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11 Instagram Accounts With Priceless, Amazing Videos

Yaara Lancet 19-02-2014

Instagram is still known mainly for its photos. However, its 15-second videos definitely leave a mark. While Instagram videos are easy enough to make, they can easily become boring or overdone, and after the initial wave of activity, Instagram videos have become somewhat rare. I bet most of the accounts you follow either don’t post them at all, or if they do, they’re not very interesting.


That doesn’t mean Instagram videos are doomed, though. In fact, there are some real gems to be found out there. You only need to follow the right accounts, and wait for the videos. You won’t be disappointed.

National Geographic

National Geographic’s Instagram account is a must-follow if you love nature, culture, and discovering new places. They don’t post a lot of videos, but the ones they do are always a gate to a different world. Some of the videos posted here are actually series of still photos, but some are regular videos. Either way, they’re definitely worth 15 seconds of your time.

Jeni’s Ice Cream

I found this account by accident, and never regretted it since. Jeni’s Ice Cream is an American ice cream chain with stores located in Ohio, Georgia, Illinois and Tennessee, but their Instagram account is a global way to watch (and almost taste) delicious ice cream. Here too you’ll mostly find photos, but when a video does come up it’s doubly drool-inducing.


Go Pro

It’s probably not surprising that some of the best Instagram videos around come from Go Pro. After all, there’s almost nothing this camera won’t shoot. Although videos are not as frequent as I’d like them to be, the photos you’ll find here are worth it too. But really, follow for the videos.

Charity Water

Charity Water is a non-profit organization that aims to bring clean water to people around the world. Its Instagram account revolves mainly around photos of children with water in Africa, but while the subject matter stays about the same, the photos are good enough to remain interesting. The occasional video is really well produced, and besides bringing the organization’s core subject across, these videos are also a joy to watch.


Rachel Ryle

A rear specimen in the Instagram view, Rachel Ryle’s Instagram account is composed almost entirely of videos. The illustrator and animator uses Instagram to post short yet fantastic stop-motion videos of drawings that seem to actually come to life. Whether you like drawing or not, this one is a must-follow for awesome videos.


Burberry is a British fashion house, and its Instagram account certainly reflects this. Among some beautiful photos of London, things are mainly fashion-related around here. You might not enjoy the account if you have no interest in fashion, but if you do, you’ll definitely enjoy the relatively frequent videos.


Jamie Oliver

You may be tired of people photographing their food, but things are different when it comes to Jamie Oliver. The celebrity chef posts mouth-watering photos of food along with some photos and stories of himself. Many of the videos posted here are complication of stills — still nice to watch — but some are actual videos. Not all of these are about food, so if you’re a Jamie Oliver fan, you may get a glimpse of your favorite chef’s real life.

NASA Goddard

If you like space, this account is one of the best ways to fill your craving. Among the beautiful photos shot from space, you’ll find interesting videos of everything from the sun to a volcanic eruption as seen from space, and more.



Lululemon is a Canadian sportswear company, but unlike Burberry, their Instagram account is not just focused around fashion. Its also focused around healthy living and outdoor activities. Videos are posted rather frequently, and, at least in my opinion, are the best part of the account.


If you don’t like shoes and photos of people using shoes, don’t follow this account. If you do, however, you’ll get to enjoy some nice videos from time to time. While some of these are purely promotional (though very well made), some are just slightly so. Either way, they’re fun to watch.

Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine is a great account to follow for some excellent nature and culture shots, but their videos are the true magic. With precise production, Smithsonian manages to squeeze an entire intro into each video, and still deliver an interesting tidbit of knowledge every time. These videos are amazing to watch for both the information and the production values. If you only follow one account from this list, make it this one.

Can Anyone Make Great Instagram Videos?

You may have noticed that most of these accounts are run by companies, not by single users like you or me. That’s because really good videos are hard to produce, especially when all you have is 15 seconds. But that doesn’t mean you can’t.

To start, learn everything you need about Instagram videos The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Video: Everything You Need To Know Another major update seen in Instagram since it was acquired by Facebook is the addition of Video updates in June. Are you using Instagram video? Do you know how to shoot a good one? Everything... Read More . Continue with checking out the accounts above for some ideas, or browse some other ways to discover Instagram videos 8 Ways to Discover the Best Instagram & Vine Videos Online Neither Vine nor Instagram offer a good way to search and find videos., but there are a few ways to search for Instagram and Vine videos from the comfort of your computer. We've already introduced... Read More . You can even download some Instagram videos 7 Free Ways to Download or Save Instagram Videos Need to download or save Instagram videos? Here's how to save a video from Instagram with the best free Instagram video downloaders. Read More , if you feel the need to watch them offline. Then, pick up your phone and start experimenting!

Alternatively, you can sit back and enjoy these awesome videos and just not worry about it.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts for videos? Anything sorely missing from this list? Share them in the comments!

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