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12 Twitter Accounts To Follow If You Like Free Apps

Mihir Patkar 13-11-2013

Technology can be expensive, which is why we have the MakeUseOf giveaways. Apps are not as expensive, but while the $1 you spend on an app today might not seem much, it quickly adds up to a handsome sum if you buy apps and games often. So what’s there not to like about free apps?


Now, there are ways to find virtually any mobile app for free legally How To Find Virtually Any Mobile App For Free, Legally Read More . But the best way is to always know when an app is going on sale, whether as a discount or free for a limited period. And if you’re on Twitter, there are a few accounts you should be following to always keep abreast of these discounts.

@AppsFire (iOS)


For the iPhone and iPad, AppsFire is the best app to find deals AppsFire: The Best App Finding Deals & Paid Apps Free [iOS] Are you looking for a way to get some great applications on iOS without spending a dime? There are plenty of good applications on the App Store that are already free, but it's even better... Read More and paid apps for free. But it’s understandable that you might not want to keep checking the app every day, or endure the many notifications it keeps sending. If you’re on Twitter, just follow @AppsFire and you will always know about the latest and best deals.

@AmazonAppADay (Android)


The Amazon App Store, an alternative to the Play Store, has one great paid app available for free download everyday. So you can install the Amazon App Store on Android and get free apps How To Install & Use The Amazon Appstore To Get Awesome Free Apps! [Android] How many apps do you currently use on a daily basis? The phenomenon of mobile apps has truly changed the way we operate when it comes to customization of our devices. Years ago, you would... Read More . To keep track of which app is free today, follow @AmazonAppADay, an unofficial account that lets you know the free app for the day.


@AppADayiPad, @AppADayiPhone & @AppADayAndroid


AppGratis is a fantastic app for both iOS and Android, which regularly gives away paid apps for free or a hefty discount through its own tie-ups. But it doesn’t tell the world about these on its own Twitter account. However, you can still find out which apps are on sale today by following @AppADayiPad, @AppADayiPhone & @AppADayAndroid.

@App_Sales (Android)


AppSales is an app, a website and a Twitter account that is always scouring for deals on the best Android apps. What I really like about @App_Sales is the curation: they don’t just feature every single app that is going on sale or going free, the choices you get here are usually quality apps.


@iOSnoops (iOS)


The granddaddy of iOS app updates, @iOSnoops not only tells you about the latest discounts and apps going free, but also new releases. Due to this, its timeline can get a little cluttered, but this is the most thorough Twitter account for updates. Follow it and you will be assured that you know about any deal happening on the App Store.

@AppShopper (iOS, OS X)


If you use multiple Apple products, you probably don’t want to be following different accounts for app deals for your iPhone, iPad and Mac . @Appshopper simplifies this by aggregating discounts for both iOS and OS X, with plenty of updates every day. Beware, your timeline might get a little flooded with this one!


@TwoDollarTues (OS X)


Apps on the Mac App Store can be far more expensive than those on the iOS App Store, but the good news is that you can get hefty discounts every Tuesday if you follow @TwoDollarTues. As the name suggests, Mac apps are sold for $2 every Tuesday. Recently, they have also started including iPad apps for $1 on Wednesdays. And occasionally, you will find freebies on Friday.

@GiveawayotDay (Windows)


Windows software usually doesn’t get much love from these app trackers, but @GiveawayotDay is the one exception. The website has been around for ages, giving away a free copy of a paid program every single day. I’ve picked up some fantastic deals with this over the years and I’d say it’s a must-follow for anyone on Windows.


@AppDealsWP (Windows Phone)


Windows Phone doesn’t get much love when it comes to tracking app deals, and the only one we found to be remotely worth it would be @AppDealsWP. Sometimes, it only selects apps that you should check out, but there are a few alerts for some good discounts occasionally.

@Appsaholic1 (cross platform)


Most of the deal-tracking accounts on Twitter cater to one or two platforms, and that’s what sets @Appsaholic1 apart. You will get iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and even the odd Windows Phone app on Apps-aholic, which is updated several times in a day.

More Ways To Get Stuff Free

Twitter is just one avenue to find out the best app deals happening. There are other ways to get paid iOS apps for free How To Get Paid iPhone Apps For Free Read More and track down deals for Android apps and games Finding Cheap Apps: How to Track Down Deals on Android Apps and Games There are easy ways to find the latest and greatest apps and games on sale, monitor apps you want to buy for price drops, and get free apps every day. Read More .

Are there any other methods you use to find out about free stuff in the app stores? Share your knowledge, folks!

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  1. Vc N
    November 14, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    There's a lot of "Free App" Twitters, Facebook Pages, and sites. Be careful and read the fine print when you download "Free" anything.

  2. Jim
    November 14, 2013 at 10:30 am

    You are missing one of the most used app in the US to check great free apps -> @AppsGoneFreeApp

    I discovered this one here ( where it won over other apps like appsfire and appgratis.

  3. Ramu
    November 14, 2013 at 3:57 am

    Though the article is about twitter accounts to follow for free apps, I'd like to add to it.
    AppOfTheDay app is available for iOS which provides an app free everyday.