15 Useful Gmail Shortcuts You Might’ve Forgotten About
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Gmail has so many excellent features that it can be difficult to keep track of them all — and every once in a while, you stumble across some nifty ones that you had completely forgotten about, such as the keyboard shortcuts we’re about to explore.

Note: To be able to use the following shortcuts, you’ll need to enable them by navigating to Settings > General > Keyboard shortcuts and enabling the Keyboard shortcuts on setting:


Navigating Gmail

  • gi: Takes you to the inbox.
  • gs: Takes you to the Starred folder.
  • ga: Takes you to All Mail.
  • gc: Takes you to your Contacts list.
  • /: Activates the search box by placing the cursor in it.

Switching Between Messages

  • j: Moves the cursor to the next oldest conversation (or opens it if you’re already in Conversation View).
  • k: Moves the cursor to the next most recent conversation.
  • p: Moves the cursor to the next oldest message in Conversation View.
  • n: Moves the cursor to the next most recent message in Conversation View.

Dealing with Messages

  • x: Selects/deselects highlighted conversation (marked by a blue cursor).
  • s: Stars/unstars conversation.
  • #: Deletes conversation.
  • e: Archives conversation.
  • !: Marks message as spam.
  • Enter: Opens highlighted conversation (or opens highlighted message in Conversation View).

Wait, that’s not all. Gmail has many other shortcuts that you’re not using. Hit ? to bring up the full list.

Now let’s hear about the Gmail shortcuts that you consider indispensable!

Image Credit: e-mail sending and retrieval key by ssakarya via Shutterstock

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