2 Great Sites For League Of Legends Statistics & Analysis

Craig Snyder 24-05-2013

league of legends statistics siteI’ve made it a point to highlight League of Legends pretty narrowly in many of my recent posts related to gaming. The game is absolutely huge and it’s only going to continue growing larger. In just days, Riot will be hosting an LCS All-Star event that is expected to receive stream viewers up into the millions. The new season’s competitive structure allows any individual player or team to have a realistic shot at competing with the very best and even getting put on salary to play the game that they love. It’s a great move and it’s huge for eSports.


League of Legends didn’t become the world’s largest PC game Why Is League Of Legends The Most Popular PC Game In The World? [MUO Gaming] Earlier last month, news broke that League of Legends, the addictive rehash of MOBA games like DotA and Heroes of Newerth, has officially earned the right to call itself the most popular game on the... Read More by being shallow and bland. It’s the kind of game that requires perfect mechanics and a deep understanding of the game’s playable champions and items. The highest tier of players aren’t shy about breaking out the complex math and spreadsheets to know which League of Legends builds 3 Great Sites To Find League Of Legends Builds & Guides As an avid League of Legends player for the past year, I'd be a complete liar to say I haven't learned my fair share about the game purely from copying the strategies of others. That's... Read More will put them at a competitive edge over an opponent.

With that in mind, several League of Legends statistics sites have popped up with the sole intention of helping us better understand the numbers.


league of legends statistics site

LolKing is known within the ranked community as that one website everyone goes to when they want to critique and analyze the past performances of their teammates during champion selection. It’s an awfully annoying and toxic process that constantly happens, but you should know that LolKing exists for a lot more than this purpose.

First worth looking at is the Charts section of LolKing.


league of legends stats site

This is a really awesome way to gauge what is working and what isn’t in the current state of League of Legends. As you can see above, you’re able to select a chart type, region, map, frame of time, and queue type to display a chart for. You’re able to see the highest and lowest win rates of champions, the most popular champions, the most banned champions, the most used skins, and more.

league of legends stats site

Another great set of charts will offer you lane-by-lane matchup analysis and bottom lane synergy levels. This means that you can completely disregard all of those websites that offer community-submitted “counterpicks” and simply go by real, hard statistics recorded by LolKing. You can literally see exact win rates for matchups at every single lane and base your picks on that. It’s a great way to see which champions are individually stronger than another.


Another great piece of this website is the Champions section.

league of legends stats site

Here, you’re given a single-page view of the most important statistics per each champion: their popularity, win rate, and ban rate. Champions can then be sorted by each column, as you can see I’ve done above. Statistics currently show Janna, Twisted Fate, and Rumble being the top three winning champions in the game. With just that information alone, you’re given a reasonable advantage.

If used correctly, the information that LolKing aggregates can be taken and used to effectively assist you in climbing your way out of League’s most treacherous elo levels.



2 Great Sites For League Of Legends Statistics & Analysis elophant1

Elophant never forgets, and it has a whole heap of statistics for you to browse through and enjoy. In my opinion, it’s the best website out there when you really want to crunch some League of Legends numbers.

league of legends site

Like LolKing, Elophant has its very own Charts page. However, the difference is pretty significant. Elophant offers a peek into a lot more interesting and different data. Charts are broken up by role and tier, giving you a glimpse at which roles deal the most damage, which roles earn the most gold, which role maintains the best KDA, which tier of players buy the most wards, which tier of players have the highest ping, and more.


league of legends site

Similarly to LolKing once again, Elophant offers a page that offers details specific to each champion. This data is more detailed than what is provided by LolKing, and you can see information such as which champions deal the most damage overall, which are the most played, and which skins are the most popular.

league of legends site

Elophant also offers one of the only ways for you to see how many Influence Points you (or anyone else) have accrued over a League of Legends lifespan. This doesn’t offer much of a competitive edge, but it’s really neat.

league of legends statistics site

Elophant shows much of the same of what LolKing brings to us, but has a few additional goodies and statistics on the side that really make it an interesting and entertaining resource.

While both of these League of Legends statistics sites can improve your game by providing you with statistics and information that you need to better understand the game, keep in mind that the best way to improve is to constantly play and challenge yourself. Know each and every champion and what they are capable of.

As mentioned in the opening of this article, I’ve put out a lot of content regarding League of Legends and it always interests me to try and help others become better players. You could also check out my post offering third-party applications that can improve your LoL game 2 Third-Party Applications That May Change The Way You Play League Of Legends [MUO Gaming] If you haven't heard of League of Legends, why not? Recently, it was crowned the most popular game online (based on usage statistics) and more than eight million people tuned in to watch their Season... Read More .

What do you think of LolKing and Elophant? Which of these two websites seems more helpful to you? Let me know in the comments, and feel free to talk with me about anything else League-related!

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