2 Android Apps To Quickly Check How To Spell A Word

Tim Lenahan 10-09-2010

<firstimage=”//”>how to spell a wordAs a child I was never a real good speller.  I never participated in any spelling bees to save myself from the embarrassment.  I’ve improved a bit through the years but there are still always going to be those words whose spelling is going to elude me.  For those of you who are in the same occasionally-can’t-spell-a-hard-word boat, there are Android apps for that.


If you ever catch yourself in a situation where you need to quickly find a correct spelling, your trusty Android can come to your service!  The next time your pals are sitting around arguing about the spelling of some obscure word (happens all the time, I’m sure), try out some of these Android apps that will help you figure out how to spell a word.

Spell Checker (Voice)

The first app I tried out and loved was Spell Checker (voice).

how to spell a word

This app is very quick to access because it sets up a shortcut for you right off the bat.  Once installed, all you have to to is long-hold the search button and up pops the option to open it.


spell a wordFrom there, for further ease, you can even choose to speak the word.  How awesome is that?  Alternatively, if you find some text on a website, copy the text and then just open the app and the copied text is automatically entered for you.  With support for nine languages, I’m sure this app is bound to help a lot of people.


ASpell is a very simple spell checking app and that happens to be its appeal.  It checks words by the GNU ASpell dictionary.  Its basic function is to tell you if the word in question is spelled correctly and to give you a list of alternatives.

spell a word

Another helpful feature is that, although English is the only language supported, it has a check box to check for the British spelling.


Aside from spell checking apps, try out these games that make spelling fun.

Speak & Spell

Do you remember the children’s spelling game from the 80’s?  I don’t but perhaps some of you do.  The Speak and Spell Android app is basically an emulator of that game.  They say it’s for nostalgic reasons but try it out, you might like it.

how to spell a word

If you don’t know anything about the game, it basically tells you words and you need to spell them.  Being an emulated game from 30 years ago, the graphics seem corny and the voice is a very annoying computer voice.  This is because that was how the original game was so don’t go hatin’!


Seek ‘n Spell

Seek ‘n Spell is a newer game that makes use of GPS technology on your Android phone or iPhone.  The idea is somewhat similar to Scrabble but outdoors.  The game scrambles a bunch of letters across the fields, gives you a map showing their locations, and the players race to collect the letters.  When they make words with those letters, they score points.  This almost looked fun enough for me to go out and try all by myself.

Check out this video to get a somewhat better visual.

What apps on your Android do you use to find out how to spell a word?

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