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1MORE Launches Penta Driver In-Ear Headphones for Audiophiles

James Frew 10-01-2019

Purveyors of premium audio products, 1MORE, announced their new in-ear headphones at CES 2019. The Penta Driver in-ears expand their range of high definition headphones designed for both audiophiles and casual listeners alike.


The Penta Driver in-ears will be available in Q1 2019 and priced at around $300. As the name suggests, the Penta Drivers are equipped with five audio drivers: two bass, two mids, and one treble.

1MORE Launches Penta Driver In-Ear Headphones for Audiophiles 1more pentadriver ces2019 1

Unlike many headphones on the market which use micro-USB ports, the Penta Driver comes equipped with a USB-C connection. This allows them to transmit data and charge the headphones from a single cable.

The digital data transfer, rather than the more universal 3.5mm analog jack, means that the headphones can receive near-lossless HD audio; that is if you have lossless or HD audio and a capable player.

While high definition audio is a priority for some, many of us want to open Spotify, connect our headphones and get listening. The Penta Driver in-ears connect wireless to your smartphone with Bluetooth 5. There is even support for all the major high-quality Bluetooth codecs like AAC, AptX, and LDAC.


1MORE Launches Penta Driver In-Ear Headphones for Audiophiles 1more pentadriver ces2019 2

The design of the Penta Driver is undoubtedly eye-catching. Instead of two in-ear buds connected with a small wire, the buds are both attached to a neckband, used to stabilize the earphones while in use. The neckband is also where you can find all the hardware controls including volume, play/pause, and power.

The physical appearance of the headphones is an important factor when purchasing any wearable products. However, the actual audio quality is even more essential. Unfortunately, 1MORE didn’t have a demo unit of the Penta Driver at CES, so we weren’t able to say for sure just how good these CES Innovation Award winning headphones really are.

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  1. Leon Andres Martinez
    January 15, 2020 at 3:48 pm

    Where can i get this headphones from? i have been searching for them for about 1 year.

    I really love the Quad Drivers and i am looking forward to buy 1 Penta Driver.

    Where are they?


    • James Frew
      January 18, 2020 at 9:56 pm

      As sometimes happens when companies announce hardware, the products are either a long way from launch-ready or sometimes don’t happen at all. This is often known as vaporware. There’s no suggestion this is what’s happened to the Penta Driver, but it may well be...