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1Password Update Brings Back Wi-Fi Syncing, Better iOS Support And More

Dave LeClair 17-10-2013

1Password has brought its iOS application up to version 4.3 with lots of bug fixes, a new web browser selection feature, and the ability to play a little nicer with the Mac version of the popular password program.


The first thing users of the application will notice is the new browser selection option. Instead of only working with the default “1Browser,” users can also choose Safari, Chrome, or Firefox user-agents. This is meant to help solve any issues users are experiencing with websites not loading properly from within the application. It should streamline things and help users get to logging into their accounts quicker, which is what 1Password is all about in the first place.

When the new version of the Mac application was released, Wi-Fi syncing was disabled, forcing users to use other cloud services to sync their passwords across their devices. Now, with the 4.3 update on iOS, this feature has been restored. This will save users some time and effort, which is always a good thing.


In another fix to the compatibility between the Mac and iOS application, custom icons used in saved passwords from the Mac app will now appear correctly in the iOS version.

The list of bug fixes is quite large and includes things such as: visual issues with search results on iOS 7, problem where iCloud sync did not start automatically on the initial launch, bug where it was not possible to change the name of an item, and so on.


The last bit of improvements comes in the form of better support for iOS 7.

Source: Apple Insider

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