15 Ridiculously Awesome Videos For Bicycle Enthusiasts Of All Kinds

Aaron Couch 25-09-2013

Whether it’s enjoying a nice paved trail through countryside, doing the daily commute to the grocery store to get food, or bombing through some singletrack on a mountain side, biking is a huge passion for many.


I still consider myself an amateur compared to experienced cyclists and mountain bikers, so on many occasions I turn to the Internet for improving my biking IQ. In the midst of doing that, I also discovered plenty of videos of incredible riders all around the world, even some right where I live.

If Only Every Mountain Biking Video Was Shot Like This

Some might argue that you shouldn’t start a meal (article) with desert (the best), but honestly, I can’t help it — this is my favorite mountain biking video of all time. One thing that always amazes me is how videographers get “those shots” – you know, the ones that seem practically impossible. And this video is full of them. That aside, the mountain bikers are extremely skilled, and how all four of them fly through the course simultaneously, often crossing paths, is quite impressive.

Insane Downhill Bike Race In Valparaiso, Chile

The GoPro Extreme Sports Revealed With Amazing GoPro Videos GoPro cameras are designed to be worn or held while doing adventurous activities. They're tough and waterproof, meaning they can survive along with you (hopefully) whether you're jumping out of a plane, diving in the... Read More and other mountable video cameras have revolutionized how action sports are watched 7 Videos That Will Make You Want a GoPro Camera [Stuff to Watch] Clever marketing goes beyond memorable advertising when it demonstrates exactly what you are missing out on by not owning a product. I'm not usually a sucker for advertising, preferring instead to make my own mind... Read More – we can now see what it’s like from the athlete’s perspective without actually being there or taking those risks. To say this particular race is “risky” would be an understatement. The legendary urban high-speed course in Valparaiso, Chile takes the rider down multiple sets of stairs, through tight alleyways, over big jumps and drop-offs, and even navigating around a stray dog. And I thought jumping over a fallen tree on my bike was difficult…

Inspired Bicycles — Danny MacAskill April 2009

Danny MacAskill definitely lives up to his name, making these stunts look like child’s play. With the song, The Funeral by Band of Horses playing in the background, you can’t help but feel inspired as he struggles in the beginning of the video to ride across the fence. But as the video continues, he shocks you with some amazing tricks.

Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

“Two Danny MacAskill videos back to back?”, you say – absolutely. And although this one was sponsored by Red Bull and I tried to steer away from “mainstream” videos for the most part, I was thoroughly impressed with the perspective attained in this video. I think every guy (and maybe even a lot of ladies) will be taken back to their childhood when they imagined doing all sorts of crazy things, not necessarily even on a bike, but just in general – it’s the idea of taking you back to your childhood sense of adventure.


If you’re intrigued by behind the scenes footage, be sure to check out their video of that as well.

Ride My Domain, Episode 2 — Moscow,ID

Before I moved to Idaho, I did my research on what the mountain biking was like around these parts. That’s when I found this video – and after watching it, I could hardly wait to get up on “Moscow Mountain” and fly through the singletrack. It gets more interesting though. Upon moving here, I joined the local mountain biking association’s Facebook page and participated in a couple of conversations there. One of those conversations being about the smartphone apps used by local bikers Robots On Wheels: 5 Top Cycling Apps For Android Riding a bicycle is a great way to get exercise, as well as train your body to be physically fit. A key component of training is tracking your progress, and that can be difficult to... Read More to plot their rides, which ended up being Strava, an awesome ad-free app.

On the Facebook page, someone invited me to come ride with him on the mountain, which would be my first time (little did I know, it was only a 10 minute drive). Upon talking to him in person, I realized that he was the guy behind the RideMyDomain website and the videographer of this video, as well as many others.

Here’s a quick, slightly off-topic tip: when choosing a smartphone app for cyclists 4 Must-Have iPhone Apps For Cyclists [iOS] Are you the kind of person who prefers to ride on two wheels instead of four? Do you prefer those wheels be powered by your own strength and not a motor? If so, you just... Read More , the most useful feature is if it’s widely used by others in the area. Even if it’s not necessarily the best one, if everyone else uses it, it will be far more beneficial to you than any other because you can compare your progress to other riders and find cycling routes The Top 8 Websites To Find Maps Of Bike Paths Near You Read More  among other things.


People Are Awesome — Extreme Mountain Biking Video Mix 2013

This fast paced video lives up to its name by featuring clip after clip of impressive rides through some of the gnarliest terrain. They go places where the average person wouldn’t even think would be rideable. Get ready to be amazed.

