20+ Free Printable Calendars & Planners For 2011

Nancy Messieh 01-01-2011

With 2011 upon us, if you haven’t already bought yourself a planner or wall calendar, you might want to look at a few of these DIY free printable calendars. Some of them will require a little bit of effort on your part, but the final product will definitely be worth it. If you don’t have the time for paper crafts, just print one of the ready-made calendars or planners.


If you don’t have a colour printer, or are looking for something as simple as it gets, take a look at these 10 suggestions on where you can get printable calendars online.

12 Page Calendars

Noise To Signal

Cartoonist Rob Cottingham is sharing a 2011 wall calendar that can be downloaded from SlideShare or his website. Social media addicts will appreciate the humour taken from Rob’s cartoon strip, Noise to Signal.

free printable calendars

My Owl Barn

My Owl Barn has released a gorgeous 12 page calendar filled with owl related images from various artists. With 30 images to choose from, you can also determine the exact order they’ll appear in, or download their ready-made calendar.

printable calendars


Doodle Calendar

Creative Mamma has put out a free printable Doodle Calendar for 2011.

printable calendars

Big Huge Labs

If you’d rather use your own images, Big Huge Labs make it easy to use your own pictures from Flickr, Facebook, or your computer.

printable calendars


Alice Cantrell

Another beautifully artistic calendar can be downloaded from Alice Cantrell’s website. The calendar includes lunar phases, and comes with a cover and band, making it possible to gift the calendar.

printable download calendars

Blog Guide Book

Blog Guide Book have an illustrated calendar available for download for free. It’s a huge 243MB file but definitely worth the download.

printable download calendars


Blue Ant Studio

Blue Ant Studio have made it a tradition to release a free 12 page calendar every year, and 2011 is no exception. The 2011 Calendar is available on Flickr.

printable download calendars

One Page Calendars

Compact Calendar

See the entire year at a glance with David Sheah’s Compact Calendar. If you want to keep yourself particularly organised, glue the calendar to a lined sheet of paper to neatly jot down your notes.



Grafish Design

Possibly the smallest calendar you’ll ever find, Grafish Design’s aptly named Small Calendar [No Longer Available] is a wallet sized 4.4×7.6 cm.


Yasmina Moya

Available in Spanish on Flickr, Yasmina Moya is offering a set of 4 interesting one page calendars with black and white photography.


If you’d like to put together your own one page calendar with a personalised photo try Yearly Calendar Maker.

Monitor Strip

Craft Meister’s 2011 Monitor Strip Calendars are perfect for sticking above your computer monitor. They are available in a variety of colours and sizes.


Bunny Calendar

A great option for kids, the printable Bunny Colouring Calendar will give your children the opportunity to colour in their own calendar.


Bookmark Calendar

These free printable bookmark calendars measure just 1/2×7 inches and are available in English and Spanish. The text on the bookmarks and the title are editable.


3D & DIY Calendars


For the more artistically inclined, Clovered is offering three free printable calendars. The first, a pop-up calendar will take a bit of effort on your part but the end result is perfect for parents who want a cute calendar their kids will appreciate.


For something a little simpler, you could also try the P The Reindeer Boy calendar.


And lastly, their printable Pocket Calendar is the easiest option available.


Dodecahedron Cube Calendar

Put your paper folding skills to the test with Craft Meister’s Dodecahedron Cube Calendar. The calendar is available in a variety of colours.


Accordion Calendar [No Longer Available]

Paper Foldable’s Accordion Calendar is  no longer available for download.acc.png

Mini Laundry Calendar

Using a combination of wire, miniature clothes pegs and linen paper, you can put together one of the cutest DIY calendars for 2011, the Mini Laundry Calendar.


Journals & Diaries

Wisdom Journal

The Wisdom Journal is a planner and calendar rolled into one. With one page for each month, you will find a space to fill out a mission statement, a 3 to 5 year plan, a 6 month plan, and a one month plan, along with a calendar. It also features a two sheet weekly planner, and detailed task list.

Wisdom .jpg

2011 Diary

If you’d rather have a diary for the entire year, there is an A5 diary available for download as a Word document here. With the cost and paper involved in printing out this kind of diary, it may just be easier to purchase a planner or diary from any stationery store.

free printable calendars

Have you already downloaded your free printable calendar for 2011? Let us know where you got it in the comments.

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