15 Free Meeting Agenda Templates for Microsoft Word

Sandy Writtenhouse Updated 24-10-2018

When it is time to plan a meeting, whether for business or otherwise, you should not have to waste time creating an agenda from scratch. Many free meeting agenda templates for Microsoft Word can get you off to a great and efficient start.


Before you stock up on agendas, do you also need a tool to schedule your meetings The 6 Best Meeting Scheduling Tools and Apps A scheduling app makes organizing meetings easier. Here are the best meeting schedulers you can use to decide when to meet. Read More ?

Team Meeting Agendas

Team meetings can often have a more casual feel to them. The following templates reflect that style and are effective tools at the same time.

1. TidyForms Informal Team Meeting Agenda Template

The team meeting agenda template from TidyForms provides an informal look and feel with a bit of color while getting the job done. Each agenda topic includes a spot for the team member’s name along with a helpful checkbox.

TidyForms informal Team Meeting agenda template

2. TidyForms Team Meeting Agenda Template

This alternative team meeting agenda template from TidyForms has a very organized look, feel, and format. With a basic gray background, the table structure works well providing a comprehensive agenda.


TidyForms Team Meeting template

Staff Meeting Agendas

For meetings with your staff The 12 Best Meeting Minutes Templates for Professionals The minutes of meeting format captures the essentials. Use one of these meeting minutes templates to quickly apply the MOM format. Read More , these templates include all of the information you need. With both physical location and conference number details, attendee and presenter name fields, and clearly marked sections, you can just swap out the details as needed.

3. Vertex42 Staff Meeting Agenda Template

Vertex42’s staff meeting agenda template is in a classic outline structure which makes it easy to read.

Vertex42 Meeting Agenda for a staff meeting


4. Vertex42 Business Meeting Agenda Template

The second business meeting agenda template from Vertex42 has the same header as the outline template above but encompasses the body in a table structure. For many, this provides a cleaner and more professional view.

Vertex42 Business Meeting agenda template

Formal and Board Meeting Agendas

For a formal meeting agenda, you want to have a well-organized, comprehensive, and crisp meeting agenda.

5. Office Templates Online Formal Meeting Agenda Template

The formal meeting agenda template from Office Templates Online accomplishes that. With an elegant black and white table structure, this is the perfect template for your formal meeting agendas.


Office Templates Online Meeting Agenda Template

If you have ever attended or planned a board meeting, then you know that the agenda includes much more information than a simple team meeting agenda.

6. TidyForms Board Meeting Agenda Template

The board meeting agenda template from TidyForms contains details for treasurers, administrative reports, approvals, minutes, proposals, and much more in its three pages. With a simple outline format, it is both easy to edit and read.

TidyForms board meeting agenda template


Seminars and Client Meeting Agendas

When you are planning a meeting or seminar and the agenda is itinerary-based, then the format needs to reflect that.

7. TidyForms Client Seminar Agenda Template

This meeting agenda template from TidyForms is effective for those types of meetings. With times listed on the left and titles for those time periods in bold font, it allows the attendees to clearly see what events are happening when.

TidyForms Client Seminar Agenda Template

8. TidyForms Meeting Itinerary Template

Another meeting itinerary template from TidyForms achieves the same task by highlighting the times and events. For use with smaller amounts of details, this template is an effective option.

TidyForms Meeting Itinerary Template

Committee and Community Meeting Agendas

For a church, school, and homeowner’s association or committee meetings, these two templates provide the essentials. Just swap out the title, dates, location, and names as needed. Both templates are from Vertex42 and are only different in their format.

9. Vertex42 Classic Committee Meeting Template

The committee meeting template is in a classic outline structure which is a format most are accustomed to already.

Vertex42 Classic Committee Meeting Template

10. Vertex42 Table-Based Committee Meeting Agenda Template

The alternative committee meeting agenda template has the same header as the outline template above, but the body is within a table structure instead. For many, this provides a simpler view.

Vertex42 Table-Based Committee Meeting Agenda Template

Specific to Microsoft Word 2016

If you are using Microsoft Word 2016, you already have access to several useful meeting agenda templates.  Simply go to File > New to open the template section. Type in the word Agenda to view the available selection.

Microsoft Word 2016 agenda templates

11. – 12. Formal and Informal Meeting Agendas

From board meetings to those for small teams, Microsoft Word 2016 provides nicely-formatted and easy-to-use agenda templates. The formal meeting agenda template is in a nice outline format with Times New Roman font for a classic look and feel. The basics include roll call, approval, open issues, and new business.

Formal meeting agenda

The informal agenda template is ideal for both internal and external meetings. It has a clean interface in an outline format, which makes it easy to enter information, and there is a spot at the top for your company logo.

Informal meeting agenda

13. – 15. Conference, Committee, and Itinerary Meeting Agendas

For meetings outside of the workplace 9 Skype for Business Tips and Tricks for Great Meetings Skype for Business has all the features you need for team collaboration and remote work. Use these Skype meeting tips next time! Read More , an attractive agenda that is also functional is the way to go.

The conference meeting agenda is set on a nice, clear background for a classy look. The necessary items are all included, such as start and end times per date and descriptions of the items.

Conference meeting agenda

For committee meetings, the template titled PTA Meeting Agenda works well. This is an itinerary-based template, so it is easy to scan and view what is happening at specific times.

Committee or PTA meeting agenda

If you are planning an all-day meeting, seminar, or one-on-one appointment, this client visit template is time-based like the PTA Meeting Agenda and provides a very simple format. The date field is a drop-down calendar making it simple to pop in the date.

Client visit meeting agenda

More Templates for Meetings Preparation

If you don’t plan meetings frequently, you may be fine creating new agendas as needed. But if you plan meetings on a regular basis, templates can save you tons of time and energy, allowing you to spend more time on important tasks. You might even consider creating your own templates!

If you’re composing a lengthy document for your meeting, you might want to use a table of contents template for Word as well. Or take a look at templates for writing business requirements documents 6 Free Business Requirements Document Templates for Microsoft Word Searching for ways to write a business requirements document? Use one of these helpful BRD templates for Microsoft Word. Read More to ease that burden a bit.

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