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12 Great Twitter Accounts for Mobile Gamers to Follow

Dann Albright 06-10-2016

Most of the video game journalism Follow These 8 Twitter Feeds For All The Gaming News Gamers need news. If you're a gamer, you probably want to know the latest goings-on in the industry. You want rumors, release dates, and trailers. Opinion pieces and round-ups of the best games in a... Read More  out there is focused on console or PC gamers — which makes sense, because those are huge markets. But what if you mainly (or only) play games on your phone? Or your handheld gaming device? What’s out there for mobile gamers?


These 12 Twitter accounts are a great place to start when you’re looking for what’s new in the world of mobile games.

1. @PocketGamer

With game reviews for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nintendo 3DS, and Playstation Vita, you can get your mobile gaming fix here no matter which platform you use. You’ll find game reviews, tips, news updates, giveaways, and everything else you could want for your mobile gaming habit. This is a must-follow for any gamer who likes to play on the go.

2. @appspy

AppSpy is the video section of PocketGamer, so you’ll be getting a lot of the same type of content. While it’s a bit light on reviews, you’ll get interesting information on upcoming handheld consoles, mobile games, guides, and events. Each article is text-based, but includes a number of videos, letting you get your mobile-game fix without having to read too much.


3. @toucharcade

They call themselves “The #1 iOS Games Site,” and with over 123,000 followers, TouchArcade has a good argument. This feed is filled with reviews, sales, and release updates. You also get a good dose of weird and hilarious games, like Run-a-Whale, the game in which you ride a whale like a skateboard.

4. @PocketTactics

While their Twitter posts aren’t exactly exciting, Pocket Tactics specializes in publishing insightful, thorough reviews for iOS and Android games, with an emphasis on strategy games Get Your Dose of Strategy with 8 Great 4X Games for iOS Most of 4X strategy games are limited to powerful gaming PCs, but several great strategic games are available to play on your iPhone or iPad. So grab a couple of them and have fun! Read More . They also publish a weekly “Out Now” post that discusses new releases, which is a great way to find out about new games that might interest you.


5. @AppStoreGames

The official Twitter feed of the App Store games editors, this account highlights great games that stand out from the rest, app sales, free games, and new releases. It’s all stuff that you could probably find pretty easily if you open the App Store, but why not just get it in your Twitter feed?

6. @iosboardgames

If you’re a fan of mobile board games The 8 Best Board Game Apps for Android and iPhone Miss the days when you played classic board games with your family? Here are the best board game apps for iPhone and Android! Read More on your iPhone or iPad (and if you’re not, you should be!), this is a great account to follow. Get the low-down on releases, reviews, sales, and lots of live streaming of released and soon-to-be-released digital board games. This account also reposts interesting articles from other sites (like BoardGameGeek), so you get even more great updates.


7. @SeanYoungSG

Sean Young is a mobile game developer, and if you’ve ever wondered how a mobile game (or any digital game, really) comes together, you should definitely give him a follow. He posts lots of updates on his upcoming games, including design, art, and gameplay mockups. There are a lot of game developers on Twitter, but Young is one of the most interesting to follow, regardless of whether you want to design your own games.

8. @GameRefinery

This Twitter account covers the business side of mobile gaming, and posts a lot of articles that will be of interest if you’re a game developer or aspiring to be one 4 Free Websites Where You Can Learn The Basics Of Game Development When looking for a good game development tutorial series, you want one that will teach you the practices and mentality of good coding because you can then transpose those practices in any language or platform. Read More . It also gives you some really good insights into why mobile games perform well, and how companies can better develop and market their games. It’s not for everyone, but if you like this kind of information, it’s tough to beat.


9. @GameMob_

If you still haven’t had enough game reviews, check out Game Mob. Much like the other options, you’ll get reviews, previews, release lists, screenshots, and occasional news items. While it doesn’t have quite the reputation of a number of other mobile-gaming sites, the Twitter account has over 54,000 followers, so they’re definitely doing something right.

10. @igvgaming

Prefer to get your mobile-gaming-related updates via video, instead of reading a lengthy article? IGV posts regular gameplay trailers and release announcements that you can watch right from Twitter. Prepare to get sucked into a black hole of trailer-watching.

11. @humblemobile

The Humble Bundle is one of the best ways to get great games on the cheap Looking for Great Games at Pauper Prices? Score Some Game Bundles Read More  — and you get to support a charity while you’re at it. What more could you ask for? The official Twitter feed of the mobile Bundle will keep you up to date on which DRM-free Android games are available for purchase through this cool program.

12. @imgawards

The International Mobile Gaming Awards recognize innovative and outstanding mobile games, and their Twitter feed is full of articles on the world of mobile gaming. There are a lot of great interviews with developers that will give you insight into the world of game developing and what makes a mobile game great.

Your Recommendations

These 12 mobile-gaming-related Twitter accounts will get you all the gaming-on-the-go information you want, from reviews to insightful commentary on the industry. But there are certainly other great accounts out there for mobile fans to follow, and we want to hear your recommendations.

Where do you get your mobile-gaming information on Twitter? Share your favorites sources of previews, reviews, news, and streaming in the comments below!

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