3 Ways to Play Civilization On Android
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Updated by Christian Cawley on June 26, 2017.

There is a curious lack of Sid Meier titles available for Android. So just how does a Civilization junkie get his fix courtesy of the little green robot?

Why Civilization?

In 1991, I accidentally bought the original Civilization for my Amiga. I say “accidentally” because I’d intended to buy Sim City after playing it on my uncle’s PC several months earlier. Somehow, I found myself reading the box and walking, somnambulist-like, to the counter and paying. It was as if I was remotely hypnotized by Sid Meier himself.

3 Ways to Play Civilization On Android muo gaming 1990s pc free civ

Ever since, I’ve been addicted to the game, in all of its wonderful incarnations Every Version of Sid Meier's Civilization Compared Every Version of Sid Meier's Civilization Compared Sid Meier's Civilization series has been around since 1991. From its humble beginnings to massive recent releases, let's examine the series' evolution through six mainline games and over 25 years of time. Read More . Indeed, one of my pre-requisites when selecting a mobile platform was that it should carry a version of Civ.

After recently switching to Android Why I Quit Windows Phone And Switched To Android Why I Quit Windows Phone And Switched To Android In 2010 I bought my first Windows Phone device, beginning a love affair with the slick user interface and writing endless posts and user guides, generally evangelising the platform. So why have I switched to... Read More after three years of running Windows Phone as my primary mobile device, I was surprised to find a distinct lack of any Sid Meier titles at all.

So how was I going to play Civilization?

1. Play Civilization Revolution 2 on Android

There was a time, pre-2014, when there were no Sid Meier games available for Android. Given that tabletop versions were available Take Civilization Offline for a Totally New 4X Experience Take Civilization Offline for a Totally New 4X Experience Sid Meier's Civilization series is well-renowned in the strategy genre. But did you know that there are offline adaptations of the franchise? Let's see if the Civilization board games are any good. Read More , this seemed slightly odd. As recently as 2012, Windows Phone and iPhone had Civilization Revolution, a game also available on Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Meanwhile, Pirates! and Colonization remain missing on Android, despite revivals on iOS.

So, how do you play Civilization on your Android device?

In mid-2014, we received Civilization Revolution 2, and this included an Android release. It’s still available, and you can purchase it from the Play Store for $9.99.

As fun to play as the desktop original, Civilization Revolution 2 has all of the elements that Civ fans love, such as the tech tree and barbarians. Rival leaders have personalities, and cities are easy to manage via your mobile display. You can only appreciate the convenience of having Civ in your pocket once you’ve experienced it for yourself. It makes waiting in line for the bus far more interesting!

Random Maps and Scenarios

If you’re familiar with the desktop versions of Civilization, you’ll probably know that maps can be random, or generated. The game also offers scenarios, and all of these features are included with Civilization Revolution 2. It even includes a scenario generator!

So, you could start from 4,000 B.C. with your civilization, or play a game set in an endless war. You could set up a colony on a new world, or one overrun by barbarians. With so many options for a unique game available, you’ll be playing Civilization Revolution 2 for a while to come!

3 Ways to Play Civilization On Android muo gaming android civrev2

While there is no way of transferring your current Civilization Revolution 2 game to the desktop incarnation, it remains an engaging gaming experience. You know you’re addicted Video Game Addiction In Teens - What Is Too Much and How to Curb the Problem Video Game Addiction In Teens - What Is Too Much and How to Curb the Problem Video game addiction is a serious issue. I know this because I am an ex-video game addict. Read More when you find you’re playing it hours after you should have gone to sleep!

Fun as the game is, it may seem jarring for those looking for a more visually authentic mobile experience. In short, Civilization Revolution 2 continues the console-esque, cartoony graphics of its predecessor. So what can you do if you’re looking for a more traditional Civilization experience on your Android smartphone or tablet?

