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15 Awesome Facebook Cover Photos You Have To See

Sandy Writtenhouse 08-02-2016

Whether you are looking for creative ideas for your own Facebook cover photo How To Create Amazing Facebook Cover Pictures For Your Timeline The Facebook cover photo crowns your Timeline. You can choose a stunning photograph and keep it simple or create an eye-catching composition. No place on Facebook is better suited to show off your creativity and... Read More or are just interested in seeing something awesome, there are definitely many terrific images you should check out. From artistic to clever to just plain beautiful, take a look at these 15 amazing Facebook cover photos and see if you like them enough to give the thumbs up Facebook Likes Update: Everything You Need To Know Did you just notice a big change in your page's follower count? That's not a bug—it's a feature. Here's what that means for your page. Read More .



Covers Working with Profile Photos

For a Facebook page that is truly unique How to Build a Memorable and Beautiful Facebook Timeline Your Facebook timeline sucks. There's no cover photo, you've forgotten to set the profile picture and no one spends time there. It is a collection of faceless, dull updates. This has to end. Read More , those that incorporate their cover photo along with their profile picture really stand out. They create a complete package and bring cleverness to the ordinary separation of those two images.

Carlsberg food and beverages uses humor in their cover image phrase and pulls the bottle of beer into both photos for a terrific look. Overall, it is a clean, simple, sharp way to combine the pictures.


Bushmills Irish Whiskey does the same as Carlsberg by displaying their bottle using both pictures. The background of the cover photo may seem dim or subtle at first glance; however, that is what really makes the product stand out by giving it a highlighted effect.



Sticking with beverages, DeMilked, the design milking magazine, has the same intention of joining the images for a total picture. Although it appears that there is a bit of a disconnect between them with the path of the milk splash, the cover photo alone is eye-catching and you can certainly appreciate their intent.


If there was one profession that could make these two images work well together, then a designer would be it. Madeleine C. Design shows the use of both cover and profile images combined perfectly. And, this is necessary to show her talent at the same time. So, in addition to being attractive, the image combination is useful to the business purpose How To Build A Professional Facebook Profile You Can Be Proud Of [Weekly Facebook Tips] How can you build a professional Facebook profile you can be proud of? Here's what everyone ought to know about creating professional Facebook presences. Read More .



Moviepilot Video [No Longer Available] uses their photos together to create a nifty sci-fi look. You can see the space ships connect between the two pictures, giving it a neat feel.


Moviepilot Horror [No Longer Available] not only has a creative cover photo, but pulls in the profile image in a wonderful way. You can see how the structure carries over between the two. The black, the blue, the red – it all just works creating a sleek depiction of horror.



Another horror themed page from Zombies uses the blend of images well. You can see the zombie’s head popping out into the background cover photo, which gives it a cool look. The “Z” is a little cut off, but it still accomplishes being an inspired combination.


Moving onto musicians, the band Ghost has a very unique page. Obviously the tie-in between the photos draws your attention, but the creativity behind the pictures separately is also worth a look.



The last one in this group, you may have seen before. It comes from Giuseppe Draicchio and is great for fans of the movie “E.T.” or just for something different. The connection between the photos may be a bit off near his head and arm; however, that hardly distracts from the overall package.


Just the Cover Photos

This group of awesome Facebook cover photos shows artistry, beauty, and creativity in different ways. The profile photo may not be part of the background cover picture, but you can easily see why these are worth viewing.

Art Of David Walker shows this artist’s talent completely in his cover photo as well as his profile image. With a combination of abstractness and a beautiful woman, the use of color is simply gorgeous. As with the designer we saw above, this look just makes sense for an artist because his skill really shines through.


Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine has an eye-catching cover photo. With a dark feel and subtle color splash on the model’s lips, this is a standout picture. And, it feels as if you are totally being drawn in with the unusual, smoky, eerie eyes of the model.


Another artistic page with a stunning Facebook cover photo is Artsy, a popular resource for art collectors. The pretty pinks, purples, oranges, and blues tangled up into a fluffy smoke-like cloud makes you want to examine it further. It really is a work of art.


The Best Of DeviantArt community has an image that stands out because it is simply odd. Basically, the cat is a tree with birdhouses hanging from its branches. This one certainly brings a strange feeling of creepy yet calm at the same time. Do you feel it?


The cover photo for Design-Dautore, a magazine for trends, shows color in a modest but amazing way. With a paint-splatter look covering the sexy car, showing that their business is trendy and unique is exactly what this photo provides.


Creepypasta [No Longer Available] is a source for strange facts and dark art. By looking at both their cover photo and profile image, this should not be a surprise. The monster-like creature in the cover image is gruesome, spooky, and spectacular at the same time. And, the profile photo definitely depicts the creepiness that comes with their media mission.


Keep in mind that some cover photos are changed often. So, if you click one of the above Facebook links you may now see different cover photo or profile images.

Which Facebook Photos Catch Your Eye?

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