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12 Amazingly Useful Facebook Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Angela Randall 13-10-2015

It’s Facebook. You use it every day, and yet it changes something every other week. Are you completely sure you know all of the most useful tricks The 10 Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Should Make Use Of You might think you know everything there is to know about Facebook, especially if you’re a social media addict. Here are 10 tricks you probably don't know. Read More to make it manageable?


On the off-chance that you missed something out of the zillion changes Facebook made in the past year or so, here are the ultimate tricks The 6 Best Facebook Hacks to Show Off Your Geeky Skills There are some helpful Facebook hacks that most users won't know about. If you use them, they can show off your geeky skills. Read More you absolutely need to know about.


Clean Up Your News Feed

Honestly, this might seem basic to some of you, but other people still don’t get it and complain about how Facebook is unbearable. It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are two vital elements to cleaning up your news feed:

  1. Make a custom friends list Using Facebook Friends Lists For Interests Or Circles [Facebook Hack Or Tip Of The Week] Is Facebook driving you crazy? Most people who use Facebook generally view the home feed in its unfiltered form, which means they're seeing updates from friends, acquaintances and pages all lumped in together and shown... Read More for just the people you want to see updates from.
  2. Hide notifications from apps Do You See Too Much From Too Many People? Manage Your Facebook News Feed with Ease If you are spending too much time on Facebook, digging through updates you don't really care about, only to randomly discover what you are really interested in, and while feeling overwhelmed or guilty for wasting... Read More you don’t care about.

Follow the links for detailed instructions. I’d also advocate bookmarking the link for your favorite friends list and only ever browsing Facebook with that link.


Another thing to set up is your News Feed preferences. Head to your news feed, then hover over the News Feed link on the left and click on the settings cog that comes up. From there you can adjust who is most important to you and their updates will appear first when you’re browsing your feed.

Facebook Edit News Feed

Plus, there is one other important tip that’s great for clearing up your feed, which we’ll get to later.

Set Up a Legacy Contact

In some countries, it’s now possible to delegate who gets to manage your Facebook account after you die. Go to your Facebook settings Facebook Photo Privacy Settings You Need To Know About As with everything regarding privacy on Facebook, managing your photos' privacy settings isn't always easy. Read More to set up your Facebook legacy contact Facebook Now Lets You Give Someone Your Account When You Die What happens to your Facebook profile when you die? Read More . If it’s available to you, you’ll see “Legacy Contact” right there.


They will only have limited powers and will need to verify you are in fact dead before they get access, but at least your account will be in the right hands.

Share a Facebook Album

Far too many people still think that Facebook photo albums are a solo affair. But they’re so easy to share! Just head to the album you’d like to share and click on “Edit”. There’s an easy-to-spot section for you to add contributors to the album.

Facebook Shared Photo Albums

Use this for sharing family albums, party albums or group holidays. Note that the privacy settings of the album can be set to either “Contributors” or “Friends of Contributors”. The latter may be a bit much for you if your friends have lots of friends.


Convert Your Profile Into a Page

If you started a Facebook profile for your business back in the day when you thought that was how Facebook worked, you’re actually under threat of having the account deleted. All Facebook profiles used for business purposes should be converted into pages. It’s not a difficult task, but a few things will change when you convert your Facebook profile to a page What Happens When You Convert Your Facebook Profile to a Page? What happens when you convert your Facebook profile into a Facebook Page? Here's everything you need to know. Read More .

Migrate Followers to New Page

If you run a Facebook page and you’ve already changed the URL slug once, you might have realised you’re unable to change it again. However, if you’re in this position, you can use a simple trick to fix your problem. Start a new page, then merge the two pages and migrate your followers to the new one.

Get Rid of Invites

Most of the annoying Facebook invites come from the apps that your friends have installed. Go to your App Center via the link on the left on your Facebook home page, then click on Requests. From here, just click on the cross of every annoying app and it will give you the option to never receive an invite from that app again How To Remove Spam Apps & Ensure App Privacy [Weekly Facebook Tips] Apps on Facebook can be great, but they can also be a right pain in the neck. On one hand, there's useful apps like Spotify or which make it easy to share your music... Read More . You could also choose to block invites from people that invite you to every new app.

An extra thing to remember is you can do this as the notifications come in. When you see an invite in your notifications feed, just hover on it and click the cross for the option to turn off notifications for that app.


If this isn’t enough for you, see our complete guide to blocking facebook invites How to Block Facebook Page Invites and Game Requests Here's how to block annoying invites on Facebook, including page invites, game requests, and more. Read More for a few more options.

