13 Creative Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out

Mark O'Neill 17-07-2015

In the rough-and-tumble world of business, nothing helps you stand out more than a memorable business card. And what could be more memorable than the card posted by Google’s Matt Cutts back in 2008, which he says he found in a used book?


The former hacker Kevin Mitnick 10 of the World's Most Famous and Best Hackers (and Their Fascinating Stories) White-hat hackers versus black-hat hackers. Here are the best and most famous hackers in history and what they're doing today. Read More is also someone with a memorable card — a set of metal lockpicks. He sends out a card to anyone who requests one.


But what other types of cards would make the card holder stand out? Which ones are guaranteed to kick-start your business?

Some may argue that the print business card business is dead due to alternatives like business networking on LinkedIn LinkedIn Guide: Build Your Living Resume Learn the true power of LinkedIn. Whether you're looking for a job or looking to hire new talent, LinkedIn is a resource you can't afford to miss. Read More , or the ability to send virtual business cards 4+ Easy Ways to Create A Virtual Business Card Read More and receive them on your phone Three Ways To Send & Receive Business Cards On Your iPhone More and more these days, smart phones, like the iPhone, are becoming central ways to pass along and receive information. Many productivity mobile apps help us to truly, for the fist time, communicate in a... Read More . But as you will see from the following, the business card that you can hold in your hand is anything but dead.


13 Creative Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out legobc


If I had to choose a business card, it would have to be this one, as I am totally nuts about Lego 8 Sites to Rediscover Your Love of Lego & Build up Your Collection If that old LEGO box is gathering dust in the attic, it's time to bring it out. The playset is enjoying a resurgence. But eight sites say that it never went away. Read More . Apparently each employee of Lego gets a small figure made of their likeness, along with their contact details on the back.

You can collect the whole set and get to know everyone who works at Lego! Including Mr Stevens, Head of Catering.


13 Creative Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out coinbc

This is another one that stands out, although two things make this design a bit difficult — the cost involved in buying these in bulk, and the fact that they don’t fit properly in a wallet with other business cards — so whether someone would carry it for an extended period of time is debatable.


But if you fancy being a Monarch of your own Kingdom and having your face on coins, then this would be the way to go. Just don’t go over the top and put a crown on your head.

Citizen Pictures

13 Creative Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out citizenpicsbc

If you run a film company (such as our own Josh Lockhart), then what card design could you possibly have other than a movie ticket?

From the picture, it looks though as if it is much bigger than your average business card, so anyone carrying it would have to fold it in half. Nevertheless, it is a great design which leaves no doubt as to what Citizen Pictures does.


The Creative Company


The Creative Company is a publisher of educational books for students and young adults, so naturally their card opens up to become a book with a children’s illustration within.

It would be interesting to see the other side of the card to see if the book in the center has an illustrated cover!

Nathan Jones Photo

13 Creative Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out nathanjonesbc


Photographers need to have cards to hand out at social functions to generate some new clientele. What better way to stick out in someone’s mind, when they need their wedding pictures taken, than to have a green lens as your card?

Laser Printing, Inc.

13 Creative Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out laserprintingbc

This one has been floating around the Internet for quite some time, but I still really like it. Not only is it a memorable card that everyone will talk about, but as a laser printer company, what better way to show how good your services are than to laser print a card with a perfect Google logo and the design of a search page?

Chris Colhoun


Chris Colhoun is a web designer, so his card gives you a peek at the “source code” for his card. I’m not sure if the flap is merely an illustration on the card or if you can actually peel it back yourself, but it’s a great concept either way.

Hajnal Kiprov


Are you considering breast implants? If so, this doctor’s card will show you how big your breasts will get if you take your business to him. You just have to push your fingers through the card to “inflate” the breasts. Take your fingers back out again to watch them shrivel up into sad little things.

Zohra Mouhetta


This comes from a fitness trainer in the United Arab Emirates. It has a perforated edge that you can tear off to take off the belly. That way, you can see what you would look like with the belly, then without. I never knew it was this easy. I’ve been doing all my diets the wrong way. Maybe I just need to rip it off?

Mais Pilates


This is the type of card that someone may play with at their desk all day long.

The card unfolds to turn into a figure with arms and legs with joints holding it all together. You can then put your figure into all kinds of poses, or make him dance, or turn him into a ninja. The possibilities are endless. You could even call the number on the card if you want.

Tok & Stok

13 Creative Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out tokstok

Once you’ve got your Lego card, or the female with the big breast implants, or your pilates figure which can stretch its limbs in all directions, then it’s time to find them a chair to sit on. And it seems from this card that Brazilian-based furniture store Tok & Stok is happy to oblige you.

The card can be broken up and assembled together to make a plastic chair. Think IKEA but without the manual to go with it. Which means I will suck at building something like this.

Yuka Suzuki


Lastly, this hairdresser decided to make her card memorable by having a figure on the card with long hair — hair made out of hairpins. I’m sure that once word got out that free hairpins were on offer, lots of women came in to get a card “for their friend”.

How Can You Get a Card Like These?

13 Creative Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out moocards 640x333

The best company to get them from is MOO, a company that has reinvented the business card Rethinking The Business Card The business card is a ubiquitous sight in any business meeting. The first documented use of them can be tracked to Japan in the 15th Century. These formal royal announcements, known as 'meishi', were distributed... Read More and offers special deals regularly. (Full disclosure, they also do my own cards.) If you sign up with Klout Klout - Networking To Increase Your Online "Influence" Score I wasn't a fan of Klout when I first heard about it. Even after I signed up and actively started to delve through what Klout is and does, I was underwhelmed. Actually, I'd go as... Read More , one of the perks there (when you reach a certain score) is free MOO cards.

Or if you choose to buy directly from MOO, you can either choose from one of their designs or upload one of your own.

There are a couple of other great sources for business cards 6 Great Sources for Cheap and Beautiful Business Cards You Can Print If you're a freelancer or you run a small business, you know that having a great business card is a valuable asset. However, when you're just starting out, printing business cards can seem a little... Read More  out there, but here are a few notable companies you might want to consider for your cards.



GotPrint has a designer for designing your own cards, or you can upload your own design ready for them to print. Alternatively, if you have a bit extra cash lying around, you can get one of GotPrint’s designers to make you a custom-made card.

Jukebox Print

13 Creative Business Card Ideas to Help You Stand Out jukeboxprint

Jukebox is a company with some great business card templates. You can request a free sample pack, and get your cards made in different materials, other than cardboard, including cotton, bamboo, foil, and cork.

Hopefully this post has sparked your creative juices and got you thinking about your next business card. What do you have on your card? And do you agree that the traditional business card is being slowly killed by LinkedIn and other digital cards?

Image Credits: Mitnick Security, Lego, DashDot Studios, Citizen Pictures, The Creative Company, Nathan Jones Photo [Broken URL Removed], Laser Printing Inc, Chris Colhoun, Hajnal Kiprov, Zohra Mouhetta, Mais Pilates, Tok & Stok, Yuka Suzuki

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