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19+ Things Almost No-One Knows About Reddit

Christian Bonilla 15-06-2016

In the Reddit community all are invited, but few are aware of the mysteries which lie within the insanely popular forum. Never tread blindly again with this list of things most users just don’t know about Reddit!


Reddit Has an Official Blog…

Reddit has a blog detailing new user features and general news, and has since 2005. Not only do the writers post technical details concerning the site’s page views and submissions, they post updates regarding its various (and I mean various) philanthropic events and creative products as well.


If you’d like to keep up with Reddit’s blog posts, subscribe to the blog subreddit to keep track of the latest Reddit news. Or, you know, the RSS feed.

…An official Reddit YouTube Channel…

There is also an official Reddit YouTube channel which is updated regularly with funny and educative 10 Educational YouTube Channels Made for Marathoning YouTube is now the go-to place for nearly any video you could want -- and that makes it a wonderful educational resource. Especially if you binge-watch the best YouTube channels out there. Read More content, including video showcases of their popular AMA discussion boards and their Formative interview series where monumental figures in the Internet world speak about the formative events which lead to their success.

…And an Official Reddit Podcast!

Upvoted, a self-described “Redditorial Publication”, covers the ongoing news occurring on Reddit. Upvoted also has an official Reddit podcast wherein Reddit users are given the chance to tell their own life stories.



Interviews span everyone from spammer hunters and MMA fighters to game creators and beloved Biologists. This professional podcast is definitely worth adding to your weekly library The 20 Best Podcasts of 2015: As Recommended by MakeUseOf Have you ever wondered what your favorite MakeUseOf authors listen to when they want to learn something new, hear a good story, or simply be entertained? This article means you need wonder no more. Read More .

Reddit’s Written in Python

The change of Reddit code was a fairly large deal when first decided back in 2005, as Reddit went from being written in Lisp to being written in Python (among other languages). This was due to the foreseeable wave of future users which has since lifted Reddit to the top slot of Internet and media fandom.

In a blog post, a Reddit official wrote about the switch, saying much of it had to do with the well documented libraries available.


“One of the biggest issues was the lack of widely used and tested libraries. Sure, there is a CL library for basically any task, but there is rarely more than one, and often the libraries are not widely used or well documented. Since we’re building a site largely by standing on the shoulders of others, this made things a little tougher. There just aren’t as many shoulders on which to stand.” — Reddit

When responding to why Reddit chose Python of all programming languages 7 Useful Tricks for Mastering a New Programming Language It's okay to be overwhelmed when you are learning to code. You'll probably forget things as quickly as you learn them. These tips can help you to better retain all that new information. Read More , the answer was simple: “It’s fast, development in Python is fast, and the code is clear.” What’s more impressive than the prophetic shift is news from one of Reddit’s co-founders Aaron Swartz that Reddit was completely rewritten “in the past week. It was pretty much done in one weekend.”

There’s a Little Pi At the Bottom of Every Page

Seriously, there’s a little pi down there.


An inside joke stemming from a 90s movie named The Net, the symbol resides there to this day. There’s no added functionality to it, but you’ll know it’s there from now on.


You Can Read Reddit in…Pirate?

That’s right, there’s an option to read Reddit in Pirate among other languages like Latin, LOL, 1337 (leetspeak) and Esperanto. Head to the Reddit website, sign in, and click on Preferences. Continue on to interface languages and change the option to Arrrrrrr! [pir] to have all text on the user interface changed to pirate speak.


Adam Savage Set Off the AMA Series

Adam Savage, of the beloved Mythbusters Learn DIY by Watching Adam Savage Build Movie Props When Adam's not busting myths, he likes to relax by recreating movie props. Watching Adam work is not only inspiring, but you'll also pick up loads of techniques that you'll be able to use in... Read More show, was the first notable person to have an AMA (Ask Me Anything) back in 2009.

