2 Cool Free Car Driving Simulation Programs

Karl L. Gechlik 13-02-2010

driveHeadDo you want to try out some really cool car driving simulation programs? Well we have two of them for you that will help you improve (or learn) basic driving skills like the dreaded parallel parking and all way stop signs. Both of them are web-based so they are cross platform and will work on any OS or browser.


The first site is Learn4Good and they have a car driving simulation program called Drivers Education. Once you are there and start up the game you will be given a warning that this should not be your only tool to learn to drive nor should it substitute actual driving lessons. With that said you will continue on to choose your instructor from Jessica, Johnny, Mr. Bumper and the boss lady. Can you guess who I picked?

car driving simulation program

Yes I choose Jessica. She will politely introduce herself. Don’t stare – you might fail!

car driving simulation program


After that you can either choose to start with lessons or go right for the driving test. The test is fun! You also have the option to quit, change your instructor or view the help.

car driving simulation program

Here are the available lessons: parallel parking, left turn at an all way stop, left turn on a green light, proceed through an all way stop and pulling out of a parking spot.

online car driving games


You use the up and down arrows as well as the backwards and forwards arrows to maneuver your car. You can hit up and right at the same time to move on a angle. Use your knowledge of parallel parking to do so successfully.

online car driving games

When you start your exam you will have to take a test for each of the lessons. When you complete them without running people over, hitting a car or disobeying the traffic law you will move on to the next exam like so:

free online car driving games


Continue playing and learning until you can beat all of them with your eyes closed.

car driving game

They will stop you from breaking the law and make you start over – better than failing in real life – right?

car driving game


The next site with a car driving simulation program is brought to us by Chrysler and can be found on their website.

car driving game

They tell you on the site that you will experience:

  • Customizable vehicles.
  • Playable tutorials.
  • Real-world driving conditions.

Click play it now to begin. You will be prompted to install something called 3dVIA player – just follow the prompts. Once that is installed you will be ready to play.


Click on New Game to start your new game or you can continue a saved game, read the instructions, credits or the leaderboard.

We jumped right in and chose New Game and saw this:


I ran with the first lesson and went through the basics after reading some facts and waiting for the environment to load.


They will make you put on your seatbelt before starting by pressing the B key. Then you will learn how to drive and maneuver, consider this the starting board. Continue on, learn and go get your license. Enjoy.

Do you know of any other car driving simulation programs?  Let us know about them below in the comments.

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