12 FREE Places To Watch “Music Videos”

Aibek Esengulov 19-05-2007

12 FREE Places To Watch "Music Videos" stream music Here you go, one more not to be missed MakeUseOf list, now it’s about ‘Music Videos’. In particular, about web services letting you freely stream full-length music videos, create video playlists, share them with friends and so on. From basic music video link aggregators and search engines to feature-filled online music channels. Enjoy!


(1) Seeqpod

12 FREE Places To Watch "Music Videos" seeqpod An A+ service that aggregates music videos from Youtube and similar biggies and presents them, in an intuitive, fast loading, well-designed and easy-to-navigate interface.

Extra Features:

1. create/share/playback playlists,
2. in-built Audio/Video player,
3. embed playlists to your web profile,
4. submit videos,
5. view live searches performed by other users.

(2) Middio

12 FREE Places To Watch "Music Videos" middio A simpler, less pimped and feature-handicapped alternative to Seeqpod. Although, availability of ‘Top 100’ section makes it worth a check.

Extra Features:

1. ‘Top 100’ section,
2. share (via Facebook),
3. also shows related videos.

(3) Aggrega

12 FREE Places To Watch "Music Videos" aggrega Here is something quite unique, Aggrega lets you instantly create custom music video plaslists by simply providing it with the name of your favorite actor and/or music genre (Reggae, Pop, HipHop, etc. ). It’s like Pandora 6 Reasons Why You Should Try Pandora Premium Pandora Premium faces some tough competition. However, having tested this new music streaming service for a couple of weeks, we've come up with six reasons why you should try it. Read More but for music videos.

Extra Features:

1. create/manage/save/share channels (sort of like dynamic playlists),
2. submit videos,
3. love/hate playing videos to make your playlists better
4. comment on videos,
5. report broken links

(4) Yahoo!Music

12 FREE Places To Watch "Music Videos" yahoo music Well-known, massive and nicely-presented music entertainment service from Yahoo.

Extra Features:

1. ‘Top 100’, ‘Recently Played’ and ‘Recommended Videos’ sections,
2. browse videos by artist and genre,
3. feature ’25-videos’ editable playlists,
4. different video quality options for each video,
5. rate videos/artists,
6. view lyrics,
7. ’email to friend’ option.

(5) AOL Music

12 FREE Places To Watch "Music Videos" aol music AOL Music Network (US only)

Extra Features:

1. browse videos by tags and genre,
2. features ‘Most recent’, ‘Most viewed’, Highets rated’ sections (for today, this month, this week, all time),
3. embed videos to your web profile,
4. cool daily ‘Top 11’ show,
5. tag videos. [Note: music videos currently available only to US users]

(6) iFilm

12 FREE Places To Watch "Music Videos" ifilm music iFilm is a popular, Youtube - Online Video Sharing Site Read More -like video sharing network. However unlike many other video sharing biggies, it classifies video content into mainstream categories (incl. music videos) and let its users tag videos within the particular category. Hence, you get a nicely-organized, user-contributed, and easily-navigable directory of popular music videos.

Extra Features:

1. create/save/share playlists,
2. browse videos by tags, genre, and alphabet
3. features ‘Most Popular’ (now, yesterday, this week, this year) sections,
4. lists predefined music playlists (best of 2006, classics, old school rap, etc.),
5. shows related videos (from artist, from all),
6.upload and comment on videos,
7. ’email to friend’ option.

(7) MusicBrigade

12 FREE Places To Watch "Music Videos" musicbrigade “Musicbrigade is the leading independent European social networking site based on the interest in and consumption of music.” (UK and EU only)

Extra Features:

1. create/save/share playlists,
2. features ‘Top rated’, ‘Most popular’, and ‘Newly Added’ video sections,
3. browse videos by artist (top rated, by alphabet, top 100 chart),
4. rate/comment on videos.

(10) VidZone [No Longer Available]

12 FREE Places To Watch "Music Videos" vidzone In a way similar to the above mentioned ‘Yahoo!Music’ and ‘AOL Music’ networks. Although, provides rather non-obvious navigation features and will play upto 10 sec. promo videos at the beginning of each music clip.

Extra Features:

1. create/save playlists,
2. browse videos by artist and genre,
3. predefined music video channels (by Genre),
4. full screen mode,
5. features ‘Artist of the week’, ‘Top 3’ and ‘Breathtaking’ sections.

(11) HotGet

12 FREE Places To Watch "Music Videos" hotgetExtra Features: 1. create/save playlists, 2. Browse videos by artist, 3. share/embed videos, 4. browse lyrics (partially), 5. view recently updated playlists from other users, 6. shows number of times video was played, 7. comment on videos, 8. also lists Audio tracks.

(12) SingingFool

12 FREE Places To Watch "Music Videos" singingfoolExtra Features: 1. create/save/share playlists 2. full screen mode, 3. embed playlists to your web profile, 4. features genre based auto-playlists (Rap, Rock, Pop, R&B, etc.), 5. submit videos, 6. Most popular section (today, yesterday, week, this month), 7. comprehensive video browsing features.

Tip: Since some of the above mentioned websites play videos directly off Youtube and similar networks, it’s possible to download desired videos to your PC. Learn more with these Youtube Tools Make YouTube Even Better With These 15 Amazing Tools Do you want to add lyrics to music videos? Get YouTube to play in a pop-out window? Mix together some of your favorite songs? These tricks allow you to do all that and more. Read More .

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    Here is another site you've missed -

    Web services letting you freely stream full-length music videos, create video playlists and send them to friends. You can create, manage and share channels, submit new videos, comment on them, and send them directly to your mobile phone.

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  14. Aibek
    May 21, 2007 at 12:36 pm

    Youtube is definitely a massive source, although it's not always easy to find whatever you're looking for. When it comes to video sharing networks in general, I think iFilm does a much better job with its double layer categorization (main categories + in-category tagging).

    • Angel girl
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      your a really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really TRUE NERD NERD NERD NERD NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    My default place for videos is YT, but I guess I'll have to check these ones too...