Since then, AMA threads have become a legitimate interview and advertising tool for such notable personalities as Louis C.K., Steve Wozniak, Elon Musk and President Barack Obama.


Reddit Isn’t Just Funny Sounding

Where does the name “Reddit” even come from? The founders admit in their FAQ page that it’s “…(sort of) a play on words — i.e., ‘I read it on Reddit.'” also noting “…there are some unintentional but interesting Latin meanings to the word ‘Reddit’.” A quick trip to the Perseus Tuft Latin dictionary (thanks, college!) reveals a deeper meaning.


Considering the upvote point generated from the user community is called “karma” — after the belief that contributing posts and comments to the community warrants good vibes in return — the name seems less like a coincidence and more like divine inspiration.

Send Reddit a Postcard, Get Gold in Return

Although Reddit is completely free to use, it also has a membership program called “Gold” which can be gifted to other users — often as a present in return for quality content. Gold membership will cancel ads, allow Reddit themes, change user avatars and more.

The Gold membership costs $3.99 a month and $29.99 a year to maintain; what most users don’t know is that Reddit will give you a free month of Gold if you simply send them a postcard Sick Of eCards? Send Real Cards With Ink By Sincerely You probably don't send all of the cards you should, do you? Don't worry, we're here to help. Read More showing your thanks.


You can also view these heartwarming postcards as well.

Handy Reddit Address Tweaks

There are certain domain tweaks you can use to ease your Reddit-ing process. For example, why bother typing the subreddit you want to to view at the end like usual — e.g. — when you can add it to the beginning instead? Like so —

If you’d like to view multiple subreddits in one address bar rather than creating a user multireddit and adding each subreddit individually, simply type the subreddit name + another subreddit — e.g. — to view them all at once. Then bookmark it for future use.

Would you rather just view pictures than annoying text? Add a “p” after “Reddit” and before “.com” — e.g. — to view a picture gallery composed from your favorite subreddits.


Reddit TV Exists

This is not exactly a replacement for Reddit given it’s partiality for GIFV 7 Ancient Internet Trends That Affect the Web Today Today's web might not look or feel like the web of the 1990s, but you'd be surprised by how much of it is actually the same when you dive beneath the surface. Read More , however hosts a website where you can watch Reddit videos uploaded to popular subreddits for free. Simply enter the subreddit to begin enjoying what the visual r/documentaries, for instance, has to show!


You’re even given the same Reddit controls, like ordering the posts by popularity and time span, to ease the video watching process.

Show Some Love With Your Keyboard

Tired of pressing the little upvote button every time you approve of a post? Click a post area and tap A to upvote or Z to downvote. You can also run downward a post or comment listing by pressing J and upward by pressing K.

Reddit Users Are the Change They Want to See

In 2009, image hosting was off to a relatively slow start. Given the fact that the meme revolution hadn’t fully hit the Internet, most image hosting websites had several servicing and quality issues. That’s when Reddit user u/MrGrim decided that, as a gift to Reddit, he would create an image hosting service that, quote, “didn’t suck”.


Seven years later, Imgur is one of the most popular image hosting services on the Internet to date. Although it’s not difficult to note that Reddit prefers Imgur, most people don’t realize they owe their wild successes to each other.


You Can Download Reddit Online

Ever wanted to make a website with the same functionality and look of Reddit? Look no further than Github Not Just for Coders: 9 Ways To Use GitHub For Creative Work GitHub is known for the great features it can offer programmers, but it's not only for them. There are plenty of other creative uses for GitHub. Here are nine you can explore. Read More , where you can download the Reddit source code for the entire website with the few clicks of a button.


It’s also technically open-source, where users can submit errors to the developer subreddit — although any user bug fix must be approved first. The greatest aspect of having Reddit available online is the user spinoffs that come with an open-source website, such as…

Shroud Reddit in Work

You browse Reddit at work How to Browse Reddit at Work Without Getting Caught Few can resist the urge to Reddit at work. Here's how to do it without getting caught! Read More and everyone knows it. That is, until you use one of these trusty Reddit UI websites. These remastered versions maintain the content and functionality of Reddit but with a completely different UI theme. MSOutlookit How to Browse Reddit at Work Without Getting Caught Few can resist the urge to Reddit at work. Here's how to do it without getting caught! Read More changes Reddit to look like an email client.