Add Life Events to Your Timeline

Life event milestones on timelines have been around for ages, but very few people make good use of them. They can be a great way to show just a few highlights of your life publicly on your profile so that potential employers and the like can get an overview of who you are. These are easily set up by heading to your status bar and clicking on “Life Event”, but very few people even realise it’s there.

Facebook Life Event

Subscribe to Notifications for Posts

You’ve seen those people who leave comments like “following” on almost every post, right? These are the people who haven’t worked out that you can turn notifications on for a post.

If you want to see comments on a particular post without making one yourself, just click in the top right and choose “Turn on notifications for this post”. It is actually this easy.

Unfollow, Don’t Unfriend

Unfollowing What Is Unfollow and Follow on Facebook? (And When to Use It) Here's everything you need to know about Facebook followers, and following and unfollowing people on Facebook. Read More is the other great tip for clearing up your news feed 3 New Tricks To Clean Up Your Facebook News Feed [Weekly Facebook Tips] Since joining Facebook, you probably made friends with lots and lots of people for many different reasons - some may not be very relevant anymore. It's time to clean up your feed, isn't it? Read More . You unfollow someone when you want to stay friends with them for some reason, yet you don’t want to see their updates in your timeline ever. You might do this for old work acquaintences or school friends who you never expect to see again, yet don’t want to unfriend as such.

Some people go so far as to play games of Unfriend, Unfollow, Unlike Unfriend, Unfollow, Unlike: The Zen of The Clutter-Free Timeline Your attention is the most valuable thing on the web. It might not feel like it when you're bored, mindlessly scrolling through your news feed, but it's true. Read More in order to clear up their timelines. It would certainly work, but it’s not nearly as effective as only ever viewing a custom friends list — plus, custom friends lists can be used for other purposes, like choosing who can see you in chat Neat Facebook Chat Hacks to Keep You Enjoying IM via Facebook [Weekly Facebook Tips] Facebook chat is one of those things that's fantastic when everything is going well, yet very annoying when something's not right. Sadly, most people don't have the time to navigate all of the options and... Read More .

Call Your Friends For Free

Get your smartphone out and open up Facebook Messenger. Find a contact you’d like to chat to and hit “Call”. It’ll use Facebook’s voice chat and your Wi-Fi or data plan instead of your mobile call plan. The only limit is that your friends need to be using Facebook Messenger on their phone too.

Use Facebook Graph Search Effectively

Facebook’s graph search can be a lot of fun and incredibly useful if you know how it works. Start with something simple like “My posts about…”, and you’ll see some options. Use it to take a trip down memory lane and search for anything in your timeline 5 Tools To Help You Find Anything In Your Facebook Timeline Where is that post I shared on Facebook?! Sound familiar? What many people don't realize is there's a far better alternative than endlessly scrolling down your or a friend's Timeline. Read More .

Facebook Search Graph MY Posts About

Try a few other cool Facebook graph searches Cool Things To Search For With Graph Search [Weekly Facebook Tips] Facebook Graph Search recently made a huge splash on the search scene, allowing all Facebook users to mine data that is either public or visible to them via their friends. The result is that regular... Read More like “Places in Paris, France my friends have been to” or “TV shows liked by people who work at MakeUseOf”. You’ll get the hang of what Facebook graph search can do 6 Cool Things You Can Find With Facebook's New Graph Search Features [Weekly Facebook Tips] Facebook has just given its graph search another boost, and those who have been upgraded are now able to search post history as well as photo history. What is it good for? Read More in no time.

Save Links and Videos

When you’re browsing Facebook on your phone late at night and don’t want to wake anyone up, you’re rarely going to want to press play on an interesting-looking video. Instead, just click on the right-hand-side drop-down menu and choose “Save Video”.

You can also do this with links if you don’t have time to read something immediately. Later, you can find your saved links and videos by navigating through your timeline activity.

Sadly, you can’t save a status update to look at properly or comment on later, but you could always turn on notifications and hope someone else comments in the meantime, or just like it and find it in your activity later.

So, Learn Anything New?

Are you up-to-date on your Facebook know-how or did you learn something new from this list? And do you know of any other important Facebook tricks you can share with us? Go on!

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    Is it possible to know who visited your your facebook page?

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    For turn notifications on for this post -- does the person get notified that someone is "watching" that particular post?

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    I've been using most of these and really do find them to be very useful in decluttering my feed. Thanks for putting them all in one spot.

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      I love facebook messenger lol....moved into a new home where we have wifi, but cell reception is horrible......but with wifi, i can keep in touch with the people that matter most :)