15 Ultimate Chrome Extensions For Travel Planning

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If you do not have a preferred website for travel 5 Travel Sites to Bookmark Before Your Next Trip Make any trip better. From travel databases to AI assistants to tools for finding nearby events, there's something in this list you'll find useful. Read More or just want a few quick and simple tools to help you plan your next trip, Chrome has you covered. Search for a flight or hotel, plan a route for the road, save items you find, and discover new spots with these excellent 15 travel tools.



Prepare for Takeoff

Flight Multi Search [No Longer Available] is a simple way to search for flights and fares from your toolbar. Tap the button and you will land on the applicaion’s website where you can enter all of the details. You can search using either Bing or Google, save your results, or head to the chosen site to book your flight.

You can also check out the fare history as well as your trip history. For a fast way to get an idea on fares, Flight Multi Search works.


Search for Flights is one of the quickest ways to search for flights. Just click the button in your Chrome toolbar, enter the details for your trip, and then view the results on If you would like to edit your flight information, you can do so right on the site and book your flight from there too.


As a bonus, the extension includes a hotel search. Search for Flights is a fast, simple way to check airline fares.


When you are searching for flights and find terrific options, Pintrips [No Longer Available] can come in to help you track and compare flights and fares. After installing the Chrome extension, you will see the option to Pin a flight directly on your travel site of choice. Pin those that interest you and then sign into your free Pintrips account to compare them.

The tool lets you see the airfare changes and share the flight details with others for convenient family or business trip planning. Pintrips is a useful and handy extension, especially if you fly often Learn to Love Flying Again with These Secret Travel Tips Use technology to completely change your flying experience. Here are some not-so-secret flying and travel tips to make your in-flight experience more bearable. Read More .



Find a Comfy Bed [No Longer Available], powered by, gives you a fast way to search for accommodations anywhere. Just pop open the extension from your toolbar, enter your desired city, arrival date, and number of nights. Hit Search and you will land on the site to see your results.

From there, you can review hotel and room details and book your stay. For a quick and painless hotel search, the Chrome tool is a great option.



The Worldwide Hotel Booking [No Longer Available] extension works almost exactly as except with a different reference. This tool will direct you to after entering your destination city along with arrival and departure dates.

So, if you happen to be a fan of for your travel plans, then the Worldwide Hotel Booking tool for Chrome is a must-have.


Gas Up for a Road Trip

When it is time to hit the road, Furkot Road Trip Planner is a terrific tool to help with all your stops along the way. Enter your trip dates, times, fuel range, speed, and lodging preferences.


You can then check out locations to grab a bite to eat, where filling stations are located, options for accommodations including room rates, and even campgrounds. For a complete travel experience on the road, Furkot Road Trip Planner will get you there.


Route Planner [No Longer Available] is another useful tool for finding the right route for your next road trip. Just enter your starting and ending locations and method of travel. For a simple way to find the shortest route to your destination with a map and step-by-step directions, Route Planner is a good option.


Keep the Details Close

When you are browsing options for your next trip, it can be hard to keep track of what you found where. This is when you need the Chrome TripMind [No Longer Available] extension. This handy tool saves places you find and organizes them all neatly for you.

You can create collections or just use TripMind as a reference for those hotels, restaurants, and hot spots you locate while searching in Chrome. There is a convenient map of each location saved, the ability to share the details Travel Postcards Are Dead: 4 Ways To Share Your Travel Stories With Friends & Family Sure, we all have Facebook and Instagram to share some photos and the occasional update, but don't you wish your family and friends could really take part in your travels, while sitting comfortable on their... Read More , and helpful sorting options. For organizing places you find for your vacation, TripMind is a convenient tool.


TripSurfing [No Longer Available] gives you another great way to save items you find for your trip. From hotels to restaurants to locations, just tap the button in your toolbar and then sign in to TripSurfing to see it all. You can set up a travel plan, add a specific sight you want to visit, and discover a new location by reading the top stories. TripSurfing is a nice tool to check out for saving your travel details.


Discover Cool Locations

Ixigo Inspire is a Chrome app that gives you a unique location whenever you open a new tab. This is a great tool for finding a new destination 10 Awesome Travel Blogs to Drool Over Travel finds its place in every dream list. These ten top travel blogs and globe-trotting tips can take you to most exciting destinations in the world even on a budget. Read More for your next vacation. Not only do you see a beautiful photo of the spot, but can check out things to see and do along with accommodations for that location with a click.

The app also provides a convenient Google search box and inspiring quote. Save locations, share details, and find a new vacation spot with Ixigo Inspire.


For an interesting stay on your next trip, Knok Family Travel is a network for home sharing. You can sign up for a free account to connect to families around the world who open their homes to others. You can also check out the handy travel guides The 10 Best Free International Travel Guide Websites Read More for finding a new destination with family-friendly restaurants and activities to enjoy there.

So, even if you are not interested in the home exchange concept, Knok Family Travel can assist you with planning your next family vacation 10 Websites For Virtual Sightseeing With Travel Videos Read More with its useful guides.


Get the Tools Beforehand

If you are planning a trip for business or have a real need for WiFi when you travel, then the Hotel WiFi Test tool is for you. This Chrome extension works with,, and Once you select a hotel on one of these sites, you will see the details for its WiFi including quality and speed.

The tool also works with hotel information pages and has its own search site so that you can test your current speed or find hotels with fast WiFi. So, do not wait until you arrive at your destination to find out if there is fast, reliable WiFi, use Hotel WiFi Test before you book.


Travel Tools is a useful app for Chrome that provides a variety of useful items for trip planning. Find locations, view country and city maps, check the weather where you are headed, and view convenient country and city guides.

The app also provides calculators for distance, converters for length and weather, country calling codes, and a currency converter. For an app that gives you the tools you need in one spot for your travel planning, Travel Tools is one to check out.


If all you really need for your trip is a currency converter, then there is an extension for that too. Currency Converter [No Longer Available] gives you up to date conversion rates with the click. Select the button from your toolbar and enter the amounts and currency types.

You can also add more types to see conversions for several currencies at one time. For quick information, Currency Converter is a great tool.


While this extension may be called Expedia Member Only Deals, you can still obtain helpful travel information without an account. But, if you happen to be an Expedia member, this extension will find you better savings plus provide hotel price change alerts.

You can pop open the tool and do a quick search for flights and hotels. Just enter the details, hit Search, and you will be directed to the Expedia site to see your results.


Do You Like Handy Tools or Prefer Your Favorite Travel Site?

Many people have a favorite trip planning website that they use for everything, while others just look for quick and simple tools. What is your preference when it comes to travel arrangements? Is there a website that you cannot live without? Or, do you use easy extensions like these to help with your trip planning? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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