2. FreeCiv

Perhaps the most accessible option for Android users is FreeCiv, an Android port of the popular Linux version.


Using an isometric view similar to that seen in Civilization II, FreeCiv offers virtually all of the game concepts and marries them with great graphics. I haven’t played this version of the game long enough to know if the Fundamentalist government type is the best to play with in the later stages. But with a choice of game rules (you can choose between rules based on Civilization or Civilization II), this is a good option.

Mindful of the size of some displays, the developers have made some of the buttons quite chunky. This can prove distracting at first, but FreeCiv for Android soon redeems itself! On balance it probably plays better on tablet than on a smartphone — try on both to see which you prefer. (If you like FreeCiv, note that you can even run this cross-platform game from a USB stick 7+ Great Games You Can Run from a USB Stick 7+ Great Games You Can Run from a USB Stick In just minutes, you can load up a flash drive with lots of great games to keep in your pocket. And you can play them on any PC, any time -- here's how. Read More !)

3. DosBox and Emulators

If the retro-joy of FreeCiv doesn’t fulfill your Civilization pangs, you always have the option of emulation.

Perhaps the obvious option would be to install DosBox Turbo (forget the abandoned apps aDosBox and anDosBox) and then find a ROM of Civilization or Civilization II to run on your phone or tablet.


Meanwhile, if you prefer the idea of the original Civilization Revolution (you must be a purist!) forget about DOS emulation. Instead, look at the several Nintendo DS emulators for Android (such as the free nds4droid). These will enable you to play the Nintendo DS version of Civilization Revolution.

This is a good option, and the game plays as well as it does on other mobile platforms. As you can see from the screenshot, however, it lacks the polish of a standard mobile game. This is thanks to the overlaid interface and dual-screen setup.

Remember, however, that when using emulators you cannot legally use a ROM unless you own the original version on its original disk.

Civilization Revolution 2: Android’s Best Civ-Like Option

Civilization’s appeal lies in the 4X dynamic: explore, expand, exploit and exterminate. There are many other great 4X games Don't Miss These 8 Android 4X Strategy Games Don't Miss These 8 Android 4X Strategy Games Looking for deep, challenging games, with a dose of complexity and strategy? Get ready to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate with these 8 amazing 4X games for Android! Read More but Civ (as the hardcore fans call it) has something else.

Back when Android had no Civilization game available, Civ-like games were the only option. Several were available in the Play Store. Initially even this selection was modest, but over the years more have released. These often tap into the social gaming dynamic Connecting Games To Facebook -- What's In It For You? Connecting Games To Facebook -- What's In It For You? You're in the zone on your favorite puzzle game. You catch the false move that would have doomed you before you commit to it, and a moment later, you finally seize sweet victory! Read More .

Ultimately, however, Civ-like games for Android are simply not Civ-like enough. FreeCiv is a good option but rooted heavily in the past. Emulation is a good option — perhaps the best for some Civ fans — but comes with the risk of breaking the law. So thank goodness 2K Games finally saw the light and delivered Civilization Revolution 2 to Android!

But there is more they could still do. The legacy is assured. Civilization VI was released in 2016. All that’s left now is for 2K Games to deal with that other problem: the lack of Sid Meier’s other games on Android. It’s time for this to change.

Do these Civ games satisfy your mobile gaming cravings? Which Civ game would you like to see on mobile platforms next? Weigh in using the comments below!

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  1. Timothy B Prange
    June 25, 2018 at 5:26 am

    What about World of Empires? Pretty darn close to Sid's version, and free!

  2. Gábor Auth
    November 5, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    I've developing a game what is derived from the FreeCiv but it was devised to support time-based instead of turn-based strategy; and it is supports the MMO gameplay where you compete against hundreds and sometimes thousands opponents. The name of the game is GaCivs.

  3. Bob bedford
    October 3, 2017 at 5:30 am

    Will love to see civ VI on android. I simply hated Beyond Earth. Thanks for your article.