sell your knowledge by offering consultancy services


2. – become a guide (publisher) on, and get paid for writing content. Based on your performance, your salary can be anywhere between $500-$8500/month. Check out the list of available
topics here

3. – chacha is a human powered search engine that’s maintained by search guides. It has more than 10.000 guides already and pays them between $5-$20/hour depending on performance.

4. | – these websites lets you put custom graphics or photos on popular, easy-to-ship, high-selling products i.e. t-shirts, mugs, hats, bags….etc. If something is sold you receive a commission. Since both of these websites receive lots of traffic, it seems quite promising

5. | | | – mainly for techies; SEO professionals, web designers, developers…etc

6. Associated Content – write a story, how-to articles, rant etc, and if they like it they’ll pay you somewhere between $3-$20 for it


7. – get paid $5-$150/hour for doing some freelance work on a per-assignment basis. You’ll have to pass a tough test before you can start with it

8. Squidoo – squidoo won’t pay you but lets you publish articles with promotional content (ex; amazon products). It has lots of traffic and if you figure out what’s popular there, it can be well worth your effort

9. AGLOCO – how about getting paid whenever you browse the web? That’s exactly what agloco does, it pays you for browsing the web. There is a lot more to it though, check it out here.

10. H3 – Get paid to find the right candidate for particular jobs. Commissions range from $50-$5,000 depending on how desperate the hiring company is.


11. VIDEO: (post a video and share whatever revenue it generates from ads. To get an idea of how well paid this can be, check out metacafe’s top earners list) | | | | | | + [Broken URL Removed] | [Broken URL Removed] (create reviews and get paid 50$/review) | and some more [Broken URL Removed]

12. Domain Parking: The idea behind domain parking is the following; 1)you simply register some domain, usually a misspelling of something popular (ex; instead of or instead of, 2)add relevant ads to them and 3)earn money as visitors click on them. It’s a gold mine once you get familiar with it, a friend of mine used to make around $2000/month from it. Read more on it here

13. Affiliate Programs: What you do here is promote someone’s product and earn money from each sale/referral you make. It’s much easier when you have own website but you still can do quite well even without one. It really works! I used to do it myself. I would find affiliate program on and afterwards advertise it either on Yahoo or Google. In the end, my costs were considerably lower then my commissions. It’s way harder than domain parking but also has higher potential. More on affiliate programs here.

14. Some Extra info for bloggers and website owners


Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the site alive. Read more.

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