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Karl L. Gechlik 12-02-2010

class reunion websitesAre you getting older? Do you miss the good old days of high school?  Well maybe a trip down memory lane or a high school reunion will perk you up. If you are ahead of your 10 or 20 year anniversary you can organize a reunion with your own free high school reunion website.


We will show you two websites and services that will help you facilitate this. Check them out below and if you have others that you have used in the past (and are free or have a free option) list them in the comments for the greater good of the group!

The first free high school reunion website we will be taking a look at is called Reunion Watch. When you get to their website, their homepage looks like this:

free high school reunion websites

They have a lot of features such as message boards and email service with a email address. They also have guest books, templates and 12MB of storage”¦(this is not 1999! But you can upload images to another site and link to them from your Reunion Watch website to save on file size).

The link on their homepage to build your free high school reunion website is probably what you are looking for if you are reading this article. That will take you to here:


free high school reunion websites

From this page you can set up a domain name you currently own, register a new domain or use a free sub-domain of Reunion Watch. This is the option that we will choose and the easiest of them all. They then provide different plans but as you know MakeUseOf loves free. So we will be using the free one and making the most of it.

Then they tell you for $5 you can get rid of the ads on your high school reunion website. Guess what – we don’t care about them and we will leave them be!

You then continue on to set up your website. When you are done you will have something that resembles this example:


free high school reunion websites

The site looks a little like it was created in 1999 but it is very functional and with improved graphics you can make the site appear as you want it. Here is the sample site:

high school reunion websites

Another website that allows you to set up a high school reunion site is ClassCreator. When you arrive at their homepage you will see this:


high school reunion websites

Clicking on Create Site in the menu bar will take you to here:

high school reunion websites

They will ask you to recommend an administrator if you do not feel you are the best one. Chances are you are, so just continue on and choose your country, city, state and graduation year like so:


class reunion websites

Then schools will appear. Choose your school and continue on. You will be asked a boatload of questions like your school’s colors, website color, notifications, messages, contact information and a lot more. Answer only what you want and skip what you don’t need. You can always go back and fix it later.

When you are done you will pick a template and boom just like that you will be live. This site has a lot more options than the first so choose which way you want to go! And have fun out there!

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  1. Sally
    April 12, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    These comments are old and outdated. If you need a reunion website use they have the best service and they also have the lowest online cost forget about myevent of eventbrite they are a rip off .

  2. Vivek
    February 12, 2010 at 10:43 am

    thanks for sharing this but i would like to say that reunion should be held yearly so that we can meet our friends easily who are distant apart