Other websites, like CodeReddit, turn Reddit into an interactive coding UI for you over-worked and underpaid computer engineers out there.

There’s a Reddit Front Page of the Future

Blair Erickson, the now CEO of Jamwix, was once a lowly moderator of the popular, future-themed subreddit r/futurology when he decided to create a funny picture of what Reddit would look like in the year 3012. 4 years later, the hilariously astute Reddit 3016 is available online for your comedic pleasure. Filled to the brim with witty, self-made content, Blair put in a lot of time and effort into making his first creation into a reality.


This Reddit spinoff, although largely unknown, is testament to the great wit you can find in Reddit’s user community. There’s even an r/reddit3016 subreddit which keeps the futuristic fun going.

Move Over, Tay

Microsoft’s Twitter AI invention Facebook Drops BlackBerry, Uber Begs to Be Hacked.. [Tech News Digest] BlackBerry loses another supporter, Uber pays you to hack it, Toonz animation software goes open-source, Microsoft tweets like a teenager, and proof that Apple fans will believe any old crap. Read More named TayTweets was a bold, new attempt to have AI bots create online content. That’s all well and good, except for one thing; Reddit has a full subreddit with continually updated content created entirely by bots; r/SubredditSimulator began as a script which would create random submissions and comments. It was then re-written to use Reddit data and Markov chains.


Although a large portion of the subreddit makes no sense, some gems make this particular experiment a fine example of the community’s creativity.

Reddit University for the Masses

Since it’s inception, Reddit was designed as a tool to educate and inform. Taking this mantra to the next step is UReddit, an official Reddit attempt at creating an online resource for high-quality learning and discovery. Reddit users can access the course curriculum easily by visiting the class page. 


Once again, the Reddit community has gone above and beyond to provide great content for its user base. With a large selection of topics and subjects to choose from, I’d definitely recommend visiting UReddit to pick up a few lessons (and if you’re knowledgeable enough, to teach).

Reddit Supports the Classic Combo

Are you logged into Reddit right now? Do you know the Konami code? Simply press up + up + down + down + left + right + left + right + b + a + enter on your keyboard.


You can never have enough bacon, even if it’s virtual.

The Wonders of Reddit

As a long time lurker of Reddit’s hallowed halls, I find I can never know enough 5 Incredible Facts & Stats About Reddit Think you know Reddit? Maybe not as well as you think. These stats and facts about the social network may surprise you. Read More about the sometimes funny, sometimes serious website and its numerous subreddits A Lesser-Known Way to Find New & Interesting Subreddits Want to find new, interesting, and obscure subreddits? Use this secret but effective method that nobody knows about! Read More . There’s no mistake about it; when it comes to the potential of Reddit as an interface for communication and idea-creation, the sky’s the limit.

What are some Reddit secrets 9 Neat Reddit Hacks You Should Try Right Now Can you make your Reddit experience even better? Of course you can – just follow these nine neat hacks! Read More you’ve been holding back on? Let us in on the “know” in the comments below!

Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the site alive. Read more.

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    Reddit's user community is largely toxic and should be avoided at all costs. At least Slashdot's trolls attempt to be amusing. Everyone says their favorite subreddits are different, but I've seen people arguing about Feminism and SJWs and other trolltastic topics even in special-interest techie subtopics. The worst thing about reddit is redditors and I wouldn't visit it at all except that at least a couple subjects of personal interest use a subreddit as their official forum for communication.

    Much reddit content can be easily viewed by visiting the page for each subreddit, using an address in the format


    This is far and away the only acceptable way to view most of Reddit.