13 Essential Slack Shortcuts Every User Should Know
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Every remote team in the world has probably heard of Slack by now. We all know how useful Slack can be for project management and collaboration, right? The problem is that Slack can become a huge waste of time and productivity killer if you let it spiral out of control.

In the past, we’ve highlighted how to make Slack a more effective and fruitful tool for team communication, specifically through the use of automated channel bots and the integration of Slack with other web services. This time, we’re going to cover a handful of important shortcuts that you should know as a user.


Keyboard shortcuts for managing channels:

  • Alt + Up: Move to previous channel. Use Option + Up on Mac.
  • Alt + Down: Move to next channel. Use Option + Down on Mac.
  • Esc: Mark the current channel as read.
  • Shift + Esc: Mark ALL channels as read.
  • Alt + Left Click: Mark the clicked message as unread.
  • Ctrl + K: Instantly switch to any channel or conversation just by typing in the name of that channel or conversation.

Tricks to use for improved conversations:

  • Shift + Enter: Insert a new line so you can have multi-line messages.
  • Ctrl + U: Upload an image from your computer. Use Command + U on Mac.
  • Up: Immediately edit your last sent message in the current channel.
  • /close: Exits the current channel or conversation.
  • /collapse: Collapses all open images in the current channel or conversation.
  • /kick [username]: Removes that user from the current channel or conversation.

And one last trick that you can use anywhere:

  • /remind me in [time] to [text]: Slack will remind you with “text” after the given time. Examples: 15 min, 1 hr, or tomorrow.

Take your Slack skills to the next level with more awesome tips and tricks. Know of any other Slack goodies that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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