Insane Downhill Bike Street Race In Colombia

If you loved the first urban downhill video in this article, then you’ll love this one even more. In a sense, they’re not comparable as to which one is more extreme – they both are ridiculously awesome. Although, this one is a bit shorter and doesn’t feature a dog running in front of the rider. The one thing I especially like about this video is the camera position – it’s mounted on the rider’s chest, providing a unique perspective to what the rider is experiencing. Personally, this is my favorite point of view as it helps me appreciate the course and rider’s skill.

Trial Trails — Chris Akrigg

Often when we go riding, we find trails to ride. If we come to a gate, fence or large boulders, we usually do one of two things: go around them, or if they’re extremely technical, turn around completely. But this guy, Chris Akrigg, makes them his trail. When he comes to a fence or gate, he jumps over it. Big boulders? No problem. Huge drops? He just jumps! The things you don’t think are possible to accomplish while on a bike, he does with very little effort.

Red Bull Rampage Top 5 Moments

Red Bull sponsors a lot of extreme sports events, mountain biking being one of them. In this video, they compiled the five greatest rides over the years of “Red Bull Rampage”, located in Virgin, Utah. These athletes ride off cliffs, ride down steep cliff walls and along narrow ridges, and jump huge gaps, all while showing off with various stunts in the air. It would be an understatement to say it’s “incredible”.


Best of Freeride Downhill Mountain Biking

This extreme video takes you to the Gobi Desert in Asia, where it’s practically impossible to comprehend the technicality of the terrain. From what it looks like, there’s not even much of a course, hence the word “freeride” in the title. How they land on, let alone ride down, what looks like unstable and loose rock, is beyond my comprehension. Although they have a few wipeouts, I find it amazing how they can accomplish such amazing feats.

Freeride Mountain Biking In British Columbia, Canada

One thing I’m beginning to realize is that there is some incredible mountain biking in British Columbia, some of which I’ll hopefully get to experience some day. I don’t see myself ever doing the crazy trails and jumps in this video though. The shots in this video are of mountain bikers getting huge air off jumps, while doing an assortment of stunts that will leave you absolutely amazed. In addition to that, they glide through a treacherous downhill course built entirely for high speed.

Martyn Ashton – Road Bike Party

Think only mountain bikes can go off-road? Think again – this cyclist, Martyn Ashton, redefines how a road bike can be used as he  shows off his incredible skills on a road bike. You won’t be seeing this kind of thing on typical cycling websites 10 Bicycling Websites That Will Pedal You Into The World Of Cycling Read More . He takes it through dirt, creeks, over rocks, up steps…on one tire, and down steep ledges – virtually everywhere the “pros” take their mountain bikes.

Fearless 4-Year Old, Narrates Father-Son Mountain Biking Trip

So far all the videos in this article have been of highly-skilled, professional riders doing incredible stunts on all kinds of terrains, all over the world. But this video is a bit different. This is one of a little four year-old boy on his first mountain biking trip with his dad. You don’t have to watch long before you see his confidence unfold. He first “orders” his dad to go first. You see a slight hesitation as he approaches the first big drop, but surprisingly he doesn’t stay at the top for long. He pushes off and glides down the wooden jump, then through some pretty technical and rocky turns and jumps yelling “I’m doing it dad! I love this!”


Downhill Mountain Biking With “Amber”, A Dog

You might not think that taking your dog mountain biking would be very fun, and with most dogs, it would likely be a hassle, as you would have to worry about them keeping up with you or wondering off, but Amber, a Hungarian Vizsla, is different. She can keep up, and does it incredibly well. The rider and owner, compiles a mix of camera positions including a helmet mount, a rear mount – enabling you to watch Amber soar over jumps and fly around tight turns, and even a mount on Amber.

Seeing how fast she is, was incredible, but what I found more incredible was that sometimes she leads. And other times when he took one route, she knew enough to take a slightly shorter route, allowing herself to keep up with him. So she’s not only extremely fast and athletic, but also incredibly intelligent.

He made another edit of this same ride that you can watch here.

Glacier Bike Downhill 2011

If you think there’s only a particular season that mountain bikes can be ridden in, you might want to reconsider before you put money on that. This video features a race in Switzerland that tons of mountain bikers participate in. So what’s so different about it? Not much, other than the fact that they are riding down an icy mountainside at 144 kilometers (89 miles) per hour.


Now that you’ve gotten your fix of incredible mountain bike videos, what is your favorite one? Do you prefer the point of view from the rider’s perspective? Or perhaps you like watching the incredible stunts in third person – share your thoughts on how extreme videos like this should be shot.

Lastly, do you do any extreme sports like this or own a GoPro? We’d love to see your own videos if you’d like to share them in the comments!

Image Credits: Mountain Biking Via Flickr

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